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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC174581999Oxidation Behaviour of a Hot-Pressed Silicon Nitride under thermal Cycling Conditions.COSTA OLIVEIRA Fernando; BAXTER David
JRC170401999Oxidation Behaviour of the ODS Alloy MA 6000.GUTTMANN Viktor; GONZALEZ CARRASCO J.l.; FATTORI Henrique
JRC156851998Oxidation Behaviour of TiAl-Based Intermetallics-Influence of Heat Treatment.STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederik; HAANAPPEL Vincentius antonius; CLEMENS H.
JRC529522009Oxidation Behaviour of Uranium and Neptunium in Stabilised ZirconiaWALTER Marcus; SOMERS Joseph; BOUEXIERE Daniel; BRENDENBACH Boris
JRC138891997Oxidation behaviour pf Venillin in Dairy Products.ANKLAM Elke; GAGLIONE Silvia; MUELLER Anne
JRC914062014Oxidation effect on steel corrosion and thermal loads during corium melt in-vessel retentionGRANOVSKY V. S.; KHABENSKY V. B.; KRUSHINOV E. V.; VITOL S. A.; SULATSKY A. A.; ALMIASHEV V. I.; BECHTA Sevostian; GUSAROV V. V.; BARRACHIN Marc; BOTTOMLEY Paul, et al
JRC1020742016Oxidation effects during corium melt in-vessel retentionALMYASHEV V.i.; GRANOVSKY V. S.; KHABENSKY V. B.; KRUSHINOV E. V.; SULATSKY A. A.; VITOL S. A.; GUSAROV V. V.; BECHTA Sevostian; BARRACHIN M.; FICHOT F., et al
JRC125261996Oxidation Kinetics of Fe(II)NTA to Fe(III)NTA by OxygenVAN VELZEN Daniel; ACTIS-DATO Louis olivier; HOFELE Joern
JRC58321989Oxidation of a Mn-Cr Austenitic Steel during Creep Testing and its Interaction with the FractureRUEDL Erich; MATERA Roberto
JRC214802001Oxidation of Metals with Highly Reactive Vapours: Extension of Wagner Theory.RATTO Marco; RICCI E.; COSTA P.
JRC116651995Oxidation/Corrosion of Advanced Ceramics: A Review of the Progress towards Test Method StandardisationBAXTER David
JRC571292010Oxidative Dissolution of Actinide Oxides in H2O2 Containing Aqueous Solution - A Preliminary StudyPEHRMAN Reijo; AMME Markus; ROTH Olivia; EKEROTH Ella; JONSSON Mats
JRC126491996Oxo-Bridged Bimetallic Organouranium Complexes. The Crystal Structure of nu-Oxo-Bis[Tris(Cyclopentadienyl)Uranium]SPIRLET M.r.; REBIZANT Jean; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; DORNBERGER Ernst; POWIETZKA B.
JRC813432013Oxo-Functionalization and Reduction of the Uranyl Ion Through Lanthanide-Element Bond Homolysis; Synthetic, Structural, and Bonding Analysis of a Series of Singly Reduced Uranyl Rare Earth 5f1-4fn ComplexesARNOLD Polly L.; HOLLIS Emmalina; NICHOL Gary S.; LOVE Jason B.; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; CACIUFFO Roberto; MAGNANI Nicola; MARON Laurent; CASTRO Ludovic; YAHIA Ahmed, et al
JRC838212013Oxygen in the gulf of Finland and the role of major Baltic inflows: a modelling experimentLESSIN Gennadi; STIPS Adolf
JRC238072003Oxygen Isotopic Measurements by SIMS in Uranium-Oxide Microparticles. A New Nuclear Forensic Diagnostic.TAMBORINI Giordano; PHINNEY D.; BILDSTEIN O.; BETTI Maria
JRC374572007Oxygen Nonstoichiometry Study of LaSr3Fe3O10 in the Temperature Range 25-650°CPROKHNENKO O.; VELINOV N.; KOZHUKHAROV V.; NEOV S.; DABROWSKI L.; NEOV Dimitar
JRC945252015Oxygen potential of high burnup UO2RONDINELLA Vincenzo
JRC440092008Oxygen Stoichiometry Shift of Irradiated LWR-fuels at High Burn-ups: Review of Data and Alternative Interpretation of Recently Published ResultsSPINO JOSE LUIS; PEERANI PAOLO