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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC178931999Morphologies and Corrosion Properties of Zn-Al and Zn-Fe Coating.BAKER M.; GISSLER Wolfram; KLOSE Stefan; TRAMPERT Markus
JRC832182014Morphology and mobility of synthetic colloidal aggregatesMELAS Anastasios D.; ISELLA Lorenzo; KONSTANDOPOULOS A.; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC278772003Morphometric Analysis and Tectonic Interpretation of Digital Terrain Data. A Case Study.JORDAN G.
JRC594062011Morphometry and trophic state modify the thermal response of lakes to meteorological forcingNOGES Peeter; NOGES Tiina; GHIANI Michela; PARACCHINI Bruno; PINTO GRANDE Joaquin; SENA Fabrizio
JRC211172002A Mortar Spectral/Finite Element Method for Complex 2D and 3D Elastodynamic Problems.CASADEI Folco; GABELLINI E.; FOTIA G.; MAGGIO F.; QUARTERONI A.
JRC177361999MoS2 Nanoparticle Formation in a Low Pressure Environment.ROSSI Francois; CECCONE Giacomo; HASNAOUI Rachid; STOFFELS Winfred; STOFFELS Ewa; KEUNE Hartmut
JRC492462008Mosaic of Landscapes and FragmentationESTREGUIL Christine; LARSSON T.b.
JRC493702008The Most Detailed Portrait of EarthARINO Olivier; BICHERON Patrice; ACHARD Frederic; LATHAM John; WITT Ron; WEBER Jean-Louis
JRC860662013MOSYSS Project - Monitoring SYstem of Soils at multiScale. Monitoring system of physical, chemical and biological soil parameters in relation to forest and agricultural land management.TIBERI Mauro; CIABOCCO Giovanni; BERNACCONI Cristina; BAMPA Francesca; DUNBAR MARTHA BONNET; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC888482014Motivation Behind Researchers’ Participation in Formal Networking Research Projects Funded by the European UnionRAKHMATULLIN RUSLAN; BRENNAN Louis
JRC894202015A mountain food label for Europe? The role of food labelling and certification in delivering sustainable development in European Mountain RegionsMC MORRAN Robert; SANTINI Fabien; GURI FATMIR; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; PRICE Martin; BEUCHERIE Olivier; MONTICELLI Christine; ROUBY Alexia; VITROLLES Delphine; CLOYE Guillaume
JRC516542008Movements of the Sciara del FuocoBONFORTE Alessandro; ALOISI Marco; ANTONELLO Giuseppe; CASAGLI Nicola; FORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim; GUERRI Letizia; NUNNARI Giuseppe; PUGLISI Giuseppe; SPATA Alessandro; TARCHI Dario
JRC755952012Moving battery testing forwardWESTGEEST Alfons; BRETT Lois; PFRANG Andreas
JRC587322011Moving Forward in Human Cancer Risk AssessmentPAULES Richard S.; AUBRECHT Jiri; CORVI Raffaella; GARTHOFF Bernward; KLENJANS Jos
JRC1054092017Moving forward socio-economically focused models of deforestationDEZÉCACHE Camille; SALLES Jean-Michel; VIEILLEDENT GHISLAIN; HÉRAULT Bruno
JRC904312015Moving from the ENVIFOOD Protocol to harmonized Product Category Rules and reference data: current and future challenges of the European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round TableMARTIN Nicolas; BAUER Christian; BLOMSMA Coen; DE CAMILLIS Camillo; LOPEZ Patricia; LUNDQUIST Lars; PAPAGRIGORAKI Anna; PENNINGTON David; SAOUTER ERWAN; SCHENKER Urs, et al
JRC378432007Moving Targets Velocity and Direction Estimation by Using a Single Optical VHR Satellite ImageryPESARESI MARTINO; GUTJAR K.h.; PAGOT ELODIE
JRC962132015Moving toward quantifying reliability - the next step in a rapidly maturing PV industryKURTZ Sarah; SAMPLE Tony; WOHLGEMUTH John; ZHOU Wei; BOSCO Nick; ALTHAUS Joerg; PHILLIPS Nancy; DECEGLIE Michael; FLUECKIGER Chris; HACKE Peter, et al
JRC330302006Mössbauer Spectrometry Applied to Soft Magnetic Alloys Influenced by External FactorsDEGMOVA JARMILA
JRC529132010mRNA Expression is a Relevant Tool to Identify Developmental Neurotoxicants Using an In Vitro ApproachHOGBERG Helena; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; COECKE Sandra; HARTUNG Thomas; PRICE Anna