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JRC418822008Measurement of the 236U(n,f) Cross Section in the Neutron Energy Range from 0.5 eV up to 25 keVWAGEMANS Cyriel; DE SMET Liesbeth; VERMOTE S.; VAN GILS Jaak; SEROT Olivier; HEYSE J.
JRC920212014Measurement of the 238U radiative capture cross section with C6D6 at the CERN n_ TOF facilityMINGRONE F.; MASSIMI C.; ALTSTADT S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; AUDOUIN L.; BARBAGALLO M.; BECARES V.; Becvár F.; BELLONI F.; BERTHOUMIEUX E., et al
JRC1107132017Measurement of the 238U(n,γ) cross section up to 80 keV with the Total Absorption Calorimeter at the CERN n_TOF facilityWRIGHT T. J.; GUERRERO C.; BILLOWES J.; CANO-OTT D.; MENDOZA E.; ALTSTADT S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; AUDOUIN L.; BECARES V.; BARBAGALLO M., et al
JRC1087372017Measurement of the 240Pu(n,f) cross-section at the CERN n_TOF facility: First results from experimental area II (EAR-2)STAMATOPOULOS A.; TSINGANIS A.; COLONNA N.; VLASTOU R.; KOKKORIS M.; SCHILLEBEECKX PETER; PLOMPEN ARJAN; HEYSE JAN; ZUGEC P.; BARBAGALLO M., et al
JRC920242014Measurement of the 241Am and the 243Am neutron capture cross sections at the n_TOF Facility at CERNMENDOZA E.; CANO-OTT D.; GUERRERO C.; ALTSTADT S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; AUDOUIN L.; BARBAGALLO M.; BECARES V.; Becvár F.; BELLONI F., et al
JRC355752006Measurement of the 241Am(n, 2n) Reaction Cross Section, by the Activation MethodPERDIKAKIS G.; PAPADOPOULOS C.t.; VLASTOU R.; LAGOYANNIS A.; SPYROU A.; KOKKORIS M.; GALANOPOULOS S.; PATRONIS N.; KARAMANIS D.; ZARKADAS Ch., et al
JRC920232014Measurement of the 242Pu(n,f) cross section at the CERN n_TOF facilityTSINGANIS A.; BERTHOUMIEUX E.; GUERRERO C.; COLONNA N.; CALVIANI M.; VLASTOU R.; ANDRIAMONJE S.; VLACHOUDIS V.; GUNSING F.; MASSIMI C., et al
JRC1007062016Measurement of the 477.6-keV γ-ray production cross section following inelastic neutron scattering by 7LiNYMAN MARKUS; BELLONI FRANCESCA; ICHINKHORLOO D.; PIROVANO ELISA; PLOMPEN Arjan; ROUKI CHARIKLIA
JRC842822014Measurement of the 54,57Fe(n,gamma) cross section in the resolved resonance region at CERN n_TOFGIUBRONE G.; DOMINGO-PARDO C.; TAIN J. L.; LEDERER C.; GUERRERO C.; TSINGANIS A.; BERTHOUMIEUX E.; BARBAGALLO M.; BELLONI F.; GUNSING F., et al
JRC549862010Measurement of the 54Mn Half-LifeVAN AMMEL Raf; PAEPEN Jan; POMME Stefaan; SIBBENS Goedele
JRC342252005Measurement of the 58Ni(n,t)56Co, 59Co(n,p)59Fe, and 63Cu(n, )60Co Reaction Cross Sections from 14 to 20 MeVSEMKOVA Valentina; PLOMPEN ARJAN; SMITH D. L.
JRC1033852016Measurement of the 6Li(n,α) neutron standard cross-section at the GELINA facilityJANSSON K.; AL-ADILI A.; BEVILACQUA R.; GUSTAVSSON C.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; POMP S.; VIDALI Marzio
JRC418652008Measurement of the 90,91,92,93,94,96Zr(n,gamma) and 139La(n,gamma) Cross Sections at n_TOFTAGLIENTE G.; ABBONDANNO U.; AERTS G.; ÁLVAREZ H.; ÁLVAREZ-VELARDE F; ANDRIAMONJE S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; ASSIMAKOPOULOS P.; AUDOUIN L.; BADUREK G., et al
JRC362172006Measurement of the 90,91,92,94,96Zr neutron Capture Cross Sections at n_TOFTAGLIENTE G.; PLOMPEN ARJAN; RULLHUSEN PETER; N_TOF COLLABORATION The
JRC841932014Measurement of the angular distribution of fission fragments using a PPAC assembly at CERN n_TOFTARRIO D.; LEONG L. S.; AUDOUIN L.; DURAN I.; PARADELA C.; TASSAN-GOT L.; LE NAOUR C.; BACRI C. O.; PETITBON V.; MOTTIER J., et al
JRC218722002Measurement of the Content of Sulfur in Gas Oils Using a High Pressure Asher, Isotope Dilution and Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry.OSTERMANN Markus; BERGLUND Michael; TAYLOR P.d.p.
JRC882012014Measurement of the differential neutron-deuteron scattering cross section in the energy range from 100 keV to 600 keV using a proportional counterNOLTE R.; BEYER J.; PLOMPEN Arjan; ROETTGER S.
JRC891752014Measurement of the direct particle transport through stochastic media using neutron resonance transmission analysisBECKER BJÖRN; KOPECKY Stefan; HARADA H.; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter
JRC782442013Measurement of the half-life of the two-neutrino double beta decay of 76Ge with the Gerda experimentANDREOTTI ERICA; HULT Mikael; LUTTER GUILLAUME; AGOSTINI M.; ALLARDT M.; BAKALYAROV A.m.; BALATA M.; BARABANOV I.; BARNABE HEIDER M; BARROS N., et al
JRC774192013Measurement of the intrinsic attenuation of longitudinal waves in anisotropic material from uncorrected raw dataSELDIS Thomas