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JRC Publication N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC686252012Rapid Natech Risk Assessment and Mapping Tool for Earthquakes: RAPID-NKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; GIRGIN SERKAN
JRC525742009Rapid population maps for crisis responseZEUG Gunter; KRANZ Olaf; ECKERT Sandra
JRC569792010Rapid Structural Characterization of Human Antibody-Antigen Complexes through Experimentally Validated Computational DockingSIMONELLI L.; BELTRAMELLO Martina; YUDINA Zinaida; MACAGNO Annalisa; CALZOLAI LUIGI; VARANI Luca
JRC227352001Rapid Test for the Preclinical Postmortem Diagnosis of BSE in Central Nervous System Tissue.GRASSI J.; COMOY E.; SIMON S.; CREMINON C.; FROBERT Y.; TRAPMANN Stefanie; SCHIMMEL Heinz; HAWKINS S. a. c.; MOYNAGH James; DESLYS J.p., et al
JRC775502013RAPID-N: Rapid Natech Risk Assessment and Mapping FrameworkGIRGIN SERKAN; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC682472012RAPID-N: Rapid Natech Risk Assessment Tool - User Manual - Version 1.0GIRGIN SERKAN
JRC562522009RapidEye - Initial findings of Geometric Image Quality AnalysisNOWAK Joanna
JRC815462013Rapport de synthèse sur la sécurité alimentaire au Niger à la fin de la saison agricole d’hivernage 2012. Une bonne campagne agricole dans un contexte d’insécurité alimentaire….NKUNZIMANA THARCISSE; LEFAY Olivier; THOMAS ANNE-CLAIRE; URBANO FERDINANDO; MARINHO Eduardo; PEREZ HOYOS ANA; KAYITAKIRE Francois
JRC378262007Rappresentazione SIT di Dati Tecnologici ed Economici delle Industrie Europee della DifesaBERNARDINI ANNALIA; JANSSENS MYRIAM; MASERA MARCELO
JRC414562007Rappresentazione SIT di Dati Tecnologici ed Economici delle Industrie Europee della DifesaBERNARDINI ANNALIA; JANSSENS MYRIAM; MASERA MARCELO
JRC619862010Rare Earth Crystal Field Spectra as a Probe of Librational Motions in BaY2F8 Solid State Laser CrystalsCAPELLETTI R.; BARALDI A.; BUFFAGNI E.; MAGNANI Nicola; MAZZERA M.
JRC41801986Rare Earth Pneumoconiosis: a New CaseSABBIONI Enrico; PIETRA Romano; SULOTTO F.; ROMANO C.; BERRA A.; BOTTA G.c.; RUBINO G.f.
JRC491452008Rare-earth as a Probe of Environmental and Electron-phonon Interaction in Optical Materials: High Resolution Absorption Spectroscopy and Theoretical AnalysisCAPELLETTI R.; BARALDI A.; BUFFAGNI E.; MAGNANI Nicola; MAZZERA M.
JRC559282009Rate Maximization for Multiband OFDM Ultra Wideband Systems Using Adaptive Power and Bit Loading AlgorithmZENG Liaoyuan; MCGRATH Sean; CANO PONS EDUARDO
JRC97831993Rating Criteria for Activated Waste from Fusion ReactorsROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC646762013Ratings and rankings: Voodoo or Science?PARUOLO Paolo; SAISANA Michaela; SALTELLI Andrea
JRC892072014Rational modification of estrogen receptor by combination of computational and experimental analysisFERRERO VALENTINA; PEDOTTI Mattia; CHIADO' Alessandro; SIMONELLI L.; CALZOLAI LUIGI; VARANI Luca; LETTIERI Teresa
JRC313562006Rayspread: a Virtual Laboratory for Rapid BRF Simulations over 3-D Plant CanopiesWIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUC; LAVERGNE Thomas; PINTY BERNARD; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; GOBRON NADINE
JRC160241998Raytran, a Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Model to Compute Light Scattering in 3D Heterogeneous Media.GOVAERTS Yves marie jean paul; VERSTRAETE Michel max albert joseph
JRC226862002RBS, SY-XRF, INAA and ICP-IDMS of Antimony Implanted in Silicon. A Multi-Method Approach to Characterize and Certify a Reference Material.ECKER K.h.; WAETJEN Uwe; BERGER A.; PERSSON Leif; PRITZKOW W.; RADTKE M.; RIESEMEIER H.