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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC679142011Maritime Spatial Planning: opportunities & challenges in the framework of the EU Integrated Maritime PolicySCHAEFER Nicole; BARALE Vittorio
JRC666962011Maritime Targets in High Resolution Satellite SAR Images; Measuring Vessel MotionsDIMC Franc; CICUENDEZ Juan; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman; PERKOVIC Marko; GUCMA Maciej; GONCALVES DA SILVA VITOR; DUCZKOWSKI Marek
JRC626062010Maritime Traffic and Induced Pressure on Hinterland Transport Networks - An Integrated Modelling Exercise: the Case of Northern Adriatic PortsMARZANO Vittorio; LONZA Laura
JRC493282008Maritime Transport - Report 1: Review of the Measurement of External Costs of Transportation in Theory and PracticePACCAGNAN V.; TURVANI M.; MASSARUTTO A.; ANDREONI Valeria; PERUJO MATEOS DEL PARQUE Adolfo; MIOLA Apollonia
JRC526322009Maritime Transport in the Gulf of Trieste - a Threat to Secovlje Salt Pans?PERKOVIC Marko; HARSCH Rick; MUELLENHOFF Oliver; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; COSOLI Simone; DELGADO Leonardo; HRIBAR Uro¿; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman
JRC422222008A Markerless Tracking Method based on Sensor Fusion and Iterative Closest PointDONATO GIUSEPPE; SEQUEIRA VITOR; BOSTROEM GUNNAR; SADKA Abdul
JRC586962010Markers of Murine Embryonic and Neural Stem Cells, Neurons and Astrocytes: Reference Points for Developmental Neurotoxicity TestingKUEGLER Philipp B; ZIMMER Bastian; WALDMANN Tanja; BAUDIS Birte; ILMJÄRV Sten; HESCHELER Jürgen; GAUGHWIN6 Phil; BRUNDIN Patrik; PRICE Anna; SCHRATTENHOLZ André, et al
JRC894312015Market Challenges for CZTS-Based Thin-Film Solar CellsJAEGER-WALDAU Arnulf
JRC550472010Market Completeness - How Options Affect Hedging and Investments in the Electricity SectorWILLEMS Bert; MORBEE JORIS
JRC895322014Market evaluation of a hypotetical pump-hydro storage plant in the Italian power systemSPISTO AMANDA
JRC622412011Market Evaluation of Hybrid Wind-Storage Power Systems in Case of Balancing ResponsibilitiesSANDU RODICA; MERCIER Arnaud; GATZEN Christoph; ELMS Nick
JRC542402009Market Integration of Fish in EuropeNIELSEN Max; SMIT Jos; GUILLEN GARCIA JORDI
JRC944752015Market Integration Scheme of a Multi-Terminal HVDC Grid in the North SeasCHONDROGIANNIS STAMATIOS; PONCELA BLANCO MARTA
JRC361662006Market Orientation: Is it Accepted as a 21st Century Marketing Strategy in the Pharmaceutical Industry? An Example: SpainGUTIERREZ DE MESA Emma; REINARES LARA Pedro
JRC549902009Market Perspectives for Products from Future Energy-Driven Biorefineries by 2020KAVALOV Boyan; BAXTER David; STEEN Marc
JRC895052014A Market Transformation Programme for Improving Energy Efficiency in Data CentresBERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC849932013Market-Based Control in Emerging Distribution System OperationBOMPARD ETTORE; HAN Bei
JRC859402015Market-based instruments to reduce air emissions from household heating appliances: Analysis of scrappage policy scenariosARTO OLAIZOLA IGNACIO; KRATENA Kurt; DE AMORES HERNANDEZ ANTONIO; TEMURSHOEV UMED; STREICHER Gerhard
JRC954572015Markets for non-Genetically Modified, Identity-Preserved soybean in the EUTILLIE PASCAL; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
JRC311902005Marking the European Eel with Oxytetracycline, Alizarin Red and Coded Wire Tags: an Evaluation of MethodsSIMON Janek; DOERNER HENDRIK