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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC145521997Progress Toward the Validation of Alternative TestsBALLS Michael; FENTEM Julia helen
JRC127181997Progress toward the Validation of Alternative Tests.BALLS Michael; FENTEM Julia helen
JRC379702008Progress Towards the Determination of the Relationship of Triple-Point Temperature versus Isotopic Composition of NeonPAVESE F.; FELLMUTH B.; HILL K.D.; HEAD D.; HERMIER Y.; LIPINSKI L.; NAKANO T.; PERUZZI A.; SAKURAI H.; SMYRKA-GRZEBYK A., et al
JRC765412012Progress towards the development of a new GANEX processKATIE Bell; CARPENTIER C; CARROTT Michael; GEIST Andreas; GREGSON C; HERES Xavier; MAGNUSSON Daniel; MALMBECK Rikard; MCLACHLAN Fiona; MODOLO G., et al
JRC516692009Progresses in the Establishment of the Portuguese Tsunami Warning SystemANNUNZIATO Alessandro; CARRILHO Fernando; MATIAS Luis; BAPTISTA Maria Ana; OMIRA Rachid
JRC180011999Project 650/93/97 of the Commission on Food Chemistry: IUPAC Collaborative Trial Study of a Method to Detect the Presence of Genetically Modified Soy Beans and Maize in Food Raw Materials.LIPP Markus; BRODMANN P.; PIETSCH K.; PAUWELS Jean; ANKLAM Elke
JRC426592008Project H-22: Synthesis and HYDROGEN SORPTION characterisation of magnesium-rich compounds with transition metalsANDERSSON Yvonne; FILIOU CONSTANTINA
JRC496972009Project H-22: Synthesis and Hydrogen Sorption Characterisation of Magnesium-Rich Compounds with Transition MetalsANDERSSON Yvonne; FILIOU Constantina
JRC347042006Project HC-15 - Performance Characterisation of Solid-state Hydrogen Storage MaterialsBROOM Darren; FILIOU CONSTANTINA; MORETTO PIETRO
JRC706622012Project MIMYCS: a simulation model system for simulating mycotoxin contamination in maize grain in EuropeMAIORANO ANDREA; DONATELLI Marcello
JRC286252005Projected Changes in Mineral Oil Carbon of European Forests, 1990-2100.SMITH P.; SMITH Jo; WATTENBACH Martin; MEYER Jeannette; LINDNER Marcus; ZAEHLE S.; HIEDERER Roland; JONES R.j.a.; MONTANARELLA Luca; ROUNSEVELL Mark d. a., et al
JRC324532005Projected Changes in Mineral Soil Carbon of European Croplands and Graslands, 1990-2008SMITH Jo; ZAEHLE Sonke; HIEDERER ROLAND; MONTANARELLA LUCA; REGINSTER Isabelle; EWERT Frank
JRC924512014Projected changes on surface currents patterns in the Mediterranean for the 21st centuryMACIAS MOY DIEGO; STIPS Adolf; GARCIA GORRIZ Elisa
JRC53891988Projected Materials Requirements for the Next European Torus and for Longterm Tokamak Based DEMO FUSION DevicesSCHILLER Peter; NIHOUL J.
JRC551492009Projecting Future Burnt Area in the EU-Mediterranean Countries under IPCC SRES A2/B2 Climate Change ScenariosAMATULLI Giuseppe; CAMIA Andrea; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC818842013Projection of occurrence of extreme dry-wet years and seasons in Europe with stationary and non-stationary Standardized Precipitation IndicesRUSSO SIMONE; DOSIO Alessandro; STERL Andreas; BARBOSA FERREIRA Paulo; VOGT Juergen
JRC998882017Projection of temperature and heat waves for Africa with an ensemble of CORDEX Regional Climate Models.DOSIO ALESSANDRO
JRC674072012Projection of the Future EU Forest CO2 Sink as Affected by Recent Bioenergy Policies Using Two Advanced Forest Management ModelsBOTTCHER Hannes; VERKERK Hans; GUSTI Mykola; HAVLIK Peter; GRASSI Giacomo
JRC984332016Projections of climate change indices of temperature and precipitation from an ensemble of bias-adjusted high-resolution EURO-CORDEX regional climate modelsDOSIO Alessandro
JRC968862016Projections of extreme storm surge levels along EuropeVOUSDOUKAS MICHAIL; VOUKOUVALAS EVANGELOS; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro; GIARDINO Alessio; FEYEN Luc