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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC412012007Application of Explosive Detection Systems Steps for FieldingDAVID Jacob; LEWIS ADAM
JRC106271994Application of Fast Fourier Transform Techniques to the Quantitative Analysis of Holographic and TV-ographic InterferogramsZANETTA Paolo
JRC326862006Application of Fast Multipole Method to Variational Boundary Element Method for large acoustic radiation problemsGERADIN MICHEL; STÉPHANE Paquay
JRC586122009Application of Fast-digitizer Card Acqiris DP-240 in Positron Lifetime SpectroscopyPETRISKA Martin; ZEMAN Andrej; SLUGEN Vladimir; KRSJAK VLADIMIR; SOJAK Stanislav; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC50211987The Application of Flow Cytometry to Ecotoxicological ResearchPREMAZZI Guido; BUONACCORSI Giovanni; BINDA Sergio; BRAZZELLI Augusto
JRC55561987Application of Flow Cytometry to Water Quality AssessmentPREMAZZI Guido; BINDA Sergio; BRAZZELLI Augusto
JRC312012005Application of Formal Expert Judgement to the Evaluation of Structural ReliabilityGANDOSSI LUCA; MENGOLINI ANNA MARIA; BOLADO LAVIN RICARDO; SIMOLA Kaisa
JRC428822007Application of FTIR Absorption Spectroscopy to Characterize Waste and Biofuels for Pyrolysis and GasificationKALISZ SYLWESTER; SVOBODA Karel; ROBAK Zbigniew; BAXTER DAVID; ANDERSEN LARS
JRC474722008Application of FTIR Absorption Spectroscopy to Characterize Waste and Biofuels for Pyrolysis and GasificationKALISZ Sylwester; SVOBODA Karel; ROBAK Zbigniew; BAXTER David; ANDERSEN Lars
JRC75811990Application of Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy to the Differentiation between Mobile and Deposited Fission Products in PipesPACKER T.w.; ARMITAGE B.h.
JRC425992009Application of Generalized Linear Model for Time-Dependent Trend Assessment - A Case Study for the Ageing PSA NetworkANTONOV Alexander; CHEPURKO Valeriy; POLYAKOV Alexander; RODIONOV ANDRIY
JRC551412011Application of GHS Substances Classification Criteria for the Identification of Seveso Establishments - Report on the Work of the Technical Working Group on Seveso and GHSGYENES Zsuzsanna
JRC477552008Application of Global Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output to Building Thermal SimulationsTARANTOLA Stefano; MARA Thierry
JRC629922010Application of Global Sensitivity Analysis to Nuclear Reactor CalculationsPUENTE ESPEL Fernando; TARANTOLA Stefano; GHRAYEB Shadi; IVANOV Kostadin
JRC112951996Application of Head-Space Solid-Phase Microextraction for Analysis of Volatile Metabolites Emitted by Penicillium (italics) SpeciesLARSEN T.o.; MONTANARELLA Luca; MADSEN J.o
JRC557652009Application of human CFU-Mk assay to predict potential thrombocytotoxicity of drugsPESSINA Augusto; PARENT-MASSIN Dominique; ALBELLA Beatrix; VAN DEN HEUVEL Rosette; CASATI Silvia; CROERA Cristina; MALERBA Ilaria; SIBIRILL Yann; GOMEZ S; DE SMEDT Anne, et al
JRC685802012Application of in vitro cell transformation assays in regulatory toxicology for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food products and cosmeticsVANPARYS Phillippe; CORVI Raffaella; AARDEMA M; GRIBALDO Laura; HAYASHI Makoto; HOFFMANN Sebastian; SCHECHTMAN Leonard
JRC420412008Application of in Vitro Neurotoxicity Testing for Regulatory Purposes: Symposium III Summary and Research NeedsPRICE ANNA; SUNOL Cristina; WEISS Dieter; VAN VLIET ERWIN; WESTERINK Remco; COSTA Lucio
JRC70541990Application of in-vivo Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Forest Decline ResearchSCHMUCK Guido
JRC581992011Application of Indicator Systems for Monitoring and Assessment of Desertification from National to Global ScalesSOMMER Stefan; ZUCCA Claudio; GRAINGER Alan; CHERLET Michael; ZOUGMORE Robert; SOKONA Youba; HILL Joachim; DELLA PERUTA Raniero; ROEHRIG Julia; WANG Guosheng