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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC418792007Measurement of the Neutron Induced Fission Cross Section on Transuranic (TRU) Elements at The n_TOF Facility at CERNMASTINU P.; PLOMPEN ARJAN; RULLHUSEN PETER
JRC305112005Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime by Counting Trapped Protons in a Cold Neutron BeamNICO J.s.; DEWEY M.s.; GILLIAM D.m.; WIETFELDT F.e.; FEI X.; SNOW W.m.; GREENE G.l.; PAUWELS Jean; EYKENS ROGER; LAMBERTY ANDREE, et al
JRC252952003Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime Using a Proton TrapDEWEY M.s.; GILLIAM D.m.; NICO J.s.; WIETFELDT F.e.; FEI X.; SNOW W.m.; GREENE G.l.; PAUWELS Jean; EYKENS Roger; LAMBERTY Andre, et al
JRC1033402014Measurement of the Neutron Spectrum Using the Activation MethodJOVANCEVIC NIKOLA; DARABAN Laura; OBERSTEDT Stephan; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; HULT Mikael; LUTTER GUILLAUME; MARISSENS Gerd
JRC772642013Measurement of the neutron-induced fission cross-section of 241Am at the time-of-flight facility n_TOFBELLONI F.; CALVIANI M.; MEAZE M.; MASTINU P.; PRAENA J.; MILAZZO P. M.; AERTS G.; ABBONDANNO U.; ALVAREZ H.; ALVAREZ-VELARDE F., et al
JRC731592011Measurement of the neutron-induced fission cross-section of 243Am relative to 235U from 0.5 to 20 MeVBELLONI F.; CALVIANI M.; COLONNA N.; MASTINU P.; MILAZZO P. M.; ABBONDANNO U.; AERTS G.; ALVAREZ H.; ALVAREZ-VELARDE F.; ANDRIAMONJE S., et al
JRC903042014Measurement of the Pu concentration of European MOX pellets by neutron coincidence countingZSIGRAI JOZSEF; RAMOS PASCUAL MIGUEL; MUEHLEISEN ARTUR; KOEHNE Wilhelm; SCHWALBACH Peter
JRC418442007Measurement of the Radiative Neutron Capture Cross Section of 206Pb and its Astrophysical ImplicationsDOMINGO PARDO C.; ABBONDANNO U.; AERTS G.; Alvarez H; ALVAREZ VELARDE F.; ANDRIAMONJE S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; ASSIMAKOPOULOS P.; AUDOUIN L.; BADUREK G., et al
JRC361702006Measurement of the Resonance Capture Cross Section of 204,206Pb and Termination of the s-ProcessDOMINGO PARDO César; PLOMPEN ARJAN; RULLHUSEN PETER; N_TOF COLLABORATION The
JRC631402011Measurement of the Size of Spherical Nanoparticles by Means of Atomic Force MicroscopyCOUTEAU Olivier; ROEBBEN Gert
JRC85991991Measurement of Yellow Substance Absorption and Evaluation of its Influence on the Remote Sensing of Water Quality in the Gulf of Naples. A Case StudyTASSAN Stelvio; FERRARI Giovanni
JRC123911996Measurement Principles for Traceability in Chemical Analysis.DE BIEVRE Paul jan cyriel; KAARLS Robert; PEISER Steffen; RASBERRY Stanley d.; REED William p.
JRC368452007Measurement Standards in ChemistryEMONS HENDRIK
JRC467432007Measurement Techniques for Tracer Kinetic Studies with Stable Isotopes of ZirconiumGREITER Matthias; ABBAS Kamel; CANTONE M.c.; CARLI W; GEISLER T.; GERSTMANN U; GIUSSANI A; HERTENBERGER R; HOLZWARTH Uwe; MEISENBERG O., et al
JRC838922014Measurement uncertainties of size, shape, and surface measurements using transmission electron microscopy of near-monodisperse, near-spherical nanoparticlesDE TEMMERMAN Pieter-Jan; LAMMERTYN Jeroen; DE KETELAERE Bart; KESTENS Vikram; ROEBBEN Gert; VERLEYSEN Eveline; MAST Jan
JRC1017792016Measurement uncertainty associated with shipboard sample collection and filtration for the determination of the concentration of iron in seawaterCLOUGH R.; FLOOR GEERKE HENRIETTE; QUETEL Christophe; MILNE Angela; LOHAN Maeve C.; WORSFOLD Paul
JRC509042009Measurement Uncertainty of Test Kit Results - the ELISA ExampleSUCHANEK Miloslav; ROBOUCH Piotr
JRC353272007Measurements and Modeling of the Volume Scattering Function in the Coastal Northern Adriatic Sea.BERTHON JEAN-FRANCOIS; LEE MICHAEL; SHYBANOV Eugeny; ZIBORDI GIUSEPPE
JRC336152005Measurements and Modeling of the Volume Scattering Function in the Northern Adriatic SeaBERTHON JEAN-FRANCOIS; LEE Michael; SHYBANOV Evgeni; ZIBORDI GIUSEPPE