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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC804962013The Pipeline of GM Crops for Improved Animal Feed: Challenges for Commercial UseTILLIE PASCAL; DILLEN KOEN; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio; FLACHOWSKY Gerhard
JRC84001991PISC Enters its Final PhaseCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre; HERKENRATH Hans; NICHOLS R.w.
JRC50771987The PISC II RRT Plates and Their Intended DefectsCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre; BORLOO Elie
JRC67441989PISC II: Parametric Studies. Flaw Characterisation Using the TANDEM and TOFD TechniquesMURGATROYD R.a.; HIGHMORE P.j.; BANN T.; BURCH S. f.; RAMSEY A.t.
JRC67531989PISC II: Parametric Studies. Monitoring of PISC II Parametric Studies in Ultrasonic NDT for PWRTOFT M.w.
JRC67401989PISC II: Parametric Studies. Parametric Studies on the Effect of Defect Characteristics on their Detection and Sizing by UltrasoundCERTO M.; COLA T.; MARIANI G.
JRC67431989PISC II: Parametric Studies. The Purpose of the PISC II Parametric Studies ProgrammeCRUTZEN Serge
JRC346552009Piscivory and Trophic Position of Anguilla anguilla in Two Lakes: Importance of Macrozoobenthos DensityDOERNER HENDRIK; SKOV Christian; BERG Soeren; SCHULZE Torsten; BEARE Douglas; VAN DER VELDE Gerard
JRC64401989A Piston Corer for Recovery of Deep Ocean Sediments under PressureSTANNERS David; JAMET Michel
JRC664282011The place of HNV farmland in EU-level indicators for the rural-agrarian landscapePARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; CAPITANI Claudia
JRC264422005Placing Atmospheric Numerical Modelling in the Territory between Social Relativism and Naive Realism.GALMARINI Stefano; STEYN Dow, g.
JRC246242002PLAN, Past, Present and Future.HURST Roger christopher; MC GARRY D.
JRC652842012Planar Motion Estimation and Linear Ground Plane Rectification using an Uncalibrated Generic CameraTADDEI PIERLUIGI; ESPUNY Ferran; CAGLIOTI Vincenzo
JRC916792014Planetary boundaries and chemical pollution: A Grail quest?SALA SERENELLA; SAOUTER ERWAN
JRC117991995Plankton as an Indicator of the Temporal Variation of the Chernobyl FalloutGIANNONI Lorenza; RAVERA Oscar
JRC127961996Planning and Certification of New Multielemental Reference Materials for Research in Antarctica.CAROLI Sergio; SENOFONTE Oreste; CAIMI Stefano; KRAMER Gerard nico
JRC260442004Planning and Combining of Isochronous Studies of CRMs.LINSINGER T.; VAN DER VEEN A.; GAWLIK Bernd; PAUWELS Jean; LAMBERTY Andre
JRC819232013Planning for conservation in the mediterranean sea: an ecoregional approachGIAKOUMI Sylvain; GEROVASILEIOU Vassilis; SINI Maria; MAZOR Tessa; BEHER J.; POSSINGHAM Hugh; CINAR M.e.; DENDRINOS P.; GUCU A.; KARAMANLIDIS A., et al
JRC411582008Plant Associated Invertebrates and Hydrological Balance in the Large Volcanic Lake Bracciano (Central Italy) During Two Years with Different Water LevelsMASTRANTUONO Luciana; SOLIMINI ANGELO; NOGES PEETER; BAZZANTI M.
JRC717032012A plant ecology approach to digital soil mapping, improving the prediction of soil organic carbon content in alpine grasslandsBALLABIO CRISTIANO; FAVA Francesco; ROSENMUND Alexandra