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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC585982010Integrating RFID and Security Devices for an Innovative System to Manage Classified DocumentsSTRINGA Elena; BERGONZI Claudio; AZZALIN Graziano
JRC991192017Integrating road transport and emissions modelling: REM workshop outcomes and follow-up investigationGALASSI MARIA CRISTINA; CIUFFO BIAGIO; SERRA SIMONE
JRC218002001Integrating Spaceborne SAR Imagery into Operational Systems for Fisheries Monitoring.KOURTI Naouma; SHEPHERD Iain maxwe ll; SCHWARTZ Guillermo; PAVLAKIS Petros
JRC894942014Integrating Spanish Lexical Resources by Meta-classifiers for unsupervised polarity classificationMARTÍNEZ-CÁMARA Eugenio; MARTÍN-VALDIVIA M. Teresa; MOLINA-GONZÁLEZ M. Dolores; PEREA ORTEGA JOSE MANUEL
JRC914862014Integrating the MOLAND and the Urban Atlas geo-databases to analyse urban growth in European citiesRIBEIRO BARRANCO RICARDO; BATISTA E SILVA FILIPE; MARÍN HERRERA MARIO ALBERTO; LAVALLE Carlo
JRC925012014IntegrationPLUMMER Stephen; Cohen W.; HEIMANN Martin; HOEPFFNER Nicolas; KUTSER Tiit; RAYNER P.; SATHYENDRANATH Shubha; SHIMADA Masanobu
JRC482052009Integration of Biomass Drying with Combustion/Gasification Technologies and Minimization of Emissions of Organic CompoundsSVOBODA Karel; MARTINEC Jiri; POHORELY Michael; BAXTER David
JRC311372005Integration of Biomass Drying with Combustion/Gasification Technologies and Minimization of Emissions of Organic CompoundsPOHORELY Michael; MARTINEC Jiri; BAXTER DAVID; HUNTER CHRISTOPHER; SVOBODA Karel
JRC604622013Integration of Co-Extra results in EU tools for traceabilityVAN DEN EEDE Guy; PLAN DAMIEN
JRC607042010Integration of Disaster Event Data into Spatial Data InfrastructuresSTOLLBERG Beate Monika; DE GROEVE Tom; HIRNER ANDREAS; VERNACCINI Luca; PARIS Stefano
JRC601432011Integration of driving and traffic simulation: issues and first solutionsPUNZO Vincenzo; CIUFFO BIAGIO
JRC960812016Integration of environmental aspects into R&D inter-organizational projects management: application of a life cycle-based method to the development of innovative windowsBALDASSARRI CATIA; MATHIEUX FABRICE; ARDENTE FULVIO; WEHMANN Christoph; DEESE Kevin
JRC516582009Integration of Experimental Facilities - a Joint Effort for Establishing a Common Knowledge Base in Experimental Work on Hydrogen SafetyREINECKE Ernst-Arendt; HUEBERT Thomas; TKATSCHENKO Isabelle; KESSLER Armin; KUZNETSOV Mike; WILKINS Brian; HEDLEY David; AZKARATE Inaki; PROUST Christophe; ACOSTA IBORRA Beatriz, et al
JRC316712005Integration of Helioclim-1 Database into PV-GIS to Estimate Solar Electricity Potential in AfricaDUNLOP EWAN; HULD THOMAS; SURI MARCEL; WALD LUCIEN; ALBUISSON Michel
JRC785942012The integration of information and communication technology into community pharmacists practice in BarcelonaLUPIANEZ - VILLANUEVA Francisco; LLUCH MARIA; HARDEY Michael
JRC612162011The Integration of Information and Communication Technology into NursingLUPIAÑEZ VILLANUEVA FRANCISCO; HARDEY Michael; TORRENT Joan; FICAPAL Pilar
JRC493142008Integration of More Renewable Electricity in the CEE Region - Network or Support Problem?SZABO Sandor; PATO Zsuzsanna; JAEGER-WALDAU Arnulf
JRC112481995Integration of Neural and Statistical Approaches in Spatial-Data ClassificationKANELLOPOULOS Ioannis; FIERENS Freddy
JRC618002010Integration of Nuclear Safeguards and Security at the JRCABOUSAHL Said; FRIGOLA PIERRE; GONCALVES Joao; AREGBE Yetunde; BERNDT Reinhard; COJAZZI Giacomo; PEERANI Paolo; MAYER Klaus; HEDBERG Magnus; LITTMANN Francois, et al
JRC678162012The integration of PESETA sectoral economic impacts into the GEM-E3 Europe model: methodology and results.CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; SZABO Laszlo; VAN REGEMORTER Denise; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio