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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC678782012A Modular Collaborative Web-based Framework For Humanitarian Crisis ManagementANNUNZIATO Alessandro; DOHERTY Brian; DO HONG KHANH
JRC814832013A Modular Collaborative Web-based Framework For Humanitarian Crisis ManagementANNUNZIATO Alessandro; DOHERTY Brian; DO HONG KHANH
JRC324612006Modulated Spot Heating for the Measurement of Thermal DiffusivityLAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; SALERNO Antonio; VOLCAN Alberto
JRC288002005Modulated Spot Heating for the Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity.LAKESTANI Fereydoun; SALERNO A.; VOLCAN Alberto
JRC931082017Modulating charge-dependent and folding-mediated antimicrobial interactions at peptide–lipid interfacesIAVICOLI PATRIZIA; ROSSI FRANCOIS; LAMARRE BAPTISTE; BELLA ANGELO; RYADNOV MAXIM; CALZOLAI LUIGI
JRC341512006Modulation of different Stress Pathways after Styrene and Styrene-7,8-oxide Exposure in HepG2 Cell Line and normal human HepatocytesDIODOVICH Cristina; URANI Chiara; MAURICI Daniela; MALERBA Ilaria; MELCHIORETTO Pasquale; ORLANDI Marco; ZOIA Luca; CAMPI VALENTINA; CARFI' MARIA; PELLIZZER CRISTIAN, et al
JRC166951998Modulation of Protooncongene Expression by Polychlorinated Biphenyls in 3T3-L1 Cell Line.GRIBALDO Laura; SACCO Maria grazia; CASATI Silvia; ZUCCHI Ileana; DOSANJH Manjit; CATALANI Paolo; MARAFANTE Erminio
JRC971802015Modulation of surface bio-functionality by using gold nanostructures on protein repellent surfacesMULDUR SINAN; DESMET CLOE; LA SPINA RITA; DE JESUS DA CRUZ MONTEIRO BEATRIZ; HALAMODA KENZAOUI BLANKA; SPAMPINATO VALENTINA; CECCONE Giacomo; VALSESIA Andrea; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; COLPO Pascal, et al
JRC126071996A Moessbauer Study of the Intermetallic Compound Np4Ru7Ge6JEANDEY C.; SANCHEZ J.p.; ODDOU J.l.; REBIZANT Jean; SPIRLET Jean claude; WASTIN Franck henri
JRC1023072016Mokslinių Tyrimų Ir Inovacijų Stebėjimo Centro (RIO) 2015 m. Šalies Ataskaita LietuvaPALIOKAITĖ Agne; KRŪMINAS Pijus; STAMENOV BLAGOY
JRC292772004The MOLAND Model for Urban and Regional Growth Forecast. A tool for the Definition of Sustainable Development Paths.LAVALLE Carlo; BARREDO Jose i.; MC CORMICK Niall; ENGELEN Guy; WHITE Roger; ULJEE Inge
JRC512722009MOLAND Model Results for the Leipzig RegionPETROV Laura; HAASE Dagmar; LAVALLE Carlo
JRC319542005The MOLAND Modelling Framework for Urban and Regional Land Use DynamicsENGELEN GUY; LAVALLE CARLO; BARREDO CANO JOSE'
JRC382482007The MOLAND Modelling Framework for Urban and Regional Land-Use DynamicsENGELEN GUY; LAVALLE CARLO; BARREDO CANO JOSE'; VAN DER MEULEN M.; WHITE Roger
JRC583662010MOLAND-Light: Supporting Planners With a Generic Land Use Model for European RegionsVAN VLIET Jasper; VANHOUT Roel; SARRETTA ALESSANDRO; ESCOBAR MARTINEZ Francisco; LAVALLE Carlo; VAN DELDEN Hedwig
JRC267552004MOLAND-NI: Development of a Research Tool to Assist in the Assessment of the Impact of Structural Funds Programmes in Northern Ireland and Border Counties of Rep. Ireland. Preliminary Territorial Impact Assessment of the North-West Gas Pipeline ProjectLAVALLE Carlo; BARREDO Jose i.; GENOVESE Elisabetta; MC CORMICK Niall; DEMICHELI Luca
JRC659742011Molar Mass of Silicon Highly Enriched in 28Si Determined by IDMSPRAMANN A.; RIENITZ O.; SCHIEL D.; SCHLOTE Jan; GÜTTLER Bernd; VALKIERS Staf
JRC381572007Molecular and Chemical Monitoring of Growth and Ochrathoxin A Biosynthesis of P. verrucosum in Wheat stored at different Moisture ConditionsSCHMIDT-HEYDT MARKUS; RICHTER WOLFGANG; MICHULEC MAGDALENA; BUTTINGER GERHARD; GEISEN ROLF
JRC1033932017Molecular characterization of an unauthorized genetically modified Bacillus subtilis production strain identified in a vitamin B2 feed additivePARACCHINI VALENTINA; PETRILLO MAURO; REITING RALF; ANGERS ALEXANDRE; WAHLER DANIELA; STOLZ ANDRES; SCHÖNIG BIRGIT; MATTHIES ANASTASIA; JOACHIM BENDIEK; DOMINIK M. MEINEL, et al