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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC789552012Multi-Disciplinary Forest Fire Danger Assessment in Europe: The Potential to Integrate Long-Term Drought InformationHOFER Barbara; CARRÃO Hugo; MCINERNEY Daniel
JRC411702007"Multi-Dynamic" Isotope Ratio Measurements for Uranium and Plutonium using the "Multiple Ion Counting" Detection System of the TRITON TIMS at IRMMRICHTER STEPHAN; JAKOPIC ROZLE; BENEDIK LJUDMILA; STOLARZ ANNA; KIPS RUTH; WELLUM Roger
JRC75791991The Multi-fractal Nature of Radioactivity Deposition on Soil after the Chernobyl AccidentGRAZIANI Giovanni
JRC1050032016Multi-gas and multi-source comparisons of six land use emission datasets and AFOLU estimates in the Fifth Assessment Report, for the tropics for 2000–2005ROMAN CUESTA Rosa Maria; HEROLD Martin; RUFINO Mariana; ROSENSTOCK Todd; HOUGHTON R. A.; ROSSI Simone; BUTTERBACH-BAHL K.; Ogle Stephen; POULTER Benjamin; VERCHOT Louis, et al
JRC307702005Multi-gas Assessment of Environmental Policies on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas and Ammonia Emissions in EuropeLEIP ADRIAN; PEREZ IGNACIO; BRITZ WOLFGANG
JRC823022013A multi-hazard regional level impact assessment for Europe combining indicators of climatic and non-climatic changeLUNG TOBIAS; LAVALLE Carlo; HIEDERER Roland; DOSIO Alessandro; BOUWER Laurens M.
JRC379532007Multi-k Magnetic Structures in USb0.9Te0.1 and UAs0.8Se0.2 Observed Via Resonant x-Ray Scattering at the U M4 EdgeDETLEFS B.; WILKINS S.b.; JAVORSKY Pavel; BLACKBURN Elizabeth; LANDER Gerard
JRC688832012Multi-label Eurovoc classification for Eastern and Southern EU languagesEBRAHIM MOHAMED; EHRMANN MAUD; TURCHI MARCO; STEINBERGER Ralf
JRC1011762016A multi-laboratory evaluation of microelectrode array-based measurements of neural network activity for acute neurotoxicity testingVASSALLO Andrea; CHIAPPALONE Michela; DE CAMARGOS LOPES Ricardo; SCELFO BIBIANA; NOVELLINO Antonio; DEFRANCHI Enrico; PALOSAARI Taina; WEISSCHU Timo; RAMIREZ Tzutzuy; MARTINOIA Sergio, et al
JRC828132014Multi-layer 235UF4-6LiF-Au targets for high-resolution fission fragment measurementsSIBBENS Goedele; MOENS Andre; VANLEEUW DAVID; EYKENS Roger; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC680602011A multi-level framework for ICT-enabled governance: assessing the non-technical dimensions of 'government openness'MISURACA GIANLUCA; ALFANO Giuseppe; VISCUSI Gianluigi
JRC643292011Multi-level Interoperability for ICT-enabled governance: a framework for assessing value drivers and implications for European policiesMISURACA GIANLUCA; ALFANO Giuseppe; VISCUSI Gianluigi
JRC698562012Multi-level stock–recruit analysis: Beyond steepness and into model uncertaintyHILLARY Richard; LEVONTIN Polina; KUIKKA Sakari; MANTENIEMI Samu; MOSQUEIRA SANCHEZ IAGO; KELL Laurence T.
JRC404642008Multi-Method Global Sensitivity Analysis of Flood Inundation ModelsPAPPENBERGER Florian; BEVEN Keith; RATTO MARCO; MATGEN Patrick
JRC416032009Multi-Metric Evaluation of the Models WARM, CropSyst, and WOFOST for RiceCONFALONIERI ROBERTO; ACUTIS Marco; BELLOCCHI GIANNI; DONATELLI Marcello
JRC596822010A Multi-Model Analysis of Vertical Ozone ProfilesJONSON J.e.; STOHL Andreas; FIORE A. M.; HESS Peter; SZOPA S.; WILD Oliver; ZENG G.; DENTENER Franciscus; LUPU Alexandru; SCHULTZ Martin, et al
JRC454722008A Multi-Model Assessment of Pollution Transport to the ArcticSHINDELL D. T.; MIAN Chin; DENTENER FRANCISCUS; DOHERTY R. M.; FALUVEGI G.; FIORE A. M.; HESS P.; KOCH D. M.; MACKENZIE I. A.; SANDERSON M. G., et al
JRC988072016A multi-model assessment of the co-benefits of climate mitigation for global air qualityRAO Shilpa; KLIMONT Zbigniew; LEITAO ALEXANDRE JOANA; RIAHI Keywan; VAN DINGENEN Rita; ALELUIA REIS Lara; CALVIN Katherine; DENTENER Franciscus; DROUET Laurent; FUJIMORI Shinichiro, et al