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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC610472010Port Security in EU: a Systemic ApproachANDRITSOS Fivos; MOSCONI MASSIMO
JRC588472010A Port Waterside Security Systemic AnalysisGARNIER BERNARD; ANDRITSOS Fivos
JRC149441998Portability of the Calibration of SIR of BIPM to Other Ionization Chambers for Radioactivity Measurements.WOODS M.j.; SIMPSON B.r.s.; RATEL G.
JRC316152005Portable Device for Characterizing the Angular Response of UV SpectroradiometersBAIS Alkiviadis F.; KAZADZIS Stylianos; GARANE Katerina; KOUREMETI Natalia; GROEBNER Julian; BLUMTHALER Mario; SECKMEYER Gunther; WEBB Ann R.; KOSKELA Tapani; GORTS Peter, et al
JRC58021988Portable Electronic Load for Field Measurements of Photovoltaic SystemsBLAESSER Gerd; ZAAIMAN Willem; OSSENBRINK Heinz
JRC265122003Portevin-LeChatelier Effect in Strain and Stress Controlled Tensile Tests.KLOSE Frank; ZIEGENBEIN A.; WEIDENMUELLER J.; NEUHAEUSER H.; HAEHNER Johannes peter
JRC577982010Portfolio Insurances, CPPI and CPDO, truth or illusion?JOOSSENS Elisabeth; SCHOUTENS Wim
JRC272502004Portfolio of Earth Observation Based Indicators for Biodiversity and Nature ProtectionESTREGUIL Christine mary; CERRUTI Marco
JRC677342011Portugal numa Europa que se quer MultilingueDE SOUSA LOBO BORGES DE ARAUJO LUISA
JRC207552001The Positional delta(18-O) Values of Extracted and Synthetic Vanillin.FRONZA Giovanni; FUGANTI Claudio; SERRA Stefano; BURKE Andrew; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; RENIERO Fabiano
JRC527542009Positive Matrix Factorisation (PMF) - An Introduction to the Chemometric Evaluation of Environmental Monitoring Data Using PMFCOMERO Sara; CAPITANI Luisa; GAWLIK Bernd
JRC657662011Positive plus negative feedback loops as an energetic efficient control in molecular systemsZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'; STROZZI F.
JRC274642004Positron Annihilation and Moessbauer Spectroscopy Applied to WWER-1000 RPV Steels in the Frame of IAEA High Ni Co-ordinated Research Programme.SLUEGEN Vladimir; ZEMAN Andrej; LIPKA Jozef; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC612042011Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Study of Materials for Reactor VesselsGRAFUTIN V.; PROKOPYEV E.; KRSJAK VLADIMIR; BURCL Rudolf; HAEHNER Peter; ZEMAN Andrej; ILUYKHINA O.; ERAK D; MOGILEVSKIJ M.; MYASYSHCHEVA G., et al
JRC635032011Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Study of Materials for Reactor VesselsGRAFUTIN V.; PROKOPYEV E.; KRSJAK VLADIMIR; BURCL Rudolf; HAEHNER Peter; ZEMAN Andrej; ILUYKHINA O.; ERAK D.; MOGILEVSKIJ M.; MYASYSHCHEVA G., et al
JRC207482001Positron Annihilation Studies on the Migration of Deformation Induced Vacancies in Stainless Steel AISI 316L.HOLZWARTH Uwe; BARBIERI A.; HANSEN-ILZHOEFER Sabine; SCHAAFF Petra; HAAKS Matthias
JRC301412006Positron Study of Radiation Embrittlement of Steels Used in Water Cooled, Water Moderated Energy ReactorsZEMAN Andrej; PETRISKA Martin; KRSJAK Vladimir; SLUGEN Vladimir
JRC543382009Positronics and Nanotechnologies - Possibilities of Studying Nanoobjects in Materials and Nanomaterials by the Method of Positron-Annihilation SpectroscopyGRAFUTIN V. I.; ILYUKHINA O. V.; MYASISHCHEVA G. G.; PROKOPEV E. P.; TIMOSHENKOV S. P.; FUNTIKOV Yu. V.; BURCL Rudolf
JRC52651988Possibilita della Spettrometria di Massa nell'Ambito dell'Analisi di Metalli in Matrici BiologicheFACCHETTI Sergio
JRC578712009Possibilities and limitations in using satellite SAR for oil spill monitoring in the Northeast Caspian Sea - Project MONRUKPAVLAKIS Petros; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido