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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC420412008Application of in Vitro Neurotoxicity Testing for Regulatory Purposes: Symposium III Summary and Research NeedsPRICE ANNA; SUNOL Cristina; WEISS Dieter; VAN VLIET ERWIN; WESTERINK Remco; COSTA Lucio
JRC70541990Application of in-vivo Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Forest Decline ResearchSCHMUCK Guido
JRC581992011Application of Indicator Systems for Monitoring and Assessment of Desertification from National to Global ScalesSOMMER Stefan; ZUCCA Claudio; GRAINGER Alan; CHERLET Michael; ZOUGMORE Robert; SOKONA Youba; HILL Joachim; DELLA PERUTA Raniero; ROEHRIG Julia; WANG Guosheng
JRC658272011Application of Innovative Transmission Technologies for the Development of the Future European Power SystemL’ABBATE Angelo; FULLI Gianluca; MIGLIAVACCA Gianluigi; PURVINS ARTURS
JRC771362013Application of integrated transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic profiling for the delineation of mechanisms of drug induced cell stress.WILMES Anja; LIMONCIEL Alice; ASCHAUER Lydia; MOENKS Konrad; BIELOW Chris; LEONARD Matrin; HAMON Jeremy; CARPI Donatella; RUZEK Silke; HANDLER Andreas, et al
JRC204902000The Application of Karhunen-Loéve, or Principal Component Analysis Method, to Study the Non-Linear Seismic Response of Structures.GUTIERREZ Eugenio; ZALDIVAR Jose manuel
JRC840842013Application of LaBr3 detector for neutron resonance densitometryTSUCHIYA H.; HARADA Hiroshi; KOIZUMI M.; KITATANI F.; TAKAMINE J.; KURETA M.; IIMURA H.; BECKER BJÖRN; KOPECKY Stefan; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter
JRC320582006Application of land-use planning criteria for the control of major accident hazards: A case-studyCOZZANI Valerio; BANDINI Riccardo; BASTA Claudia; CHRISTOU MICHAIL
JRC551422009Application of Lead and Strontium Isotope Ratio Measurements for the Origin Assessment of Uranium Ore ConcentratesVARGA Zsolt; WALLENIUS Maria; MAYER Klaus; KEEGAN Elizabeth; MILLET Sylvain
JRC374462008Application of Mechanistic Criteria of Cladding Oxide Shell Failure to the Analysis of Core Degradation Simulated in Bundle Meltdown TestsVESHCHUNOV M.s.; BOLDYREV A.v.; TOTH BELA
JRC671332012The application of medium resolution MERIS satellite data for continental land cover mapping over South America – results and caveatsHOJAS GASCÓN LORENA; EVA Hugh; GOBRON Nadine; SIMONETTI Dario; FRITZ Steffen
JRC291542004Application of Meteosat Derived Meteorological Information for Crop Yield Predictions.ROEBELING R.a.; VAN PUTTEN E.; GENOVESE Giampiero; ROSEMA A.
JRC557782011Application of micro electrode arrays (MEAs) as an emerging technology for developmental neurotoxicity: evaluation of domoic acid- induced effects in primary cultures of rat cortical neuronsHOGBERG Helena; SOBANSKI Tomasz; NOVELLINO ANTONIO; WHELAN Maurice; WEISS Dieter G.; PRICE Anna
JRC519232010Application of modal analysis in assessing attack vulnerability of complex networksPETRESKA Irina; TOMOVSKI Igor; GUTIERREZ TENREIRO Eugenio; KOCAREV Ljupco; BONO Flavio; POLJANSEK Karmen
JRC568862010Application of modal analysis in assessing attack vulnerability of complex networksPETRESKA Irina; TOMOVSKI Igor; GUTIERREZ TENREIRO Eugenio; KOCAREV Ljupco; BONO Flavio; POLJANSEK Karmen
JRC612772011Application of Modern On-line Instrumentation for Chemical Analysis of Gas Phase and Particulate Phases of Exhaust at the European Commission Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emission LaboratoryADAM Thomas W.; CHIRICO Roberto; CLAIROTTE MICHAEL; ELSSASER M.; MANFREDI Urbano; MARTINI Giorgio; SKLORZ M.; STREIBEL T.; HERINGA M.f.; DE CARLO Peter, et al
JRC271342004Application of Multi-Way Models to the Time-Resolved Fluorescence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Mixtures in Water.SELLI Elena; ZACCARIA Cristina; SENA Fabrizio; TOMASI Giorgio; BIDOGLIO Giovanni
JRC663272011Application of multielectrode array (MEA) chips for studying the neurotoxicity of mixturesSCELFO BIBIANA; POLITI MATTEO; RENIERO Fabiano; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'
JRC692552012Application of multielectrode array (MEA) chips for the evaluation of mixtures neurotoxicitySCELFO BIBIANA; POLITI Matteo; RENIERO Fabiano; PALOSAARI Taina; WHELAN Maurice; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'
JRC894422014Application of nanocrystalline metal oxide gas sensors for air quality monitoringRICKERBY David; SKOULOUDIS Andreas