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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC300062006Promising Pyrochemical Actinides / Lanthanides Separation Processes Using AluminiumCOCONAR O.; DOUYERE N.; GLATZ JEAN-PAUL; LACQUEMENT J.; MALMBECK RIKARD; SERP Jerome
JRC225302001Promoting a Common European Measurement System.NICHOLL Ciaran; TAYLOR P.d.p.; PAUWELS Jean; GRASSERBAUER M.
JRC343502006Promoting Renewable Energy in Europe: A Hybrid CGE ApproachLOESCHEL Andreas; BOEHRINGER Christoph
JRC1032632016Promoting the entrepreneurship competence of young adults in Europe: Towards a self-assessment toolBACIGALUPO MARGHERITA; KAMPYLIS PANAGIOTIS; MCCALLUM Elin; PUNIE Yves
JRC353082006Promoting the Teaching of Chemical Metrology to UndergraduatesBULSKA EWA; TAYLOR PHILIP; PRICHARD E
JRC209012002Promotion of Technical Harmonization of Risk Based Decision Making.KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC285172005Prompt Fission Neutron Spectrum Evaluation for 252Cf(SF) in the Frame of the Multi-Modal Fission Model.HAMBSCH Franz-josef; VLADUCA G.; TUDORA A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC1050812015Prompt emission in fission induced with fast neutronsWILSON J. N.; LEBOIS M.; HALIPRE P.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; OBERSTEDT Andreas
JRC1002352016Prompt fission gamma-ray spectrum characteristics from 240Pu(SF) and 242Pu(SF)OBERSTEDT Stephan; OBERSTEDT Andreas; GATERA ANGELIQUE; GÖÖK ALF; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; MOENS Andre; SIBBENS Goedele; VANLEEUW DAVID; VIDALI Marzio
JRC885342013Prompt fission gamma-rays from the reactions 252Cf(SF) and 235U(nth, f) - new dataOBERSTEDT Stephan; BELGYA T.; BILLNERT ROBERT; BRYS TOMASZ; GEERTS Wouter; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; KIS Z.; MARTINEZ T.; OBERSTEDT A.; SZENTMIKLOSI L., et al
JRC836062013Prompt fission neutron emission calculations and description of sub-barrier fission cross section resonances for 234U(n,f)TUDORA A.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC342392005Prompt Fission Neutron Emission in Resonance Fission of 239PuHAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF; VARAPAI N.; ZEINALOV Shakir; OBERSTEDT STEPHAN; SEROT Olivier
JRC556662010Prompt Fission Neutron Emission Spectrum of 235U(n,f) at Thermal EnergiesFABRY Imrich; KORNILOV N.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Stephan; BELGYA T.; KIS Z.; SZENTMIKLOSI L.; SIMAKOV S.
JRC885322013Prompt fission neutron emission: Problems and challengesHAMBSCH Franz-Josef; BRYS TOMASZ; GAMBONI Thierry; GEERTS Wouter; GÖÖK Alf; MATEI Catalin; OBERSTEDT Stephan; VIDALI Marzio
JRC1050852015Prompt Fission Neutron Experiments on 235U(n,f) and 252Cf(SF)GÖÖK ALF; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Stephan; VIDALI Marzio
JRC233472002Prompt Fission Neutron Multiplicity and Spectra Evaluation in the Frame of the Multi-Modal Fission Model for 237Np(n,f) and 238U(n,f).HAMBSCH F.-j.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; VLADUCA G.; TUDORA A.
JRC346562008Prompt Fission Neutron Multiplicity and Spectrum Calculations for Thermal and Fast Neutron Induced Reactions on 233,231Pa NucleiTUDORA Anabella; VLADUCA Gheorghita; HAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF; FILIPESCU D.; OBERSTEDT STEPHAN
JRC342152005Prompt Fission Neutron Multiplicity and Spectrum EvaluationTUDORA Anabella; VLADUCA Gheorghita; MORILLON B.; HAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF; OBERSTEDT STEPHAN
JRC248732003Prompt Fission Neutron Multiplicity and Spectrum Evaluation for 235U(n,f) in the Frame of the Multi-modal Fission Model.HAMBSCH F.-j.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; TUDORA A.; VLADUCA G.; RUSKOV Ivan