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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC927002015Lessons Learned from Oil Pipeline Natech Accidents and Recommendations for Natech Scenario Development - Final ReportGIRGIN SERKAN; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC584262010Lessons Learned from Stock Collapse and Recovery of North Sea Herring: a ReviewDICKEY-COLLAS M.; NASH Richard D. M.; BRUNEL Thomas; VAN DAMME Cindy J. G.; MARSHALL C. Tara; PAYNE Mark R.; CORTEN Ad; GEFFEN Audrey J.; PECK Myron A.; HATFIELD Emma M. C., et al
JRC537782012Lessons learnt from a crisis event: How to foster a sound safety cultureMENGOLINI Anna Maria; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC381782010Lessons learnt from a crisis event: how to foster a sound safety cultureMENGOLINI ANNA MARIA; DEBARBERIS LUIGI
JRC76651990Lessons Learnt from Emergencies after Accidents in United Kingdom Involving Dangerous Substances. Community Documentation Centre on Industrial Risk Publication Series, No. 625-UKb3-I.3SMITH E.j.; PURDY G.
JRC267892003Lessons Learnt from Fires in BuildingsHERVAS Javier
JRC246852003Lessons Learnt from Forest Fire DisastersCOLOMBO Alessandro giuseppe; VETERE ARELLANO Ana lisa
JRC247242003Lessons Learnt from Landslide Disasters in EuropeHERVAS Javier
JRC237902002Lessons Learnt from Maritime Disasters.VETERE ARELLANO Ana lisa
JRC532422009Lessons Learnt from Studies on Sensitivity Analysis Techniques in the EU Project PAMINA - A Benchmark StudyROEHLIG K.-J.; PLISCHKE E.; BOLADO LAVIN Ricardo; BECKER D.-A.; EKSTROEM P.-A.; HOTZEL S.
JRC532642009Lessons Learnt from Studies on Sensitivity Analysis Techniques in the EU Project PAMINA: Sensitivity Analysis Applied to Different HLW PA ModelsBOLADO LAVIN Ricardo; COSTESCU BADEA Anca; BECKER D.-A.; SPIESSL S.; FISCHER-APPELT K.; CORMENZANA J.l.; CUNADO M.a.; SCHROEDER T.j.; HART J.; GRUPA J., et al
JRC745162012Lessons learnt from the first EMEP intensive measurement periodsAAS W.; BIEBER Elke; BERGSTROM Robert; CEBURNIS D.; ELLERMANN T.; FARGELI H.; FROELICH Marina; GEHRIG Robert; MAKKONEN U.; NEMITZ E., et al
JRC285152004Lessons to be Learned from the Comparison of Three Satellite-Derived Biomass Burning Products.BOSCHETTI Luigi; EVA Hugh douglas; BRIVIO P.a.; GREGOIRE Jean-marie
JRC1070372017Let the Music Play? Free Streaming and its Effects on Digital Music ConsumptionAGUIAR WICHT LUIS
JRC97741993Letter to the EditorDE BENI Gianfranco
JRC219342002Letter to the Editor of AQUAL: Announcing the Collaboration between the European Co-Operation for Accreditation and the IRMM Improving the Metrological Basis of the European Accreditation System for Chemical Measurements.TAYLOR P.d.p.; BRINKMANN K.; PAPADAKIS Ioannis; CORTEZ L.; BEDNAROVA M.; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC661062011Letter to the Editor on the article “Indirect land use change for biofuels: Testing predictions and improving analytical methodologies” by S. Kim and B. DaleO'HARE Michael; DE LUCCHI Mark; EDWARDS Robert; FRITSCHE Uwe; GIBBS Holly; HERTEL Thomas; HILL Jason; KAMMEN Daniel; MARELLI Luisa; MULLIGAN DECLAN, et al
JRC224542002Letter to the Editor. A Plausible Mathematical Interpretation of the 'variance' Spectra Ontained with the DSPECplus TM Digital Spectrometer.POMME Stefan
JRC822712013Letter to the Editor: Analytical chemistry and metrology have scientific basisEMONS Hendrik