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JRC597562010The Application of 3D Laser Scanning Techniques for the Efficient Safeguarding of Fairly Static Storage Facilities for Natural, Depleted and Reprocessed UraniumODDOU Julie; DOIGNON Jean-Luc; DAMGÉ Eric; LE MOTTAIS Brigitte; SEQUEIRA Vitor; BOSTROEM Gunnar; GONCALVES Joao; MEYLEMANS Paul; DACKNER J.
JRC472632010Application of a Bayesian Model for the Quantification of the European Methodology for Qualification of Non-Destructive TestingGANDOSSI Luca; SIMOLA Kaisa; SHEPHERD Barrie
JRC290432005Application of a Checklist for Quality Assistance in Environmental Modelling to an Energy Model.RISBEY James; VAN DER SLUIJS Jeroen; KLOPROGGE Penny; RAVETZ Jerome r.; FUNTOWICZ Silvio o.; CORRAL QUINTANA Serafin
JRC420452008Application of a Logarithmic Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Camera in White-Light InterferometryEGAN Patrick; LAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; WHELAN MAURICE; CONNELLY Michael J.
JRC575672010Application of a Mass Consistent Flow Model to Study the CO2 Mass Balance of ForestsCANEPA Elisa; GEORGIEVA Emilia; MANCA Giovanni; FEIGENWINTER Christian
JRC615792010Application of a Multimodel Approach to Account for Conceptual Model and Scenario Uncertainties in Groundwater ModellingROJAS MUJICA RODRIGO FELIPE; KAHUNDE Samalie; PEETERS Luk; BATELAAN Okke; FEYEN Luc; DASSARGUES Alain
JRC131541997Application of a Three-Wavelength Extinction Meter within the STORM Experimental ProgrammeHUMMEL Rudolf; KRASENBRINK Alois; VALISI M.; SCHWAB S.; SCHAETTGEN F.
JRC364922007Application of Adjoint Monte Carlo to Accelerate Simulations of Mono-directional Beams in Treatment Planning for Boron Neutron Capture TherapyNIEVAART VICTOR ALEXANDER; LEGRADY David; MOSS RAYMOND; KLOOSTERMAN Jan Leen; VAN DER HAGEN Tim; VAN DAM Hugo
JRC617832010Application of Advanced Safety Methods - Conclusions of the IAEA OECD JRC joint Technical MeetingBUCALOSSI Andrea
JRC205512000The Application of Alternative Techniques for the Recovery of Water from Effluents for Reuse.MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm; VACCA Sergio; VIRDIS Andrea; BIANCHI Michele; BOTTI Paolo; LAZAROVA Valentina
JRC77821991Application of an Analytical Philips EM 400T TEM-FEG to Some Materials ProblemsRUEDL Erich; VALDRE' G.; VALDRE' U.
JRC364882007Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Classifying Lake Eutrophication StatusSTROBL ROBERT; FORTE Francesco; PENNETTA Luigi
JRC995072017Application of ASTEC, MELCOR, and MAAP Computer Codes for Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a PWR Containment Equipped with the PCFV and PAR SystemsSADEK SINISA; GRGIC DAVOR; SIMIC ZDENKO
JRC938892015Application of Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation hyphenations for liposome–antimicrobial peptide interactionIAVICOLI PATRIZIA; URBAN LOPEZ PATRICIA; BELLA Angelo; RYADNOV Maxim; ROSSI Francois; CALZOLAI LUIGI
JRC695172013Application of Battery-Based Storage Systems in household-demand smoothening in electricity-distribution gridsPURVINS ARTURS; PAPAIOANNOU IOULIA; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC770152013Application of battery-based storage systems in household-demand smoothening in electricity-distribution gridsPURVINS Arturs; PAPAIOANNOU IOULIA; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC954532015The Application of Biometrics in Critical Infrastructures Operations: Guidance for Security Managers. ERNCIP Thematic Group Applied Biometrics for CIP. Deliverable: Guidance for Security Managers - Task 2REJMAN-GREENE Marek; BRZOZOWSKI Krzysztof; MANSFIELD Tony; SANCHEZ-REILLO Raul; WAGGETT Peter; WHITAKER Geoff
JRC237372003Application of Calorimetric Measurements for Biokinetic Characterisation of Nitrifying Population in Activated Sludge.DAVERIO E.; AULENTA F.; LIGTHART Jacobus; BASSANI Carlo; ROZZI Alberto
JRC67271989The Application of CATHARE 1V1.3 to LOBI Small Break LOCA Experiments and a Comparison with RELAP5/MOD2D'AURIA F.; GALASSI G.m.
JRC322042006Application of COHERENS Model for Hydrodynamic Investigation of Sacca di Goro Coastal Lagoon (Italian Adriatic Sea shore)MARINOV Dimitar; NORRO Alain; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'