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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC41781987A Lagrangean Model of Air Pollutant DispersionMUELLER Karl
JRC77051990A Lagrangian Model of Phytoplankton Growth Dynamics. A Sensitivity AnalysisDIPPNER Joachim
JRC112891996A lagrangian Model of the Phytoplankton Dynamics in the Mauritanian Upwelling ZoneGABRIC A.; EIFLER Walter
JRC463682008LAI and Chlorophyll Estimation for a Heterogeneous Grassland Using Hyperspectral MeasurementsDARVISHZADEH Roshanak; SKIDMORE Andrew; SCHLERF Martin; ATZBERGER CLEMENT; CORSI Fabio; CHO Moses
JRC499232009Lake Assessment Strategy in European Union (EU): Case Study of European Large LakesPOIKANE Sandra; VAN DEN BERG Marcel; ORTIZ-CASAS Jose; ANNE Lyche Solheim; PHILLIPS Geoff; LYCHE SOLHEIM Anne; TIERNEY Deirdre; WOLFRAM Georg; NOGES Peeter
JRC583092011Lake Ecological Assessment Systems and Intercalibration for the European Water Framework Directive: Aims, Achievements and Further ChallengesPOIKANE Sandra; VAN DEN BERG Marcel; HELLSTEN Seppo; DE HOYOS Caridad; Ortiz-Casas José; PALL Karin; PORTIELJE Rob; PHILLIPS Geoff; LYCHE SOLHEIM Anne; TIERNEY Deirdre, et al
JRC240512003Lake Management in Italy: the Implications of the Water Framework Directive.PREMAZZI Guido; DALMIGLIO Antonio; CARDOSO A. c.; CHIAUDANI Giuseppe
JRC318092005Lake Responses to Reduced Nutrient Loading? An Analysis of Contemporary Long-term Data from 35 Case StudiesJEPPESEN Erik; SONDERGAARD Martin; JENSEN Jens; NOGES PEETER
JRC467062008The lamba Red Proteins Promote Efficient Recombination between Diverged Sequences: Implications for Bacteriophage Genome MosaicismMARTINSOHN Jann; RADMAN Miroslav; PETIT Marie-Agnes
JRC985672015Land allocation and suitability analysis for the production of food, feed and energy crops in the period 2010 - 2050 EU Reference Scenario 2013 LUISA platform – Updated Configuration 2014BARANZELLI CLAUDIA; PERPIÑA CASTILLO CAROLINA; LOPES BARBOSA ANA LUISA; BATISTA E SILVA FILIPE; JACOBS CHRISTIAAN; LAVALLE Carlo
JRC548442009Land CoverBELWARD Alan; BARTHOLOME Etienne; ACHARD Frederic; BRINK Andreas
JRC1005222016Land cover and land use mapping of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa: A comparison of oblique and orthogonal random forest algorithmsBASSA Zaakirah; BOB Urmilla; SZANTOI ZOLTAN; ISMAIL Riyad
JRC632262011Land Cover Area Estimation with a Sample of Very High Resolution ImagesGALLEGO PINILLA Francisco
JRC668232011Land Cover Change Detection Thresholds for Landsat Data SamplesRASI Rastislav; KISSIYAR Ouns; VOLLMAR MICHAEL
JRC826432014Land Cover Change Monitoring Using Landsat MSS/TM Satellite Image Data over West Africa between 1975 and 1990VITTEK Marian; BRINK Andreas; DONNAY Francois; SIMONETTI Dario; DESCLÉE BAUDOUIN
JRC885372014Land Cover Change Monitoring Using Landsat MSS/TM Satellite Image Data over West Africa between 1975 and 1990VITTEK Marian; BRINK Andreas; DONNAY Francois; SIMONETTI Dario; DESCLÉE BAUDOUIN
JRC947012015Land cover changes in the Brazilian Cerrado and Caatinga biomes from 1990 to 2010 based on a systematic remote sensing sampling approachBEUCHLE Rene'; GRECCHI ROSANA; SHIMABUKURO Yosio; SELIGER Roman; EVA Hugh; SANO Edson; ACHARD Frederic
JRC532652009Land Cover Detection with Unsupervised Clustering and Hierarchical PartitioningPOGGIO Laura; SOILLE Pierre
JRC617562010Land cover detection with unsupervised clustering and hierarchical partitioningPOGGIO Laura; SOILLE Pierre