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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC894422014Application of nanocrystalline metal oxide gas sensors for air quality monitoringRICKERBY David; SKOULOUDIS Andreas
JRC589752012Application of nanoscale zero valent iron (NZVI) for groundwater remediation in EuropeMUELLER Nicole; BRAUN Jürgen; BRUNS Johannes; CERNÍK Miroslav; RISSING Peter; RICKERBY David; NOWACK Bernd
JRC897072014Application of Neodymium Isotope Ratio Measurements for the Origin Assessment of Uranium Ore ConcentratesKRAJKO JUDIT; VARGA ZSOLT; YALCINTAS Ezgi; WALLENIUS Maria; MAYER Klaus
JRC233602002Application of Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Techniques to High-Frequency Currency Exchange Data.STROZZI Fernanda; ZALDIVAR Jose manuel; ZBILUT J. p.
JRC100191993Application of Nuclear, Radiochemical and Spectrochemical Techniques in Metal ToxicologySABBIONI Enrico; PIETRA Romano; MINOIA Claudio; EDEL Johanna
JRC116541996Application of Parametric Sensitivity to Batch Process Safety. Theoretical and Experimental StudiesALOS M.a.; NOMEN Rosa; SEMPERE Julia
JRC428772008Application of Performance Assessment Methodologies for Clay Repository: Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis PAMINA WP4.3 Benchmark 1 French Clay RepositoryPRVAKOVA SLAVKA; BOLADO LAVIN RICARDO; NILSSON KARL-FREDRIK; COSTESCU BADEA ANCA; PEPIN Guillaume; TREILLE Eloi
JRC864472013Application of performance indicators based on observation un-certainty to evaluate a Europe-wide model simulation at urban scaleTHUNIS Philippe; BESSAGNET B.; TERRENOIRE Etienne; COLETTE Augustin
JRC408382007Application of Photocatalytic Technology for NOx RemovalMAGGOS T.; BARTZIS J.g.; LEVA PAOLO; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOS
JRC418812007Application of Photon Strength Functions to (n,g ) Measurements with the n_TOF TACGUERRERO Carlos; ABBONDANNO U.; AERTS G.; ALVAREZ POL H.; ALVAREZ VELARDE F.; ANDRIAMONJE S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; ASSIMAKOPOULOS P.; AUDOUIN L.; BADUREK G., et al
JRC846882014Application of physiologically-based toxicokinetic modelling in oral-to-dermal extrapolation of threshold doses of cosmetic ingredientsGAJEWSKA MONIKA; WORTH Andrew; URANI Chiara; BRIESEN Heiko; SCHRAMM Karl-Werner
JRC488892008Application of Plasma Processes in NanoBiotechnologyROSSI Francois; BRETAGNOL Frederic; VALSESIA Andrea; COLPO Pascal
JRC359652007Application of Positive Matrix Factorization – PMF on Soils from a Contamination-suspected Rural Area in Northern ItalyVACCARO STEFANO; SOBIECKA ELZBIETA; CONTINI SERAFINO; LOCORO GIOVANNI; GAWLIK BERND
JRC356702006Application of Quantitative X-ray Mapping to the Characterisation of Nuclear MaterialsBREMIER STEPHAN; CHAREAU JEAN-MARC; WALKER CLIVE
JRC822172015Application of RADAR Corner Reflectors for the Detection of Small Vessels in Synthetic Aperture RadarSTASTNY John; CHEUNG Sparta; WIAFE George; ADGEKUM Kwame; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman
JRC113731995Application of Rayleigh Waves to the Thickness Measurement of Metallic CoatingsLAKESTANI Fereydoun
JRC150751998Application of Recurrent Neural Networks in Batch Reactors. Part II. Non-linear Inverse and Predictive Control of the Heat Transfer Fluid Temperature.ZALDIVAR-COMENGES Jose' manuel
JRC261702003Application of Relativistic Laser Plasmas for Induction of Nuclear Reactions.EWALD F.; SCHWOERER H.; DUESTERER S.; SAUERBREY R.; MAGILL Joseph; GALY J.; HABS D.; WITTE K.
JRC949402015Application of Satellite-Based Spectrally-Resolved Solar Radiation Data to PV Performance StudiesGRACIA AMILLO ANA; HULD Thomas; VOURLIOTI PARASKEVI; MUELLER Richard; NORTON MATTHEW
JRC185872000Application of SEAFP Waste Recycling and Clearance Strategies to ITER.CHENG Edward; ROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo