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JRC490662009Measuring 0.01 Per Mille to 0.1 Per Mille Isotopic Variations by MC-ICPMS - Testing Limits for the First Time with Pb Delta-iCRMsQUETEL Christophe; PONZEVERA Emmanuel; RODUSHKIN Ilia; GERDES Axel; WILLIAMS Ross; WOODHEAD Jon
JRC466302009Measuring Active Citizenship through the Development of a Composite IndicatorHOSKINS Bryony Louise; MASCHERINI Massimiliano
JRC1074612017Measuring air pollution with low-cost sensorsGERBOLES MICHEL; SPINELLE LAURENT; BOROWIAK ANNETTE
JRC148981997Measuring Amount Ratios of Gas Isotopes by Two Primary Methods of Measurement.AREGBE Yetunde; VALKIERS Staf; MAYER Klaus; DE BIEVRE P.; WESSEL Rob; ALINK Anton
JRC652432011Measuring and Meta-measuring: In Search of New Pathways for Modelling Impacts of ICT-Enabled Services on the Information SocietyMISURACA GIANLUCA; ROSSEL Pierre
JRC518022009Measuring and Reporting on Forest Landscape Pattern, Fragmentation and Connectivity in Europe: Methods and IndicatorsESTREGUIL Christine; MOUTON WASSENAAR Coralie
JRC557412009Measuring Atmospheric Composition ChangeLAJ Paolo; KLAUSEN J.; BILDE M; PLASS-DUELMER C.; PAPPALARDO G.; CLERBAUX Cathy; BALTENSPERGER U.; HJORTH Jens; SIMPSON D.; Reimann S., et al
JRC629442010Measuring biophysical quantities and the use of indicatorsREYERS Belinda; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; DHAR Uppeandra; GUNDIMEDA Haripriya; O¿FARRELL Patrick; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; PRIETO Oscar Gomez; SCHUTYSER Frederik
JRC429042008Measuring Civic Competence in Europe: a Composite Indicator Based on IEA Civic Education Study 1999 for 14 Years Old in SchoolHOSKINS BRYONY LOUISE; VILLALBA GARCIA ERNESTO; VAN NIJLEN Daniel; BARBER Carolyn
JRC688342012Measuring complexity in OGC web services XML schemas: pragmatic use and solutionsTAMAYO Alain; GRANELL CANUT CARLOS; HUERTA Joaquin
JRC565822009Measuring CreativityVILLALBA Ernesto
JRC1020522017Measuring cultural and creative activities in European cities: challenges and practical problems with existing indicesSTANO PAWEL; WEZIAK-BIALOWOLSKA DOROTA
JRC985742016Measuring Digital PCR Quality: Performance Parameters and Their OptimizationLIEVENS ANTOON; JACCHIA SARA; KAGKLI DAFNI MARIA; SAVINI Cristian; QUERCI Maddalena
JRC880942014Measuring emissions avoided by international trade: Accounting for price differencesARTO OLAIZOLA IGNACIO; ROCA Jordi; SERRANO Mónica
JRC562642012Measuring European Environmental Policy PerformanceJESINGHAUS Jochen
JRC1007912016Measuring Financial Integration in Europe: a price-based approach for equity and bond marketsNARDO Michela; NDACYAYISENGA NATHALIE; PAPANAGIOTOU EVANGELIA; ROSSI EDUARDO
JRC569852011Measuring fluorine in uranium oxyfluoride particles using secondary ion mass spectrometry for nuclear forensicsKIPS Ruth; KRISTO M.; HUTCHEON Ian; WANG Z.; JOHNSON Tim; GERLACH David; AMONETTE Jim; OLSEN Khris; STEFANIAK Elzbieta
JRC941232016Measuring Interstate Variations in the Consequences of Illegal Drugs: A Composite Indicator ApproachSEVIGNY ERIC; SAISANA MICHAELA
JRC368022007Measuring Investment Efficiency in Public Education - Some Cross-Country Comparative ResultsBADESCU MIRCEA
JRC1017642018Measuring media and information literacy skills: Construction of a testDINIS MOTA DA COSTA PATRICIA; LOPES PAULA; DE SOUSA LOBO BORGES DE ARAUJO LUISA; AVILA PATRICIA