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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC486882008Applying the Conservativeness Principle to REDD to Deal with the Uncertainties of the EstimatesGRASSI Giacomo; MONNI Suvi; FEDERICI Sandro; ACHARD Frederic; MOLLICONE Danilo
JRC886112014Applying the delta tool to support the Air Quality Directive: evaluation of the TCAM chemical transport modelCARNEVALE Claudio; FINZI Giovanna; PEDERZOLI Anna; PISONI ENRICO; THUNIS Philippe; TURRINI Enrico; VOLTA Marialuisa
JRC460632008Applying the GIF PR&PP Methodology for a Qualitative Analysis of a Misuse Scenario in a Notional Gen IV Example Sodium Fast ReactorCOJAZZI GIACOMO; RENDA GUIDO; CHOI Jor-Shan
JRC624192012Applying the GIF-PR&PP methodology for a qualitative analysis of a misuse scenario in a notional Generation IV Example Sodium Fast Reactor.COJAZZI Giacomo; RENDA G.; CHOI Jor-Shan; HASSBERGER Jim
JRC506652009Applying the PR&PP Methodology for a Qualitative Assessment of A Misuse Scenario in a Notional Generation IV Example Sodium Fast Reactor. Assessing Design VariationsCOJAZZI Giacomo; HASSBERGER Jim; RENDA G.
JRC209932000Apport de la Télédétection et de la Modélisation à l'Etude de la Dynamique de Production d'un Ecosystème Méditerranéen de Chenes Verts (Quercus ilex) dans le Sud de la FranceTABARANT Frederique
JRC56441988Appraisal of the Possible Methods of Combating the Threat of Eutrophication in Community WatersPREMAZZI Guido
JRC629402011Apprendre a l'heure du Web 2.0. Les innovations qui en résultent dans l'éducation en Europe.REDECKER Christine; PUNIE Yves
JRC669542011Apprendre a l'heure du Web 2.0. Portrait des pratiques innovantes en EuropeREDECKER CHRISTINE; PUNIE Yves
JRC541422010An Approach for More Precise Statements of Metrological Traceability on Reference Material CertificatesKOEBER Robert; LINSINGER Thomas; EMONS Hendrik
JRC435842008An Approach for the Evaluation of Exposure Patterns of Urban Populations to Air PollutionPEREZ BALLESTA PASCUAL; FIELD R. A.; FERNÁNDEZ-PATIER R.; GALÁN MADRUGA D.; CONNOLLY RICHARD; DE SAEGER EMILE; BAEZA CARACENA A.
JRC720972012An approach to describe the agri-food and other bio-based sectors in the European Union. Focus on SpainCARDENETE FLORES MANUEL ALEJANDRO; BOULANGER PIERRE; DELGADO LÓPEZ MARÍA DEL CARMEN; FERRARI EMANUELE; M'BAREK Robert
JRC837962013An approach to include environmental assessment in structural designDATTILO Caterina Antonia; LANDOLFO Raffaele; ROMANO ELVIRA; NEGRO Paolo
JRC565962010An Approach to the Quantitative Assessment of Risk due to Major Accidents Triggered by LightningRENNI Elisabetta; COZZANI Valerio; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; BORGHETTI Alberto; PAOLONE Mario; NUCCI Carlo Alberto
JRC709172012An approach with a Business-as-Usual scenario projection to 2020 for the Covenant of Mayors from the Eastern PartnershipJANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; MEIJIDE-ORIVE Ana; IANCU ANDREEA; GUIZZARDI DIEGO; PAGLIARI Valerio
JRC482252008Approaches for Delineating Areas Susceptible to Landslides in the Framework of the European Soil Thematic StrategyGUNTHER Andreas; REICHENBACH Paola; HERVAS DE DIEGO Francisco
JRC618652011Approaches for establishing human health no effect levels for engineered nanomaterialsASCHBERGER KARIN; CHRISTENSEN Frans
JRC283312004Approaches for Reagent Free Derivatisation in Thin-Layer Chromatography.STROKA J.; SPANGENBERG Bernd; ARRANZ Isabel; ANKLAM Elke
JRC607082012Approaches for Tsunami Risk Assessment and Application to the City of Cádiz, SpainJELINEK Robert; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; GONZÁLEZ Mauricio; ÁLVAREZ-GÓMEZ José; WELLE Torsten; BIRKMANN Jörn