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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2014Policy Making 2.0: Unleashing the power of big data for public governanceMISURACA GIANLUCA; MUREDDU Francesco; OSIMO D.
2011Policy measures for agricultural soil conservation in the European Union and its member states: policy review and classificationKUTTER Thomas; LOUWAGIE Geertrui; SCHULER Johannes; ZANDER Peter; HELMING Katharina; HECKER J.-Martin
2008Policy Options and Implementation Measures Promoting Electricity from Renewable Biomass in the European UnionKAUTTO NIINA; RODI Michael
2010Policy Options Towards an Energy Efficient Residential Building Stock in the EU-27UIHLEIN Andreas; EDER Peter
2010Policy Relevance of Three Integrated Assessment Tools - A Comparison with Specific Reference to Agricultural PoliciesUTHES Sandra; FRICKE Katharina; KÖNIG Hannes; ZANDER Peter; VAN ITTERSUM Martin; SIEBER STEFAN; HELMING Katharina; PIORR Annette; MÜLLER Klaus
2010Policy Strategies to Promote Eco-Innovation - An Integrated FrameworkDEL RÍO Pablo; CARRILLO-HERMOSILLA Javier; KONNOLA Totti
2013Policy-making in science policy: The ‘OECD model’ unveiledHENRIQUES Luisa; LARÉDO Philippe
2005A POLinSAR Retrieval Algorithm Applied to Rice CropsBALLESTER BERMAN Jose David; LÓPEZ SÁNCHEZ Juan Manuel; FORTUNY GUASCH JOAQUIM
2001Polish Translation of the "Demonstration" vs "Designation" of Measurement Competence: the Need to Link Accreditation to Metrology Published in Fresenius' J Anal Chem (2000) 368: 567-573.DE BIEVRE P.; TAYLOR P.d.p.
2009Politica Agricola Comune e protezione del paesaggioANGILERI Vincenzo
1997Politicas Euro-Mediterraneas entre Competencia, Transferencia de tecnologias, Competitividad y Reparto del Trabajo: el Caso del Sector Aceite de Oliva en la Cuenca Mediterranea.BONAZZI Matteo
1997Politiche Euro-Mediterranee e Olio d'Oliva: Concorrenza Contro Condivisione del Lavoro.BONAZZI Matteo
2006Politiche Territoriali e Informazione GeograficaCRAGLIA MASSIMO
2008Política de electricidad renovable: sistema de primas frente a comercio de certificados verdes - (Renewable Electricity Policy: Feed-in Tariffs vs. Tradable Green Certificates)SAVEYN BERT; SORIA RAMIREZ ANTONIO; WIESENTHAL TOBIAS
2009Pollution disaster monitoring and ecological impact prediction - Implications of results of the ECODIS project for aquatic ecosystem disaster managementHANSEN Ute; SARIGIANNIS Dimosthenis
2004Pollution-Induced Community Tolerance of Soil Microbial Commuinities Caused by the Antibiotic Sulfachloropyridazine.SCHMITT Heike; VAN BEELEN Patrick; TOLLS Johannes; VAN LEEUWEN C.j.
2008Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Grafted on Plasma-Activated Poly(ethylene oxide): Thermal Response and Interaction With ProteinsBRETAGNOL Frederic; MANNELLI Ilaria; SIRGHI Lucel; VALSESIA Andrea; CECCONE Giacomo; GILLILAND Douglas; LANDFESTER K.; RAUSCHER Hubert; ROSSI Francois; HEINZ P.
2012Polybenzimidazole-Graft-Polyvinylphosphonic Acid—Proton Conducting Fuel Cell MembranesSINIGERSKY Vesselin; BUDUROVA Desislava; PENCHEV Hristo; UBLEKOV Filip; RADEV Ivan
2007Polybrominated Dyphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) Fate and Transport in an Estuary Using a Three-dimensional Hydrodynamic Modelling ApproachSTROBL ROBERT; PUILLAT Ingrid; MARINOV DIMITAR; DUERI SIBYLLE; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'
1998Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Orgnaochlorinated Pesticides (OCPs) in the sediments of an Italian Drinking Water Reservoir.KALAJZIC Tomaso; BIANCHI Michele; KETTRUP Antonius; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
Showing results 13089 to 13108 of 18908


The mission of the JRC is to provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of EU policies. As a service of the European Commission, the JRC functions as a reference centre of science and technology for the Union. Close to the policy-making process, it serves the common interest of the Member States, while being independent of special interests, whether private or national.
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