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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC341182007Applied Modeling and Computations in Nuclear ScienceSEMKOW Thomas; POMME STEFAAN; JEROME Simon
JRC528762009Applying Advanced Neutron Transport Calculations for Improving Fuel Performance CodesBOTAZZOLI P.; LUZZI L.; SCHUBERT Arndt; VAN UFFELEN Paul; HAECK W.
JRC916532014Applying Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) to support Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA)TOLLEFSEN Knut Erik; SCHOLZ Stefan; CRONIN Mark; EDWARDS Stephen; DE KNECHT Joop; CROFTON Kevin; GARCIA-REYERO Natália; Hartung T.; WORTH Andrew; Patlewicz Grace
JRC254442003Applying Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in a Pilot Study of Health Effects of Exposure to Chronic Aircraft Noise.HERR Caroline; SEITZ Heike; FASKE Robert; WALDECKER Bernd; STILIANAKIS Nikolaos; EIKMANN Thomas, f.
JRC832842013Applying Behavioural Science to EU Policy-MakingVAN BAVEL Rene; HERRMANN BENEDIKT; ESPOSITO Gabriele; PROESTAKIS ANTONIOS
JRC660112011Applying credit risk techniques to evaluate the adequacy of deposit guarantee schemes' fundMACCAFERRI SARA; CARIBONI Jessica; SCHOUTENS Wim
JRC807642013Applying Generalized Urn Models to Cognitive Radio NetworksBALDINI Gianmarco; RABBACHIN Alberto; CAGLAR Mine; GORATTI Leonardo
JRC825032013Applying Knowledge Discovery and Semantics for Detecting Anomalous Container TripsCAMOSSI Elena; DIMITROVA TATYANA; MAZZOLA LUCA; TSOIS Aris; VILLA PAOLA
JRC105081994Applying Multiple Criteria Aid for Decision to Environmental Management. Eurocourse, 7-8 October 1993, Ispra (I)PARUCCINI Massimo
JRC491242009Applying Quality Assurance Procedures to Environmental Monitoring Data: A Case StudyDURRANT Tracy; HIEDERER Roland
JRC657422013Applying quantitative structure–activity relationship approaches to nanotoxicology: current status and future potentialWINKLER David; MOMBELLI Enrico; PIETROIUSTI Antonio; TRAN C. Lang; WORTH Andrew; FADEEL Bengt; MCCALL Maxine
JRC256752003Applying Systems Analysis and Risk Informed Approach to Support the IAEA Safeguards and Non-Proliferation RegimesRENDA Vito
JRC928042015Applying tegon, the elementary physical land cover feature, for data interoperabilityDEVOS Wim; MILENOV Pavel
JRC486882008Applying the Conservativeness Principle to REDD to Deal with the Uncertainties of the EstimatesGRASSI Giacomo; MONNI Suvi; FEDERICI Sandro; ACHARD Frederic; MOLLICONE Danilo
JRC886112014Applying the delta tool to support the Air Quality Directive: evaluation of the TCAM chemical transport modelCARNEVALE Claudio; FINZI Giovanna; PEDERZOLI Anna; PISONI ENRICO; THUNIS Philippe; TURRINI Enrico; VOLTA Marialuisa
JRC460632008Applying the GIF PR&PP Methodology for a Qualitative Analysis of a Misuse Scenario in a Notional Gen IV Example Sodium Fast ReactorCOJAZZI GIACOMO; RENDA GUIDO; CHOI Jor-Shan
JRC624192012Applying the GIF-PR&PP methodology for a qualitative analysis of a misuse scenario in a notional Generation IV Example Sodium Fast Reactor.COJAZZI Giacomo; RENDA G.; CHOI Jor-Shan; HASSBERGER Jim
JRC1019922016Applying the model of goal-directed behavior, including descriptive norms, to physical activity intentions: A contribution to improving the theory of planned behaviorESPOSITO GABRIELE; VAN BAVEL Rene; BARANOWSKI Tom; DUCH BROWN NESTOR
JRC506652009Applying the PR&PP Methodology for a Qualitative Assessment of A Misuse Scenario in a Notional Generation IV Example Sodium Fast Reactor. Assessing Design VariationsCOJAZZI Giacomo; HASSBERGER Jim; RENDA G.