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JRC866562013Literature and Bioinformatics Analyses of Wheat-specific Detection MethodsANGERS ALEXANDRE; BONFINI Laura; PETRILLO MAURO; PATAK DENNSTEDT Alexandre; KREYSA JOACHIM
JRC927912015Literature review for ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) measurement methods and dataJENSEN Niels; PUTAUD Jean-Philippe; BOROWIAK Annette
JRC737162012Literature review of how Telecentres operate and have an impact on eInclusion. Exploratory study on explanations and theories of how Telecentres and other community-based e-Inclusion actors operate and have an impact on digital and social inclusion policy goalsSEY Araba; GARRIDO María; TABITHA Hart; SANTANA Luis; TORRECILLAS CARO MARIA CRISTINA; MISURACA GIANLUCA; STEWART JAMES; RISSOLA Gabriel
JRC755182013Literature Review on Employability, Inclusion and ICT, Report 1: The Concept of employability, with a specific focus on Young people, older workers and migrantsGREEN Anne; DE HOYOS Maria; BARNES Sally-Anne; OWEN David; BALDAUF Beate; BEHLE Heike; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Isabel Clara; STEWART JAMES
JRC786012013Literature Review on Employability, Inclusion and ICT, Report 2: ICT and EmployabilityDE HOYOS Maria; GREEN Anne; BARNES Sally-Anne; BEHLE Heike; BALDAUF Beate; OWEN David; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Isabel Clara; STEWART JAMES
JRC761492012Literature review on income inequality and the effects on social outcomesD'HOMBRES Beatrice; WEBER ANKE; ELIA LEANDRO
JRC1050102016Lithium ion battery value chain and related opportunities for EuropeLEBEDEVA NATALIA; DI PERSIO FRANCO; BRETT LOIS
JRC440832007The Little Algorithm that Grew: Scaling the Morphological Image Compositing Algorithm to Meet the Chanllenges of Processing Large Image Data SetsBIELSKI CONRAD; GRAZZINI JACOPO; SOILLE PIERRE
JRC241032002The Lives and the Death of Moor's Law.TUOMI Ilkka
JRC656362011Livestock and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: the Importance of Getting the Numbers RightHERRERO Mario; GERBER Pierre; VELLINGA Theun; GARNETT Tara; LEIP Adrian; OPIO C; WESTHOEK H. J.; THORNTON P. K.; Olesen Jørgen E.; HUTCHINGS Nick, et al
JRC726382013Livestock greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation potential in EuropeBELLARBY Jessica; TIRADO Reyes; LEIP Adrian; WEISS Franz; LESSCHEN Jan Peter; SMITH Pete
JRC997522015Livestock systems and rangeland degradation in the new World Atlas of DesertificationZUCCA Claudio; REYNOLDS James; CHERLET Michael
JRC854882014A Living Roadmap for Policy Making 2.0MUREDDU A.; OSIMO David; MISURACA GIANLUCA; ONORI Riccardo; ARMENIA Stefano
JRC204462000Lo Sminamento Umanitario: un Approccio Naturalistico al Decision MakingBASTIANINI Gaia
JRC855152013Lo standard internazionale ISO 9001 e strumenti di produzione normativa open source del sistema di gestione integrato. : Può il software open source aiutare un'organizzazione complessa a costruire un sistema di produzione normativa ISO 9001 sempre aggiornato?OLSSON ALESSANDRO; TARTAGLIA Giacinto; NASSI Marcello
JRC74351990Lo Stato Qualitativo Attuale del Lago di GardaPREMAZZI Guido; CHIAUDANI Giuseppe
JRC967292015Lo sviluppo di un sistema di gestione del verde urbano mediante l'utilizzo di un software WebGIS Open Source. La riduzione della spesa pubblica come stimolo per cercare di mantenere e migliorare il livello dei servizi a tutto vantaggio per i cittadini europei.OLSSON ALESSANDRO; VARGIU ANTONIO; NASSI Marcello
JRC599582011Load cell monitoring in Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants: potentialities for improved safeguards verificationsCARCHON Roland; DECHAMP Luc; EKLUND Lars Gustav; JANSSENS Willem; MERCURIO GIOVANNI; PEERANI Paolo; RICHIR Patrice
JRC528142009A Load Reduction Technology for Radioactive Waste Disposal in Future (No 2). Irradiation Experiments of Minor Actinide-containing Fast Reactor Metal FuelHIROKAZU Ohta
JRC607002010Load-following Operating Mode at Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) and Incidence on Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Costs - Compatibility with Wind Power VariabilityBRUYNOOGHE Christiane; ERIKSSON Arne; FULLI Gianluca