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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC138821997Mapping Regional Air Temperature Fields Using Satellite Derived Surface Skin TemperaturesVIAU A.a.; PAQUET F.
JRC1005202016Mapping regional energy interests for S3P-EnergyJIMENEZ NAVARRO JUAN PABLO; UIHLEIN ANDREAS
JRC955982016Mapping regional patterns of large forest fires in the Wildland-Urban Interface areas in EuropeMODUGNO Sirio; BALZTER Heiko; COLE Beth; BORRELLI PASQUALE
JRC362682006Mapping Research Topics Using Word-reference Co-occurrences: A Method and an Exploratory Case StudyHEIMERIKS Gaston; VAN DEN BESSELAAR P.
JRC343032006Mapping Services and Techniques in the European Soil PortalPANAGOS PANAGIOTIS; VAN LIEDEKERKE MARC
JRC328432007Mapping Severe Damage to Land Cover Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Using Moderate Spatial Resolution Satellite ImageryBELWARD ALAN; STIBIG HANS-JURGEN; EVA HUGH; REMBOLD FELIX; BUCHA Tomas; HARTLEY ANDREW; BEUCHLE RENE'; AL KHUDHAIRY DELILAH; MICHIELON MAURO; MOLLICONE Danilo
JRC834252013Mapping Soil Properties for Europe – Spatial Representation of Soil Database AttributesHIEDERER Roland
JRC806642013Mapping Soil Typologies - Spatial Decision Support Applied to the European Soil DatabaseHIEDERER Roland
JRC349072007Mapping Spatial Patterns with Morphological Image ProcessingVOGT PETER; RIITTERS KURT; ESTREGUIL CHRISTINE; KOZAK Jacek Wladyslaw; WADE Timothy; WICKHAM James
JRC239182002Mapping Sub-Pixel Forest Cover in Europe Using AVHRR Data and National and Regional Statistics.KENNEDY Pamela; BERTOLO Francesca
JRC377182007Mapping Terrestrial Gamma-dose Rate in Europe Based on Routine Monitoring DataSZEGVARY T.; CONEN F.; STÖHLKER U.; DUBOIS GREGOIRE; BOSSEW PETER; DE VRIES GERHARD
JRC866612015Mapping the distribution of Well-Being in Europe beyond national bordersGALMARINI Stefano; ANDREONI Valeria
JRC853532013Mapping the European ICT Poles of Excellence: The Atlas of ICT Activity in EuropeDE PRATO GIUDITTA; NEPELSKI DANIEL
JRC419422007Mapping the ICT in EU Regions: Location, Employment, Factors of Attractiveness and Economic ImpactBARRIOS SALVADOR; NAVAJAS CAWOOD Elena; MAS Matilde; QUESADA Javier
JRC917932016Mapping the impact of alien species on marine ecosystems: the Mediterranean Sea case studyKATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; COSTA TEMPERA FERNANDO; GONCALVES TEIXEIRA HELIANA
JRC548472009Mapping the Nuclear Landscape: 50 years of the Karlsruher NuklidkarteNORMAND Christophe; PFENNING G.; MAGILL Joseph; DREHER Raymond
JRC501022009Mapping the Performance of PV Modules of Different TypesHULD Thomas; GOTTSCHALG Ralph; BEYER Hans Georg; TOPIC Marko
JRC532522010Mapping the Performance of PV modules, Effects of Module Type and Data AveragingHULD Thomas; GOTTSCHALG Ralph; BEYER Hans Georg; TOPIC Marko
JRC628082010Mapping the performance of PV modules, effects of module type and data averagingHULD Thomas; GOTTSCHALG Ralph; BEYER Hans Georg; MARKO Topic
JRC892642014Mapping the Performance of PV Modules: the Influence of Irradiance, Temperature, Wind and Spectral VariationsHULD Thomas; GRACIA AMILLO ANA; MUELLER Richard