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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC839162013Potential water saving through changes in European dietsVANHAM DAVY; HOEKSTRA Arjen Y.; BIDOGLIO Giovanni
JRC486482009Potentiality of Feed-forward Neural Networks for Classifying Dark Formations to Oil Spills and Look-alikesTOPOUZELIS Konstantinos; KARATHANASSI Vassilia; PAVLAKIS PETROS; ROKOS Demetrios
JRC432982008Potentials of a Harmonised Database for Agricultural Market ModellingVERHOOG David; HEIDEN Michael; SALAMON Petra; DOL Wietse; GODESCHALK Frans; GAY STEPHAN; MUELLER MARC; SANTUCCIO Federica
JRC684202011Potentials of quantitative and qualitative approaches to assessing ecosystem servicesMALTE Busch; LA NOTTE ALESSANDRA; LAPORTE Valerie; ERHARD Markus
JRC723042012Potenziale distribuzione geografica e sviluppo fenologico della Sesamia del mais (Sesamia nonagrioides) in condizioni di cambiamento climatico in EuropaMAIORANO ANDREA; DONATELLI Marcello
JRC61251989Potenzialita' e Limiti delle Intercalibrazioni Chimiche in Campo LimnologicoMARENGO Giuseppe; MOSELLO R.; CAMUSSO M.; BARBIERI A.; RIGHETTI G.
JRC86001992Pouring of 100 kg-Scale Molten UO2 into SodiumHOHMANN Hermann
JRC41611986Pouring of Molten UO2, UC and Al2O3 in Sodium: Interactions and Debris; Theoretical AnalysisGIULIANI Silvano; GUNNERSON R.s.
JRC354892007Power Distribution Systems in Europe: Present Status and Challenges towards a further Integration of Distributed GenerationFULLI GIANLUCA; L'ABBATE ANGELO; PETEVES ESTATHIOS
JRC621892011Power Electronics Evolution in Wind Turbines - A Market-based AnalysisLLORENTE IGLESIAS Rosario; LACAL ARANTEGUI ROBERTO; AGUADO ALONSO Mónica
JRC793962014The power of biomass: experts disclose the potential for success of bioenergy technologiesFIORESE GIULIA; CATENACCI Michela; VERDOLINI Elena; BOSETTI Valentina
JRC698782012Power Rating of Photovoltaic Modules Including Validation of Procedures to Implement IEC 61853-1 on Solar Simulators and under Natural SunlightVIGANO' Davide; SALIS ELENA; BARDIZZA GIORGIO; PERIN GASPARIN Fabiano; ZAAIMAN Willem; MUELLEJANS Harald; KENNY Robert
JRC734742013Power rating of photovoltaic modules including validation of procedures to implement IEC 61853-1 on solar simulators and under natural sunlightKENNY Robert; VIGANÒ DAVIDE; SALIS ELENA; BARDIZZA GIORGIO; NORTON MATTHEW; MUELLEJANS Harald; ZAAIMAN Willem
JRC685842012Power System Flexibility With Electricity Storage Technologies: a Technical-economic Assessment of a Large-scale Storage FacilityLOISEL Rodica
JRC557062011A Power-Rating Model for Crystalline Silicon PV ModulesHULD Thomas; FRIESEN Gabi; SKOCZEK Artur; KENNY Robert; SAMPLE Tony; FIELD Michael; DUNLOP Ewan
JRC410572008PRA-Type Study Adapted to the Multi-crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells Manufacture ProcessCOLLI ALESSANDRA; SERBANESCU DAN; ALE Ben
JRC369242007Practical Aspects of the Uncertainty and Traceability of Spectrochemical Measurement Results by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption SpectrometryDUTA STELUTA; BARBU Luminita; ROBOUCH PIOTR; TAYLOR PHILIP
JRC126871995Practical Aspects of the Validation of Toxicity Test ProceduresBALLS Michael; BLAAUBOER Bas j.; FENTEM Julia helen; BRUNER Leon; COMBES Robert d.; EKWALL Bjorn; FIELDER Robin; GUILLONZO Andre; LEWIS Richard; LOVELL David, et al
JRC880882014A practical example of the challenges of biota monitoring under the Water Framework DirectiveLAVA ROBERTO; MAJOROS Laszlo; DOSIS IOANNIS; RICCI Marina
JRC590262010Practical Examples on Traceability, Measurement Uncertainty and Validation in Chemistry, volume 1BENEDIK Ljudmila; DUTA Steluta; HERODES Koit; INKRET Monika; KMETOV Veselin; KUENNAPAS Allan; LEITO Ivo; MAGNUSSON Bertil; REPINC Urska; TAYLOR Philip, et al