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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC564692010Linked Data: What Does It Offer Earth Sciences?COX SIMON; SCHADE SVEN
JRC643932011Linked indicator sets for addressing biodiversity lossSPARKS Tim; BUTCHART Stuart H. M.; BALMFORD Andrew; BENNUN Leon; STANWELL-SMITH Damon; WALPOLE Matt; BATES Nick; BOMHARD Bastian; BUCHANAN Graeme, M.; CHENERY Anna N., et al
JRC417782008Linking an Economic Model for European Agriculture with a Mechanistic Model to Estimate Nitrogen and Carbon Losses from Arable Soils in EuropeLEIP ADRIAN; MARCHI GIULIO; KEMPEN Markus; BRITZ WOLFGANG; LI Changsheng; KOEBLE R.
JRC377722007Linking an Economic Model for European Agriculture with a Mechanistic Model to Estimate Nitrogen losses from Cropland Soil in EuropeLEIP ADRIAN; MARCHI GIULIO; KOEBLE Renate; KEMPEN MARKUS; BRITZ WOLFGANG; LI Changsheng
JRC567912010Linking and Harmonizing Forest Spatial Pattern Analyses at European, National and Regional Scales for a Better Characterization of Forest Vulnerability and ResilienceTONTI Daniela; ESTREGUIL Christine; MARCHETTI Marco; OEHMICHEN K; CHIRICI Gherardo; TROELTZCH Katia; WATTS Kevin
JRC912492015Linking atomic and mesoscopic scales for the modelling of the transport properties of uranium dioxide under irradiationBERTOLUS Marjorie; FREYSS Michel; DORADO Boris; MARTIN Guillaume; HOANG Kiet; MAILLARD Serge; SKOREK Richard; GARCIA Philippe; VALOT C.; CHARTIER Alain, et al
JRC1042842017Linking crop yield anomalies to large-scale atmospheric circulation in EuropeCEGLAR ANDREJ; TORETI ANDREA; TURCO Marco; DOBLAS REYES Francisco
JRC877032013Linking data and model outputs with local demand for resources and local emissions - An application to the Life Cycle Indicators frameworkBENINI LORENZO; SALA SERENELLA; VANDECASTEELE INE
JRC1081782017Linking Early Warning Systems with Rapid Mapping - Procedure for pre-tasking of satellites for disaster impact mappingWANIA ANNETT; SALAMON PETER; THIEMIG VERA; DOTTORI FRANCESCO; KUCERA JAN; MAZZARA VERA; VILLETTE FRANCOISE; LUZIETTI LUCIA
JRC985422016Linking Environmental and Human Health Data to Contaminated Sites in EuropePAYA PEREZ Ana; DALLA COSTA SILVIA
JRC628872010Linking Forest Spatial Pattern Analysis With Network TheoryVOGT Peter
JRC101991993Linking GIS and MCDA to Manage Lombardy's Industrial WastePECKHAM Robert
JRC836502013Linking land cover data and crop yields for mapping and assessment of pollination services in EuropeZULIAN GRAZIA; MAES JOACHIM; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa
JRC518352009Linking News Content Across LanguagesSTEINBERGER Ralf
JRC894222016Linking structure and function in food webs: maximization of different ecological functions generates distinct food web structuresYEN Jian; CABRAL Reniel; CANTOR Mauricio; HATTON Ian; KORTSCH Susanne; MATEUS PATRICIO JOANA; YAMAMICHI Masato
JRC402352007Linking Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems: Complexity, Persistence and Biodiversity in European Food WebsCARAFA ROBERTA; DUERI SIBYLLE; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'
JRC180151999Links between the Reynolds and Discretization Approximations.THUNIS Philippe; GALMARINI Stefano
JRC542182009Linux for bioinformatics: an updateRANA Antonia; FOSCARINI Fabrizio
JRC401162007Linux for Bioinformatics: Dedicated Distributions for Processing of Biological Data - Part 2: Package Repositories and Complete SystemsRANA ANTONIA; FOSCARINI FABRIZIO
JRC373902007Linux for Bioinformatics:Dedicated Distribution for Processing of Biological Data - Part 1: Live DistributionsRANA ANTONIA