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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC482252008Approaches for Delineating Areas Susceptible to Landslides in the Framework of the European Soil Thematic StrategyGUNTHER Andreas; REICHENBACH Paola; HERVAS DE DIEGO Francisco
JRC618652011Approaches for establishing human health no effect levels for engineered nanomaterialsASCHBERGER KARIN; CHRISTENSEN Frans
JRC283312004Approaches for Reagent Free Derivatisation in Thin-Layer Chromatography.STROKA J.; SPANGENBERG Bernd; ARRANZ Isabel; ANKLAM Elke
JRC607082012Approaches for Tsunami Risk Assessment and Application to the City of Cádiz, SpainJELINEK Robert; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; GONZÁLEZ Mauricio; ÁLVAREZ-GÓMEZ José; WELLE Torsten; BIRKMANN Jörn
JRC472572008Approaches in Using MatML as a Common Language for Materials Data ExchangeOJALA Tauno; OVER Hans
JRC412482007Approaches to a Multi-hazard Risk Analysis for Selected Natural and Technological HazardsJELINEK Robert; WOOD MAUREEN; PAUDITS Peter
JRC461032008Approaches to Evaluation of Proliferation Resistance of Nuclear Energy SystemsPOMEROY George; BARI Robert; WONDER Edward; ZENTNER Michael; HAAS Eckhard; KILLEEN Thomas; COJAZZI GIACOMO; WHITLOCK Jeremy
JRC331042006Approaches to Monitor and Enhance Organizational Safety Processes PerformanceMENGOLINI ANNA MARIA; DEBARBERIS LUIGI
JRC484642008Approaches to Rural Typology in the European UnionCOPUS Andrew; PSALTOPOULOS Demetrios; SKURAS Dimitris; TERLUIN Ida; WEINGARTEN Peter; GIRAY Fatma; RATINGER Tomas
JRC322472006Approaches to Solve Schema Heterogeneity at the European LevelFRIIS-CHRISTENSEN ANDERS; SCHADE Sven; PEEDELL STEPHEN
JRC687282012Approaches to the safety assessment of engineered nanomaterials (ENM) in foodCOCKBURN Andrew; BRADFORD Roberta; BUCK Neil; CONSTABLE Anne; EDWARDS Gareth; HABER Bernd; HEPBURN Paul; HOWLETT John; KAMPERS Frans; KLEIN Christoph, et al
JRC367432007Approaches to the Security Analysis of Power Systems: Defence Strategies Against Malicious ThreatsBOMPARD Ettore; GAO Ciwei; NAPOLI Roberto; RUSSO Angela; XUE Fei; MASERA MARCELO; STEFANINI ALBERTO
JRC487132008Approaches to Tsunami Risk AssessmentJELINEK Robert; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC63441989Approaching Single Atom Detection with Atomic Fluorescence in a Glow Discharge Atom ReservoirSMITH B.w.; WOMACK J.b.
JRC722192012Approccio Metabolomico alla diagnostica clinica delle colestasi Metabolomic approach to the clinical diagnosis of cholestasisRENIERO Fabiano; GIORDANO Giuseppe; GUCCIARDI Antonella; DI GANGI Iole Maria; PIRILLO Paola; COSTA Irene; DONAZZOLO Elena; NATURALE Mauro; CARRARO Silvia; BARALDI Eugenio
JRC162101998Approccio Statistico Rigoroso alla Rivelazione di Materiali Nucleari Speciali mediante Misure Neutroniche (Tesi)NONNEMAN Stefan
JRC790222013An Appropriate Model for the Estimation of Consumer Time Expenditure Patterns on the InternetCOOPER Russel; MARTENS Bertin
JRC880822013Aprender en la era de la Web 2.0. retrato de las prácticas innovadoras en FranciaREDECKER CHRISTINE; PUNIE Yves
JRC198401998Apt Timing for Described Measurement Procedures (DMP) of primary Methods of Measuremen (PMM).DE BIEVRE P.
JRC602202010The AQMEII Two-continent Regional Air Quality Model Evaluation Study - Fueling Ideas with Unprecedented DataGALMARINI Stefano; RAO S. Trivikrama