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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC73491990Investigation on Field Removed Pipe Sections in the PISC Hot LaboratoriesCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre; CAMBINI Mario; EDELMANN Xavier
JRC206142000Investigation on Mechanisms of Corrosion Due to Impurities Diffusion by Direct Current Flow Discharge Mass Spectrometry Depth Profiling.ACTIS-DATO Louis olivier; ALDAVE DE LAS HERAS L.; BETTI Maria; TOSCANO Enrique horacio; MISERQUE F.; GOUDER Thomas
JRC1037002016Investigation on Possibilities for Sustainable Provision of Corn Stover as an Energy Source: Case Study for VojvodinaGOLUB Marko; MARTINOV Milan; BOJIC Savo; VISKOVIC Miodrag; DJATKOV Djorje; DRAGUTINOVIC Gordan; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois
JRC217632001Investigation on Separation/Purification Methodologies for the Determination of 232U and 236Pu in Solution of Spent Nuclear Fuels by alpha-Spectrometry.SOLATIE D.; CARBOL P.; PEERANI Paolo; BETTI Maria
JRC401132007Investigation on Sequential Extraction of Peanut Allergens for Subsequent Analysis by ELISA and 2D Gel ElectrophoresisCHASSAIGNE HUBERT; BROHEE MARCEL; NORGAARD JORGEN; VAN HENGEL ADRIANUS
JRC363492007Investigation on Sources of Contamination, for an Accurate Analytical Blank Estimation, during Measurements of the Fe Content in Seawater by Isotope Dilution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryPETROV IVAN; QUETEL CHRISTOPHE; TAYLOR PHILIP
JRC821052013Investigation on the long-term stability of IRMM-1027 series of Large-Sized Dried (LSD) spikesBUJAK RENATA; BAUWENS Jeroen; JAKOPIC Rozle; DE GROOTE M.; CARDON L.; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC450552009Investigations for the Use of the Fast Digitizers with C6D6 Detectors for Radiative Capture Measurements at GELINAMIHAILESCU LIVIU; BORELLA ALESSANDRO; MASSIMI C.; SCHILLEBEECKX PETER
JRC330912006Investigations of Alternative Steam Generator Location and Flatter Core Geometry for Lead-cooled Fast ReactorsCARLSSON JOHAN; TUCEK Kamil; WIDER HARTMUT
JRC142511997Investigations of the Behaviour of Tellurium(IV) and Selenium(IV) in Ion-Exchange Chromatography.BETTI Maria; GIANNARELLI Stefania; ONOR M.
JRC626842010Investigations of the Feasibility of Producing a New "Natural" Matrix Reference Material for the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Products of Plant OriginSALDANHA Helena Margarida
JRC950982015Investigations of the melting behaviour of the U-Zr-Fe-O systemBOTTOMLEY Paul; MURRAY FARTHING Mairead; MANARA Dario; WISS Thierry; CREMER Bert; BOSHOVEN Jacobus; LAJARGE Patrick; RONDINELLA Vincenzo
JRC432242008Investigations on Indoor Radon in Austria, part 2: Geological Classes as Categorical External Drift for Spatial Modelling of the Radon PotentialBOSSEW PETER; DUBOIS GREGOIRE; TOLLEFSEN TORE
JRC886922014Investigations on the distribution of air transport trafic and CO2 emissions within the European UnionALONSO Gustavo; BENITO Arturo; LONZA Laura; KOUSOULIDOU MARINA
JRC376672007Investitionen in Forschung und Entwicklung: Wie schneidet die europäische Industrie im internationalen Vergleich ab?SCHENKEL ROLAND
JRC405612007Investment Behaviour in Conventional and Emerging Farming Systems under Different Policy ScenariosGALLERANI Vittorio; GOMEZ Y PALOMA SERGIO; RAGGI Meri; VIAGGI Davide
JRC363452008Investment Behaviour of Polish Farmers Facing Policy and Market ScenariosGOMEZ Y PALOMA SERGIO
JRC970192016Investment Crowding Out: Firm-Level Evidence from Northern GermanyJERZY Michalek; CIAIAN PAVEL; KANCS D'ARTIS
JRC969132015Invoicing Currencies in International Trade - Drivers and Obstacles to the Use of the EuroLANGEDIJK Sven; KARAGIANNIS STYLIANOS; PAPANAGIOTOU EVANGELIA
JRC1061402017Involvement of direct and indirect (bystander) cytotoxic effects in alpha-RIT of small volume peritoneal carcinomatosis using 213Bi- and ²¹²Pb-labeled mAbsLADJOHOUNLOU RIAD; PICHARD ALEXANDRE; BOUDOUSQ VINCENT; PAILLAS SALOME; LOZZA CATHERINE; MARCATILI SARA; BARDIÈS M; CHOUIN N; BRUCHERTSEIFER FRANK; MORGENSTERN ALFRED, et al