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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC217822001237Np Moessbauer Investigations of (U1-xNpx)2Rh2Sn.COLINEAU Eric; WASTIN F.; REBIZANT Jean
JRC779222012237Np Mössbauer studies on actinide superconductors and related materialsCOLINEAU Eric; GACZYNSKI Piotr; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; ELOIRDI Rachel; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC670722011237Np(n,f) Cross Section: New Data and Present StatusPARADELA C.; TASSAN-GOT L.; AUDOUIN L.; BERTHIER B.; FERRANT L.; ISAEV S.; LE NAOUR C.; STEPHAN C.; TRUBERT D.; DAVID S., et al
JRC920142014238U Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurements at the GELINA FacilityLAMPOUDIS C.; KOPECKY Stefan; BECKER BJÖRN; GUNSING F.; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; WYNANTS Ruud
JRC843952014A 23Na Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, XANES, and High Temperature X-Ray Diffraction Study of NaUO3, Na4UO5, and Na2U2O7SMITH ANNA; RAISON Philippe; MARTEL LAURA; CHARPENTIER THIBAULT; FARNAN Ian; PRIEUR DAMIEN; HENNIG C.; SCHEINOST Andreas; KONINGS Rudy; CHEETHAM A.k.
JRC208582001240Pu Effective Mass of 238Pu in Relation to Passive Neutron Coincidence and Multiplicity Counting.CROFT S.; BOURVA C.-a.; WEAVER D.r.; OTTMAR Herbert
JRC729812012243Am neutron-induced fission cross section in the fast neutron energy rangeKESSEDJIAN G.; BARREAU G.; AICHE Mourad; JURADO B.; BIDAUD A.; CZAJKOWSKI S.; DASSIE Danielle; HAAS B.; MATHIEU L.; TASSAN-GOT L., et al
JRC207072002An 26-Al Target for (n,p) and (n,alpha) Cross-Section Measurements.INGELBRECHT Christopher dougl as; MOENS Andre; WAGEMANS Jan; DENECKE Bruno willi heinrich
JRC4162198627 Annuario Meteorologico 1985 di IspraBOLLINI Giovanni; GALVA Angelo; GANDINO Claudio; MARANZANA Edvige
JRC58576201027 February 2010 Chile Tsunami POst Event Survey MissionANNUNZIATO Alessandro; FRANCHELLO Giovanni; BARBEROPOULOU Aggeliki
JRC819832013A 27Al NMR study of Actinides compounds at low Temperatures: AnPd5Al2 and AnAl2 systemsGRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; MARTEL LAURA; SELFSLAG Chris; COLINEAU Eric; ELOIRDI Rachel; KLIMCZUK Tomasz; SOMERS Joseph; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC4976198728 Annuario Meteorologico 1986 di IspraBOLLINI Giovanni; GALVA Angelo; GANDINO Claudio; MARANZANA Edvige
JRC54943200929 September 2009 Samoa TsunamiANNUNZIATO Alessandro; FRANCHELLO Giovanni; ULUTAS Ergin; DE GROEVE Tom
JRC5784198829. Annuario Meteorologico 1987 di IspraBOLLINI Giovanni; GALVA Angelo; GANDINO Claudio; MARANZANA Edvige
JRC48911200829th Plenary Meeting Report of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (Plen-08-03)CASEY John; RAETZ Hans-Joachim; GUILLEN GARCIA JORDI; DOERNER Hendrik
JRC6532220112D approximation of realistic 3D vineyard row canopy representation for light interception (fIPAR) and light intensity distribution on leaves (LIDIL).LOPEZ LOZANO RAUL; BARET Frederic; GARCIA DE CORTAZAR Inaki; LEBON Eric; TISSEYRE Bruno
JRC4129820072D Particle Transport in a Full Dilution Tunnel of Diesel Vehicle EmissionsISELLA LORENZO; GIECHASKIEL BAROUCH; DILARA PANAGIOTA; DROSSINOS IOANNIS
JRC213502000The 2nd Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-2). General Overview and Main Results.RAES Frank paul elisabeth; BATES Timothy; MC GOVERN Francis; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc henri
JRC213622000The 2nd Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-2): Meteorological and Chemical Context.VERVER Ge; RAES Frank paul elisabeth; VOGELEZANG Daan; JOHNSON Doug
JRC6691420112nd EFAST Workshop, Reliable Testing of Seismic PerformanceMARAZZI Francesco; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier