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JRC187512000The Preparation of two Synthetic Isotope Mixtures for the Calibration of Isotope Amount Ratio Measurements of Sulfur.DING Tiping; VALKIERS Staf; KIPPHARDT Heinrich; DE BIEVRE P.; TAYLOR P.d.p.
JRC204622001Preparation of two Uranium Glass Reference Materials for Fission-Track Dating of Geological Samples.DERBYSHIRE Michelle; INGELBRECHT Christopher dougl as; DE CORTE Frans; VAN DEN HAUTE Peter; VAN HAM Jan
JRC240882005Preparation of U-N-O Films by Reactive Sputtering of U in an Ar/O2/N2 Atmosphere.ECKLE M.; GOUDER Thomas; WASTIN F.; REBIZANT Jean
JRC411512007The Preparation of Uranium Oxyfluoride Particles for Inter-Laboratory Measurement CampaignsKIPS RUTH; WELLUM Roger
JRC207062002The Preparation of Uranium-Doped Glass Reference Materials for Environmental Measurements.RAPTIS Konstantinos; INGELBRECHT Christopher dougl as; WELLUM Roger; ALONSO A.; DE BOLLE Willy; PERRIN R.e.
JRC590552010Preparation of VtiO2 labelled nanoparticles for biokinetics studiesGIBSON Peter; KOZEMPEL JAN; ABBAS Kamel; SIMONELLI Federica; CYDZIK Izabela; HOLZWARTH Uwe; KREYLING Wolfgang; SEMMLER-BEHNKE Manuela; WENK A.; DAWSON Kenneth, et al
JRC405012008Preparation, Certification and Validation of a Stable Solid Spike of Uranium and Plutonium Coated with a Cellulose Derivative for the Measurement of Uranium and Plutonium Content in Dissolved Nuclear Fuel by Isotope Dilution Mass SpectrometrySURUGAYA Naoki; HIYAMA Toshiaki; VERBRUGGEN ANDRE; WELLUM Roger
JRC159241997Preparation, Characterization and Testing of Implanted 37-Ar-Layers.WAGEMANS Cyriel; LOISELET M.; BIEBER Ronald; DENECKE Bruno willi heinrich; GELTENBORT P.
JRC164001998Preparation, Homogeneity and Stability of Polar Pesticides in Freeze-Dried Water Interlaboratory Exercise.MARTIN-ESTEBAN A.; FERNANDEZ P.; CAMARA C.; KRAMER Gerard nico; MAIER E.a.
JRC575512010Preparation, Modification and Cellular Evaluation of PEG-PEGd Supports With Titania Nanoparticle LoadsSÁNCHEZ VAQUERO Vanessa; MUÑOZ NOVAL Alvaro; TEJERA Nuria; PEREZ ROLDAN MARIA; VALSESIA Andrea; CECCONE Giacomo; GARCÍA RUIZ Josefa Predestinación; MANSO SILVAN Miguel; ROSSI Francois
JRC182001999The Preparation, Testing and Certification of Two Freshwater Sediment Reference Materials for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Polychlorinated Biphenyls: BCR CRM 535 and CRM 536.WEGENER J.w.m.; COFINO W.p.; MAIER E.a.; KRAMER Gerard nico
JRC671202011Preparations and examinations necessary for obtaining a licence for transporting radiolysable materialBOTTOMLEY Paul; NEU Jean-Marc; UHLIG Matthias; WEGEN Detlef; FORS Patrick; CARBOL Paul; GLATZ Jean-Paul; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; SIMONDI-TEISSEIRE Beatrice, et al
JRC728832012Preparing for grand challenges: the role of future-oriented technology analysis in anticipating and shaping structural and systemic changesHAEGEMAN Karel; WEBER K. Matthias; KÖNNÖLÄ Totti
JRC847382013Preparing for the futureBERGGREN Katarina; WHELAN Maurice; SCHWARZ Michael; GOCHT Tilman; CUCINELLI Bruno
JRC183461999Preparing for the Future TodayMAYER Klaus; TOLBERT M.e.m.; WELLUM Roger; DERON Stein; PERRIN R.e.; MITTERAND B.
JRC1008862016Prescriptive conflict prevention analysis: An application to the 2021 update of the Austrian flood risk management planHERNANDEZ GONZALEZ YERAY; CEDDIA MICHELE; ZEPHAROVICH E.; CHRISTOPOULOS D.
JRC370212007Presence of Peanut and Hazelnut in Cookies and Chocolates: the Relationship between Analytical Results and the Declaration of Food Allergens on Product LabelsPELE Maria; BROHEE MARCEL; ANKLAM ELKE; VAN HENGEL ADRIANUS
JRC74051990The Presence of Trihalomethanes in the Water Supplies of Sardinia (Italy)PREMAZZI Guido; CONTU A.; BORDIGHONI M.; PUDDA M.; SARRITZU G.; SCHINTU M.
JRC1027062016Presence, characteristics and equity of access to breast cancer screening programmes in 27 European countries in 2010 and 2014. Results from an international surveyDEANDREA SILVIA; MOLINA Ana; ULUTURK ASLI; MORENO Julia; NEAMTIU LUCIANA; PEIRÓ-PÉREZ Rosana; SAZ PARKINSON ZULEIKA ESTHER; LOPEZ ALCALDE JESUS; LERDA Donata; SALAS Dolores
JRC404052007Present and Future in the risk assessment of chemicals with PBT propertiesPAYA PEREZ ANA