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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC652022013Long-term Futures Curves and Seasonal Structures of Wheat in the European Union and the United StatesLENCE Sergio; OTT HERVE; HART Chad E.
JRC949762015Long-term HVDC developments in the European power system: the Baltic case in GridTech analysisLABBATE Angelo; CARERI F; CALISTI Roberto; ROSSI Simone; FULLI Gianluca
JRC246522002Long-Term in Vitro Toxicity Models: Comparison between a Flow Cell Bioreactor and Static Cell Cultures Based on Membrane Technology.PRIETO Pilar; FORTANER Salvador; PAZOS Patricia
JRC1006392016Long-term measurements of NOx and O3 soil fluxes in a temperate deciduous forestFUMAGALLI Ivano; GRUENING Carsten; MARZUOLI Riccardo; CIESLIK STANISLAW; GEROSA Giacomo
JRC847922013Long-Term Measurements Of Plant Phenology Over Europe Derived From Seawifs And MerisCECCHERINI GUIDO; GOBRON Nadine; MIGLIAVACCA MIRCO; ROBUSTELLI Monica
JRC953552015A long-term perspective on deforestation rates in the Brazilian AmazonVELASCO GOMEZ DIANA; BEUCHLE Rene'; SHIMABUKURO YOSIO EDEMIR; GRECCHI ROSANA; SIMONETTI DARIO; EVA Hugh; ACHARD Frederic
JRC490472008The Long-Term Safety of Uranium Mine and Mill Tailing Legacies in an Enlarged EUFALCK Wolfgang
JRC334332006Long-Term Stability of Relationships between Reference Materials for ThromboplastinsLINSINGER THOMAS; VAN DEN BESSELAAR A.m.h.; TRIPODI A.
JRC901992016Long-Term Toxicity of 213Bi-Labelled BSA in MiceDORSO Laetitia; BIGOT-CORBEL Edith; ABADIE Jerome; DIAB Maya; GOUARD S.; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; MAUREL C; CHEREL M.; DAVODEAU F
JRC676832013Long-term trajectory of some elasmobranch species off the Tuscany coasts (NW Mediterranean) from 50 years of catch dataLIGAS A.; OSIO GIACOMO CHATO; SARTOR P.; SBRANA M.; DE RANIERI S.
JRC326372005Long-Term Variability of Vertical Chlorophyll A and Nitrate Profiles in the Open Black Sea: Eutrophication and Climate ChangeYUNEV Oleg A.; MONCHEVA S.; CARSTESEN J.
JRC464832008A Long-Term View of Fossil-Fuelled Power Generation in EuropeGEORGAKAKI Aliki; TZIMAS Evangelos; PETEVES Estathios
JRC555652010A Long-Term View of Fossil-Fuelled Power Generation in EuropeTZIMAS Evangelos; GEORGAKAKI Aliki
JRC307172005Long-Term, Cyclic Oxidation Behaviour of Alumina- and Chromia-Forming AlloysBACHORCZYK Renata; FORDHAM Richard
JRC273062005Long-Term, Cyclic Oxidation behaviour of Alumina- and Chromina-forming AlloysBACHORCZYK Renata; FORDHAM Richard
JRC520052009Longer and Heavier Vehicles for Freight TransportCHRISTIDIS Panayotis; LEDUC Guillaume
JRC523922009Longer and Heavier Vehicles: An Overview of Technical AspectsLEDUC Guillaume
JRC967532015Longitudinal and transverse wave attenuation estimationsSELDIS Thomas
JRC908922014Longitudinal wave attenuation measurements by means of a diffraction-insensitive large-aperture PVDF hydrophoneSELDIS Thomas
JRC474872008Longitudinal Wave Attenuation Measurements in Ductile Cast IronSELDIS Thomas