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JRC1067402017Lessons Learned from an Analysis of Offshore Accidents in the Nordic SeasNECCI AMOS; PONTE LUCA; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH; TARANTOLA STEFANO; VAMANU BOGDAN
JRC990512015Lessons learned from corrosion-related accidents in petroleum refineriesWOOD Maureen; GYENES ZSUZSANNA
JRC860232014Lessons learned from external hazardsPEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL; ZERGER BENOÎT; MARTIN RAMOS MANUEL; WATTRELOS Didier; MAQUA Michael
JRC361052007Lessons Learned from Implementation of the European Commission TACIS/PHARE Safety Upgrading Projects related to I&CDUCHAC ALEXANDER; BIETH MICHEL
JRC505472009Lessons Learned from INTAMAP, an Interoperable Web Service for the Real-Time Interpolation of Environmental VariablesDUBOIS Gregoire; MENDES DE JESUS Jorge Samuel; DOHERTY Brian; CORNFORD Dan; PEBESMA Edzer
JRC565372009Lessons Learned from IPCC AR 4 - Scientific Developments Needed To Understand, Predict, and Respond To Climate ChangeDOHERTY Sarah; BOJI NSKI Stephan; HENDERSON-SELLERS Ann; NOONE Kevin; GOODRICH David; BINDOFF Nathaniel; CHURCH John; HIBBARD Kathy; KARL Thomas; KAJFEZ-BOGATAJ Lucka, et al
JRC961102015Lessons learned from major accidents involving fertilizersGYENES ZSUZSANNA; WOOD Maureen
JRC1006222016Lessons learned from major accidents relating to ageing of chemical plantsGYENES ZSUZSANNA; WOOD Maureen
JRC1019902016Lessons learned from Missing Flooding Barriers Operating ExperienceSIMIC ZDENKO; PEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL
JRC982612017Lessons Learned from Natech EventsKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; SALZANO Ernesto
JRC882052014Lessons learned from nuclear decay data measurements in the European Metrology Research Programme 'MetroFission'POMME Stefaan; LOIDL Martin; GARCIA-TORANO E.; MAROULI Maria; LE-BRET C.; CRESPO M. T.; PAEPEN Jan; MOUGEOT X.; JOBBAGY Viktor; RODRIGUES M., et al
JRC836082013Lessons learned from nuclear decay data measurements in the European Metrology Research Programme 'MetroFission' (June 2013)POMME Stefaan; LOIDL Martin; GARCIA-TORANO Eduardo; MAROULI MARIA; LE-BRET C.; CRESPO M. T.; PAEPEN Jan; MOUGEOT X.; JOBBAGY VIKTOR; RODRIGUES M., et al
JRC927002015Lessons Learned from Oil Pipeline Natech Accidents and Recommendations for Natech Scenario Development - Final ReportGIRGIN SERKAN; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC584262010Lessons Learned from Stock Collapse and Recovery of North Sea Herring: a ReviewDICKEY-COLLAS M.; NASH Richard D. M.; BRUNEL Thomas; VAN DAMME Cindy J. G.; MARSHALL C. Tara; PAYNE Mark R.; CORTEN Ad; GEFFEN Audrey J.; PECK Myron A.; HATFIELD Emma M. C., et al
JRC537782012Lessons learnt from a crisis event: How to foster a sound safety cultureMENGOLINI Anna Maria; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC381782010Lessons learnt from a crisis event: how to foster a sound safety cultureMENGOLINI ANNA MARIA; DEBARBERIS LUIGI
JRC76651990Lessons Learnt from Emergencies after Accidents in United Kingdom Involving Dangerous Substances. Community Documentation Centre on Industrial Risk Publication Series, No. 625-UKb3-I.3SMITH E.j.; PURDY G.
JRC267892003Lessons Learnt from Fires in BuildingsHERVAS Javier
JRC246852003Lessons Learnt from Forest Fire DisastersCOLOMBO Alessandro giuseppe; VETERE ARELLANO Ana lisa