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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC322562005Probabilistic Analysis and Material Characterisation of Canister Insert for Spent Nuclear Fuel. Summary ReportANDERSSON Claes-Goeran; ANDERSSON Mats; BJOERKEGREN Lars-Erik; DILLSTROEM Peter; ERIXON Bo; MINNEBO PHILIP; NILSSON KARL-FREDRIK; NILSSON Fred
JRC1060802017Probabilistic analysis of steel columns under blast induced loadsKARLOS VASILEIOS; SOLOMOS GEORGE; LARCHER MARTIN
JRC506722010Probabilistic and Deterministic Safety Assessment Quantification MethodsCONTRI Paolo; RODIONOV Andriy
JRC324792005Probabilistic ApplicationSEVINI FILIPPO; FAIDY C.; KARZOV George; LOTT R.
JRC649662011A Probabilistic Approach of Thermal Fatigue Crack Growth in Nuclear PipingRADU Vasile; PAFFUMI Elena; NILSSON Karl-Fredrik
JRC648322011A probabilistic approach to river network detection in digital elevation modelsPOGGIO Laura; SOILLE Pierre
JRC291872005Probabilistic Fracture Model to Correlate Failure Strain with the Microstructure of Large Cast Iron Components.NILSSON K.f.; BLAGOEVA D.
JRC897782014A probabilistic framework for improved password strength metricsGALBALLY HERRERO JAVIER; COISEL IWEN; SANCHEZ MARTIN JOSE IGNACIO
JRC996482015Probabilistic gas transmission network simulator and application to the EU gas transmission systemKOPUSTINSKAS Vytis; PRAKS PAVEL
JRC306202006A Probabilistic Methodology to Determine Acceptance Criteria and Failure Probabilities for the KBS-3 Ductile Cast Iron InsertsNILSSON KARL-FREDRIK; MINNEBO PHILIP; ANDERSSON Claes-Goeran; NILSSON Fred; DILLSTROEM Peter; ANDERSSON Mats
JRC351072008A Probabilistic Methodology to Determine Failure Probabilities and Acceptance Criteria for the KBS-3 Inserts under Ice-Age Load ConditionsNILSSON KARL-FREDRIK; NILSSON Fred; DILLSTROEM Peter
JRC333062006A Probabilistic Methodology to Determine Failure Probabilities and Acceptance Criteria for the KBS-3 Inserts under Ice-Age Load ConditionsDILLSTROEM Peter; ANDERSSON Claes-Goeran; NILSSON Fred; ANDERSSON Mats; MINNEBO PHILIP; BJOERKEGREN Lars-Erik; ERIXON Bo; NILSSON KARL-FREDRIK
JRC961002015Probabilistic modelling of security of supply in gas networks and evaluation of new infrastructurePRAKS PAVEL; KOPUSTINSKAS Vytis; MASERA Marcelo
JRC961012015Probabilistic modelling of the effect of new gas infrastructure to security of supplyPRAKS PAVEL; KOPUSTINSKAS Vytis
JRC313312005Probabilistic Reliability Assessment for Complex Systems in the Absence of Operating Experience DataKIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC172391998Probe Coherence Volume and the Interpretation of Scattering Experiments.BERNHOEFT N.; HIESS Arno; LANGRIDGE Sean; STUNAULT A.; WERMEILLE D.; VETTIER C.; LANDER Gerard heath; HUTH M.; JORDAN M.; ADRIAN H.
JRC629982011Probing Ab-/desorption of Deuterium in Hydrogen Storage Materials with Neutron Diffraction In-situDOLCI FRANCESCO; WEIDNER Eveline; HOELZEL Markus; MORETTO Pietro; LOHSTROH Wiebke
JRC444332008Probing Elasticity and Adhesion of Live Cells by Atomic Force Microscopy IndentationSIRGHI LUCEL; PONTI JESSICA; ROSSI FRANCOIS; BROGGI F.
JRC344112005Probing Orbital Order with Soft X-rays - the Case of the ManganitesWILKINS S.b.; BEALE T.a.w.; HATTON P.d.; PURTON P.d.; BENCOK P.; PRABHAKARAN D.; BOOTHROYD A.t.
JRC206522001Probing the 4p Electron-Spin Polarisation in NiONEUBECK W.; VETTIER C.; DE BERGEVIN F.; YAKHOU F.; MANNIX D.; BENGONE O.; ALOUANI M.; BARBIER A.