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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC342882008Application of the Multifractal Microcanonical Formalism to the Detection of Fire Plumes in NOAA-AVHRR DataGRAZZINI JACOPO; YAHIA Hussein; TURIEL Antonio; HERLIN Isabelle; PRASTACOS Poulicos
JRC827022013Application of the PDET detector to BWR fuel assemblies: gross defect testing using the spatial distribution of neutron and photon fluxROSSA Riccardo; PEERANI Paolo; HAM Young; SITARAMAN Shivakumar
JRC621632011Application of the Rural Development Index to analysis of rural regions in Poland and SlovakiaMICHALEK Jerzy; ZARNEKOW Nana
JRC616712012Application of the Shockley–Ramo theorem on the grid inefficiency of Frisch grid ionization chambersGOEOEK A.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Andreas; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC888062014Application of the Singular Spectrum Analysis Technique to Study the Recent Hiatus on the Global Surface Temperature RecordMACIAS MOY DIEGO; STIPS Adolf; GARCIA GORRIZ Elisa
JRC325392005Application of the SWAT Model on the Medjerda River BasinBOURAOUI FAYCAL; BENABDALLAH S.; JRAD A.
JRC621162011Application of the transthyretin binding assay in effect-directed analysis of sediments: identification of thyroid hormone disrupting compoundsLAMOREE Marja; HAMERS Timo; SIMON Eszter; LEONARDS Pim; WEISS JANA
JRC849482014Application of the TRANSURANUS code for the fuel pin design process of the ALFRED reactorLUZZI Lelio; CAMMI A.; DI MARCELLO VALENTINO; LORENZI S.; PIZZOCRI Davide; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC207692000Application of Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry for Oxygen Isotope Ratio Measurements in Uranium Oxide.PAJO L.; TAMBORINI Gabriella; MAYER Klaus; KOCH Lothar
JRC332732005Application of Wavelet Analysis to the Study of Spatial Pattern of Morphotectonic Lineaments in Digital Terrain ModelsJORDAN Gyozo; SCHOTT Bertram
JRC94181993Application of X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectrometry at the Sk-Edge to the Structural Characterisation of Surface Reacted Metallic AlloysROBERTS K.j.; CRABB T.a.; GIBSON Peter neil
JRC321552006Application Report: an Extensible Policy Editing API for Privacy and Identity ManagementHOGBEN Giles
JRC347552007Application to MISR Land Products of an RPV Model Inversion Package Using Adjoint and Hessian CodesLAVERGNE Thomas; KAMINSKI Thomas; PINTY BERNARD; TABERNER MALCOLM; GOBRON NADINE; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; VOSSBECK Michael; WIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUC; GIERING Ralf
JRC655062011Applications and challenges of plasma processes in nanobiotechnologyROSSI Francois; COLPO Pascal
JRC78021991Applications des Methodes de Projection Pursuit a l'Estimation FonctionnelleLEGER Laurent
JRC194852000Applications des Techniques de Fluorescence pour l'Etude de l'Uranium dans des Milieux Homogènes et Hétérogènes. Réactions d'Hydrolyse et Photoréduction sur le Bioxyde de Titane.ELIET Veronique
JRC317092005Applications Fields, Status Quo and ProspectsCARMONA MORENO CESAR; BELWARD ALAN; BARTHOLOME' ETIENNE; FUAT Ince; KRISCHKE Manfred; BRIESS Klaus; KONECNY Gottfried; NEUMANN Andreas; OLSSON Hakan; PARLOW Eberhard, et al
JRC740542012Applications of Discrete Geometry and Mathematical MorphologyKÖTHE Ullrich; MONTANVERT Annick; SOILLE Pierre
JRC954772015Applications of Dynamic Trees to Sensitivity AnalysisBECKER WILLIAM EDWARD