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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC370932007The Potential Disruptive Impact of Internet 2 Based TechnologiesPASCU Corina; OSIMO DAVID; TURLEA Geomina; ULBRICH MARTIN; BURGELMAN JEAN-CLAUDE
JRC701592012Potential distribution and phenological development of the Mediterranean Corn Borer (Sesamia nonagrioides) under warming climate in EuropeMAIORANO ANDREA; DONATELLI Marcello; FUMAGALLI Davide
JRC722992012Potential distribution and phenological development of the Mediterranean Corn Borer (Sesamia nonagrioides) under warming climate in EuropeMAIORANO ANDREA; DONATELLI Marcello
JRC245542001The Potential Drop Method for Monitoring Crack Growth in Real Components Subject to Combined Fatigue and Creep Conditions. Application of FE Techniques for Deriving Calibration Curves.GANDOSSI Luca; SUMMERS S.a.; TAYLOR Nigel; HURST Roger christopher; HULM B.j.; PARKER J.d.
JRC622792011Potential feeding and spawning habitats of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean SeaDRUON Jean-Noel; FROMENTIN J.-M.; AULANIER F.; HEIKKONEN Jukka
JRC417042007Potential Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping at Pan-European ScaleDE ROO ARIE; BARREDO CANO JOSE'; LAVALLE CARLO; BODIS KATALIN; BONK Rado
JRC310402005Potential for Improvement of a Neutron-producing Target for Time-of-flight MeasurementsFLASKA Marek; PLOMPEN ARJAN; MONDELAERS WILLY; LATHOUWERS Danny; VAN DER HAGEN Tim; VAN DAM Hugo
JRC614602011The Potential for Improvements in Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions in the EU27 Cement Industry and the Relationship with the Capital Budgeting Decision CriteriaMOYA RIVERA JOSE ANTONIO; PARDO GARCIA NICOLAS; MERCIER Arnaud
JRC730442013The potential for improvements in energy efficiency and CO2 emissions in the EU27 iron and steel industry under different payback periodsMOYA RIVERA JOSE ANTONIO; PARDO GARCIA NICOLAS
JRC433042007Potential for the Near-Term Use of the Thorium Cycle in a Sustainable WayTUCEK KAMIL; CARLSSON JOHAN; WIDER HARTMUT
JRC606622010Potential Iimpacts of a Turkish EU-membership on Agri-food MarketsSALAMON Petra; VAN LEEUWEN Myrna; TABEAU Andrzej; KOÇ Ali; BÖLÜK Gülden; FELLMANN THOMAS
JRC671792011The Potential Impact of Banking Crises on Public Finances: An Assessment of Selected EU Countries Using SYMBOLCAMPOLONGO Francesca; MARCHESI Massimo; DE LISA Riccardo
JRC431032008Potential Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystems of the Barents Sea RegionRODERFELD Hedwig; BLYTH Eleanor; DANKERS RUTGER; HUSE Geir; SLAGSTAD Dag; ELLINGSEN Ingrid; WOLF Annett; LANGE Manfred A.
JRC533902009Potential Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Electric Supply System. A Case Study for the Province of Milan, ItalyPERUJO MATEOS DEL PARQUE Adolfo; CIUFFO BIAGIO
JRC686492012The Potential Impact of HTR and Nuclear Cogeneration in the European Energy Policy ContextFUETTERER Michael; CARLSSON Johan; DE GROOT Sander; DEFFRENNES Marc; BREDIMAS Alexandre
JRC522552009Potential Impact of Tsunamis on an Oil Refinery in Southern ItalyCRUZ Ana maria; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; FRANCHELLO Giovanni
JRC900892014Potential impacts on accessibility and consumer surplus of improvements of the European railway systemROTOLI FRANCESCO; CHRISTIDIS Panayotis; VANNACCI LORENZO; LÓPEZ RUIZ HÉCTOR GUILLERMO; NAVAJAS CAWOOD Elena; IBANEZ RIVAS JUAN
JRC606632011Potential impacts on agricultural commodity markets of an EU enlargement to TurkeyVAN LEEUWEN Myrna; SALAMON Petra; FELLMANN THOMAS; KOÇ Ali; BÖLÜK Gülden; TABEAU Andrzej; ESPOSTI Roberto; BONFIGLIO Andrea; LOBIANCO Antonello; HANRAHAN Kevin, et al
JRC959142015Potential improvement for forest cover and forest degradation mapping with the forthcoming sentinel-2 programHOJAS GASCÓN LORENA; BELWARD Alan; EVA Hugh; CECCHERINI GUIDO; HAGOLLE Olivier; GARCIA J.; CERUTTI Paolo