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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC274982004Population Exposure to Atmospheric Ozone in the European Capital Cities of Athens, Paris, Rome and their Surroundings.KALABOKAS P.d.; KOTZIAS Dimitrios
JRC317332006Population Exposure to Benzene: One Day Cross Sections in Six European CitiesPEREZ BALLESTA PASCUAL; FIELD Robert; BAEZA-CARACENA Antonia; CONNOLLY RICHARD; CAO NATALE; DE SAEGER EMILE
JRC582962010Population Growth and Its Expression in Spatial Built-up Patterns: The Sana'a, Yemen Case StudyZEUG Gunter; ECKERT Sandra
JRC577082010¿Por qué (no) participan los agricultores en programas agroambientales?ESPINOSA GODED MARIA; BARREIRO-HURLÉ Jesús; DUPRAZ Pierre
JRC49811987Pore Volume and Pore Size Distribution of Cement Samples Measured by a Modified Mercury Intrusion PorosimeterZAMORANI Edmondo; BLANCHARD Herve
JRC498172008Pork Barrel Politics in Postwar Italy, 1953-1994GOLDEN Miriam; PICCI Lucio
JRC624842011Porównanie Klasyfikacji Wieloczasowych zdjec Satelitarnych MODIS Comparison of Multi-Temporal Classification of MODIS Satellite DataLEWINSKA KATARZYNA
JRC610472010Port Security in EU: a Systemic ApproachANDRITSOS Fivos; MOSCONI MASSIMO
JRC588472010A Port Waterside Security Systemic AnalysisGARNIER BERNARD; ANDRITSOS Fivos
JRC149441998Portability of the Calibration of SIR of BIPM to Other Ionization Chambers for Radioactivity Measurements.WOODS M.j.; SIMPSON B.r.s.; RATEL G.
JRC316152005Portable Device for Characterizing the Angular Response of UV SpectroradiometersBAIS Alkiviadis F.; KAZADZIS Stylianos; GARANE Katerina; KOUREMETI Natalia; GROEBNER Julian; BLUMTHALER Mario; SECKMEYER Gunther; WEBB Ann R.; KOSKELA Tapani; GORTS Peter, et al
JRC58021988Portable Electronic Load for Field Measurements of Photovoltaic SystemsBLAESSER Gerd; ZAAIMAN Willem; OSSENBRINK Heinz
JRC265122003Portevin-LeChatelier Effect in Strain and Stress Controlled Tensile Tests.KLOSE Frank; ZIEGENBEIN A.; WEIDENMUELLER J.; NEUHAEUSER H.; HAEHNER Johannes peter
JRC577982010Portfolio Insurances, CPPI and CPDO, truth or illusion?JOOSSENS Elisabeth; SCHOUTENS Wim
JRC272502004Portfolio of Earth Observation Based Indicators for Biodiversity and Nature ProtectionESTREGUIL Christine mary; CERRUTI Marco
JRC677342011Portugal numa Europa que se quer MultilingueDE SOUSA LOBO BORGES DE ARAUJO LUISA
JRC931502015Portuguese Man-of-War (Physalia physalis) in the Mediterranean: A permanent invasion or a casual appearance?PRIETO Laura; MACIAS MOY DIEGO; PELIZ Alvaro; RUIZ Javier
JRC207552001The Positional delta(18-O) Values of Extracted and Synthetic Vanillin.FRONZA Giovanni; FUGANTI Claudio; SERRA Stefano; BURKE Andrew; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; RENIERO Fabiano
JRC527542009Positive Matrix Factorisation (PMF) - An Introduction to the Chemometric Evaluation of Environmental Monitoring Data Using PMFCOMERO Sara; CAPITANI Luisa; GAWLIK Bernd
JRC657662011Positive plus negative feedback loops as an energetic efficient control in molecular systemsZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'; STROZZI F.