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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC98521993Prediction of Ammonia Releases Using ADREA-HF CodeWUERTZ Jorgen
JRC792582013Prediction of dose-hepatotoxic response in humans based on toxicokinetic/toxicodynamic modeling with or without in vivo data: A case study with acetaminophenPERY Alexandre; BROCHOT Céline; ZEMAN Florence; MOMBELLI E; DESMOTS Sophie; PAVAN Manuela; FIORAVANZO Elena; ZALDIVAR COMENGES José M
JRC315522006Prediction of Estrogenicity: Validation of a Classification ModelGALLEGOS SALINER Ana; NETZEVA TATIANA; WORTH ANDREW
JRC469442008Prediction of Fission Mass Yield Distributions Based on Cross-Section EvaluationsHAMBSCH Franz-Josef
JRC246462005Prediction of Fission Mass Yield Distributions Based on Cross-Section Evaluations.HAMBSCH F.-j.; VLADUCA G.; TUDORA A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; RUSKOV Ivan
JRC325372005Prediction of Fission Mass-Yield Distributions based on Cross Section CalculationsHAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF; VLADUCA Gheorghita; TUDORA Anabella; OBERSTEDT STEPHAN; RUSKOV IVAN
JRC339562005Prediction of Irradiation Embrittlement in WWER-440 Reactor Pressure Vessel MaterialsDEBARBERIS LUIGI; KRYUKOV A.; KUPCA Ludovit; VALO MATTI; GILLEMOT F.; BRUMOVSKY M.
JRC642692011Prediction of Irradiation Embrittlement of Vanadium Alloyed Low Nickel Steel for Future ReactorsKRYUKOV ALEXANDER; DEBARBERIS Luigi; HAEHNER Peter; GILLEMOT F.; OSZWALD Ferenc
JRC353832007Prediction of Sea Surface Temperatures in the Western Mediterranean Sea by Neural Networks using Satellite ObservationsGARCIA GORRIZ ELISA; GARCIA-SANCHEZ Joan
JRC370962007Prediction of Sea Surface Temperatures in the Western Mediterranean Sea by Neural Networks using Satellite ObservationsGARCIA GORRIZ ELISA; GARCIA SANCHEZ JOAN
JRC808052013Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon at the European Scale by Visible and Near InfraRed Reflectance SpectroscopySTEVENS Antoine; NOCITA MARCO; TOTH Gergely; MONTANARELLA Luca; van Wesemael Bas
JRC808042014Prediction of soil organic carbon content by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy using a local partial least square regression approachNOCITA MARCO; STEVENS Antoine; TOTH Gergely; PANAGOS Panagiotis; van Wesemael Bas; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC769762012Prediction of soil organic carbon for different levels of soil moisture using Vis-NIR spectroscopyNOCITA MARCO; STEVENS Antoine; NOON Carole; van Wesemael Bas
JRC652212011Prediction of spatial patterns of collapsed pipes in loess-derived soils in a temperate humid climate using logistic regressionVERACHTERT Els; VAN DEN EECKHAUT MIET; POESEN Jean; GOVERS Gerard; DECKERS Jozef
JRC132191996Prediction of the Creep Behaviour of a 21Cr-11Ni-0.17N Steel Based on Constant Stress Creep TestsGARIBOLDI E.; STAMM Hermann
JRC114541995Predictions for Existing Chemicals. A Multilateral QSAR ProjectVAN LEEUWEN Cees; WAGNER Pauline; AUER Charles
JRC923332017Predictions of characteristics of prompt-fission γ -ray spectra from the n + 238U reaction up to En = 20 MeVOBERSTEDT A.; BILLNERT ROBERT; OBERSTEDT STEPHAN
JRC755382013Predictions of Runoff Hydrographs in Ungauged BasinsPARAJKA Juraj; ANDREASSIAN Vazken; ARCHFIELD Stacey A.; BÁRDOSSY Andras; CHIEW Francis; DUAN Qingyun; GELFAN Alexander; HLAVČOVÁ Kamila; MERZ Ralf; MCINTYRE Neil, et al
JRC1071472017Predictive power of remote sensing versus temperature-derived variables in modelling phenology of herbivorous insectsPÖYRY JUHA; BÖTTCHER KRISTIN; FRONZEK STEFAN; GOBRON NADINE; LEINONEN REIMA; METSÄMÄKI SARI; VIRKKALA RAIMO
JRC882392013Predictive Toxicology of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles: comparative in-vitro study of different cellular models using methods of knowledge discovery from dataHOREV-AZARIA Limor; BALDI Giovanni; BENO Delila; BONACCHI Daniele; GOLLA-SCHINDLER Ute; KIRKPATRICK James C; KOLLE Susanne; LANDSIEDEL Robert; MAIMON Oded; MARCHE Patrice N, et al