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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC312832007The Kinetics of Radiation-induced Point Defect Accumulation and Metallic Colloid Formation in Ionic SolidsKOTOMIN Eugene; POPOV A.
JRC52631988The Kinetics of the Interfacial Diffusion Controlled Electrochemical Processes at non Porous Electrode/Solid Electrolyte Interfaces of Finite DimensionsBEONIO BROCCHIERI Franco
JRC168381998Kinetics of the Laser Induced Photoreduction of U(VI) in Aqueous Suspensions of TiO2 Particles.ELIET Veronique; BIDOGLIO Giovanni
JRC156751997Kinetics of Trace Element Complexation with Suspensed Matter and with Fiterable Ligands in Freshwater.GARNIER J.m.; PHAM M.k.; CIFFROY P.; MARTIN Jean marie
JRC998412015Knowledge assessment and citizen engagement: smart grids and wearable sensors Summary of findings and policy recommendationsVESNIC ALUJEVIC LUCIA
JRC358492007Knowledge Assessment: Protocol for Quality Assurance by Extended Peer ReviewCORRAL QUINTANA SERAFIN; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA
JRC969782015Knowledge based vessel position prediction using historical AIS dataMAZZARELLA FABIO; FERNANDEZ ARGUEDAS VIRGINIA; VESPE MICHELE
JRC835492013The Knowledge Economy, Economic Transformations and ICT in the EU25+: Regional Dynamics in the Deployment Phase. Case Study: Southern and Eastern IrelandBARRY Frank; DE PANIZZA Andrea; BOGDANOWICZ Marc
JRC470272008Knowledge Economy: Measures and DriversSAISANA Michaela; MUNDA Giuseppe
JRC662532011Knowledge Expansion of a Statistical Machine Translation System using Morphological ResourcesTURCHI MARCO; EHRMANN MAUD
JRC953622016Knowledge flows, the influence of national R&D structure and the moderating role of public–private cooperationAZAGRA-CARO Joaquin; CONSOLI Davide
JRC935432014Knowledge gaps in evaluating labour market and social inclusion policies: Use of counterfactual impact evaluationBRATU CRISTINA ALEXANDRA; LOMBARDI STEFANO; CAETANO RODRIGUES JORGE RODRIGUES FERRO MARIA MARGARIDA; SANTANGELO GIULIA; SHALEVA ANNA
JRC365782007Knowledge Management and its Relationship to Workplace LearningVILLALBA GARCIA ERNESTO
JRC338922006Knowledge Representation and Mediation for Transdisciplinary Frameworks: Tools to Inform Debates, Dialogues & DeliberationsMARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA; FUNTOWICZ SILVIO
JRC860172013Knowledge Search versus Knowledge Deployment: How Foreignness can be both an Asset and a Liability for FirmsZIMMERMANN JÖRG; SOFKA Wolfgang
JRC594612010Knowledge Survey Based on Published Works in the Area of WWER Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels MicrostructureSLUGEN Vladimir; VON ESTORFF Ulrik
JRC361802006Knowledge Transfer: A Challenge for Central Governments: A Learning Government ParadigmBERCE Jaroslav
JRC219952001Knowledge, Networking and Everyday Life: Information Technology Trajectories, Visions and Society.BOGDANOWICZ M.; LEYTEN Jos
JRC951112016A knowledge-based approach to estimating the magnitude and spatial patterns of potential threats to soil biodiversityORGIAZZI ALBERTO; PANAGOS Panagiotis; YIGINI YUSUF; DUNBAR MARTHA BONNET; GARDI Ciro; MONTANARELLA Luca; BALLABIO CRISTIANO
JRC960562016Knowledge-driven Scenario Development for Critical Infrastructure ProtectionXIE Jingquan; THEOCHARIDOU MARIANTHI; BARBARIN Yohan