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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC342712007Mapping Lightning/Human-Caused Wildfires Occurrence Under Ignition Point Location UncertaintyAMATULLI GIUSEPPE; PEREZ-CABELLO Fernando; DE LA RIVA Juan
JRC711502014Mapping of Central Africa Forested Wetlands Using Remote SensingBETBEDER Julie; GOND Valéry; FRAPPART Frédéric; BAGHDADI Nicolas; BRIANT Gaël; BARTHOLOME Etienne
JRC308802005Mapping of Clear Cut in Boreal Forest Ecosystems with MODISBUCHA Tomas; STIBIG HANS-JURGEN; BARTALEV Sergej; KURYATNIKOVA Tatiana S.
JRC916222015Mapping of effective technology-based services for independent living for older people at home. Deliverable 1CARRETERO GOMEZ STEPHANIE
JRC662322013Mapping of landslides under dense vegetation cover using object-oriented analysis and LiDAR derivativesVAN DEN EECKHAUT MIET; KERLE Norman; HERVAS JAVIER; SUPPER Robert
JRC904522014Mapping of National School Food Policies across the EU28 plus Norway and SwitzerlandSTORCKSDIECK GENANNT BONSMANN STEFAN; KARDAKIS THERESE; WOLLGAST Jan; NELSON Michael; LOURO CALDEIRA SANDRA
JRC670162012Mapping of Nuclear Education Possibilities and Nuclear Stakeholders in the EU-27LACAL MOLINA MARIA; VON ESTORFF Ulrik
JRC198582000Mapping of Ozone Levels during a Photochemical Episode Using Fast Response Diffusive Sampler. An Application: Varese Monitoring Campaign.DETIMMERMAN Florence; GERBOLES Michel; BOUDAA Samia; DUCHEMANN Christine; DE SAEGER Emile guy jan
JRC798412013Mapping of potential risk of ship strike with fin whales in the Western Mediterranean Sea. A scientific and technical review using the potential habitat of fin whales and the effective vessel densityVAES Tom; DRUON Jean-Noel
JRC623942010Mapping of the Crop Production System Zones of the IGAD RegionKAYITAKIRE Francois; LEO Olivier; VIGNAROLI Patrizio; BACCI Maurizio; TARCHIANI Vieri
JRC237382003Mapping of the Tropical Forest Cover of Insular Southeast Asia from SPOT4-Vegetation Images.STIBIG H.-j.; BEUCHLE Rene; ACHARD Frederic
JRC541612009Mapping of Vegetation Biophysical Variables Using Radiative Transfer Models - Coping with the ill-posed Inverse ProblemATZBERGER Clement
JRC464392008Mapping of Vegetation Biophysical Variables using Radiative Transfer Models - Coping with the Ill-posed Inverse ProblemATZBERGER CLEMENT
JRC457232008Mapping R&D Investment by the European ICT Business SectorLINDMARK SVEN; TURLEA GEOMINA; ULBRICH MARTIN
JRC249712003Mapping Radioactivity in the Environment. Spatial Interpolation Comparison 97.DUBOIS G.; MALCZEWSKI Jacek; DE CORT Marc jozef marie raymond
JRC194862000Mapping Recent Activity in the Tessina Landslide, Italy, by Digital Processing of Aerial Photographs.HERVAS DE DIEGO Javier; BARREDO Jose i.; MANTOVANI F.; PASUTO A.; SILVANO S.
JRC857712013Mapping recent built-up area changes in the city of Harare with high resolution satellite imageryANNETT Wania; KEMPER Thomas; TIEDE Dirk; ZEIL Peter
JRC978972016Mapping recreational visits and values of European National Parks by combining statistical modelling and unit value transferSCHAEGNER JAN; BRANDER Luke; MAES JOACHIM; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; HARTJED Volkmar
JRC138821997Mapping Regional Air Temperature Fields Using Satellite Derived Surface Skin TemperaturesVIAU A.a.; PAQUET F.