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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC488892008Application of Plasma Processes in NanoBiotechnologyROSSI Francois; BRETAGNOL Frederic; VALSESIA Andrea; COLPO Pascal
JRC359652007Application of Positive Matrix Factorization – PMF on Soils from a Contamination-suspected Rural Area in Northern ItalyVACCARO STEFANO; SOBIECKA ELZBIETA; CONTINI SERAFINO; LOCORO GIOVANNI; GAWLIK BERND
JRC356702006Application of Quantitative X-ray Mapping to the Characterisation of Nuclear MaterialsBREMIER STEPHAN; CHAREAU JEAN-MARC; WALKER CLIVE
JRC822172015Application of RADAR Corner Reflectors for the Detection of Small Vessels in Synthetic Aperture RadarSTASTNY John; CHEUNG Sparta; WIAFE George; ADGEKUM Kwame; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman
JRC113731995Application of Rayleigh Waves to the Thickness Measurement of Metallic CoatingsLAKESTANI Fereydoun
JRC150751998Application of Recurrent Neural Networks in Batch Reactors. Part II. Non-linear Inverse and Predictive Control of the Heat Transfer Fluid Temperature.ZALDIVAR-COMENGES Jose' manuel
JRC261702003Application of Relativistic Laser Plasmas for Induction of Nuclear Reactions.EWALD F.; SCHWOERER H.; DUESTERER S.; SAUERBREY R.; MAGILL Joseph; GALY J.; HABS D.; WITTE K.
JRC949402015Application of Satellite-Based Spectrally-Resolved Solar Radiation Data to PV Performance StudiesGRACIA AMILLO ANA; HULD Thomas; VOURLIOTI PARASKEVI; MUELLER Richard; NORTON MATTHEW
JRC185872000Application of SEAFP Waste Recycling and Clearance Strategies to ITER.CHENG Edward; ROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC187442000Application of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for the Characterisation of Microparticles.TAMBORINI Gabriella; BETTI Maria
JRC163001998Application of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to the Identification of Single Particles of Uranium and their Isotopic Measurement.TAMBORINI Gabriella; BETTI Maria; FORCINA Vittorio; HIERNAUT Tania; GIOVANNONE Bruno; KOCH Lothar winfried
JRC321632006Application of Sensor Dynamic Response Analysis to Improve the Accuracy of Odour-Measuring SystemsSOBANSKI TOMASZ; MODRAK Ireneusz; NITSCH Karol; W LICZNERSKI Benedykt
JRC375432008Application of Specific Eco-Exergy to FAO Fisheries DataKERNEGGER Lisa; CARSTENSEN J.; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'
JRC321882007Application of Specific Exergy to Macrophytes as an Integrated Index of Environmental Quality for Coastal LagoonsAUSTONI M.; GIORDANI G.; VIAROLI P.; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'
JRC126361995Application of Spectrofluorimetric Techniques to the Study of Marine Mucilages in the Adriatic Sea. Preliminary ResultsMINGAZZINI M.; COLOMBO S.; FERRARI Giovanni
JRC100241993Application of Spectroscopic Analytical Techniques to Laboratory Studies of Atmospheric ChemistryRESTELLI Giambattista
JRC173941999Application of Stable Isotope Ratios Analysis to the Characterization of the Geographical Origin of Olive Oils.ANGEROSA F.; BREAS Olivier; CONTENTO S.; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; RENIERO Fabiano; SADA Elke vera
JRC443632007Application of Support Vector Machines to 1H NMR Data of Fish Oils: Methodology for the Confirmation of Wild and Farmed Salmon and their OriginsMASOUM Saeed; MALABAT Christophe; JALALI-HERAVI Mehdi; GUILLOU CLAUDE; REZZI Serge; RUTLEDGE Douglas
JRC324812005Application of Surveillance Programme Results to Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity Assessment" - Results of a Co-ordinated projectSEVINI FILIPPO
JRC378992007Application of Technology Neutral Methodology for Assessment of Defence in Depth Application for Generation IV Reactor SystemsRANGUELOVA VESSELINA; FIORINI G.l.; LEAHY T.j.