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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC93861992Multivariate Structure-Environmental Fate Relationships for Chlorinated ChemicalsKARCHER Walter; DOMINE Daniel; DEVILLERS James; CHASTRETTE Maurice
JRC93621992Multivariate Structure-Property Relationships (MVPR ) of PesticidesKARCHER Walter; DOMINE Daniel; DEVILLERS James; CHASTRETTE Maurice
JRC334352006Municipal Waste Management Pilot Studies Based on Life Cycle ApproachesKONECZNY Karol
JRC587552010Muon Spin Rotation/Relaxation Measurements of the Noncentrosymmetric Superconductor Mg10Ir19B16ACZEL A.a.; WILLIAMS Tim; GOKO T.; CARLO J.p.; YU W.; UEMURA Y.j.; KLIMCZUK TOMASZ; THOMPSON J. d.; CAVA R. J.; LUKE G.m.
JRC98451993Muschi Aquatici quali Bioindicatori della Contaminazione da Elementi in TracceCENCI Roberto
JRC112621995Muschi e Suoli per il Controllo della Contaminazione Ambientale da MetalliCENCI Roberto
JRC171131998Muschi e Suoli quali Indicatori delle Deposizioni Atmosferiche di Origine Antropica.CENCI Roberto; DAPIAGGI M.
JRC147791998Mussel Tissue (T-31) - A New Analytical Quality Control Material for Hg and As Deternination in Mussels.GAWLIK Bernd manfred; DRUGES Martine; BIANCHI Michele; BORTOLI Angelo; KETTRUP Antonius; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
JRC584712011A Mussel Tissue Certified Reference Material for Multiple Phycotoxins. Part 1: Design and PreparationMCCARRON Pearse; EMTEBORG Per; NULTY Ciara; RUNDBERGET Thomas; LOADER Jared I.; TEIPEL Katharina; MILES Christopher O.; QUILLIAM Michael; HESS Philipp
JRC591702011A Mussel Tissue Certified Reference Material for Multiple Phycotoxins. Part 3: Homogeneity and StabilityMCCARRON Pearse; EMTEBORG Per; GIDDINGS Sabrina; WRIGHT Elliott; QUILLIAM Michael
JRC1035692016A mussel tissue certified reference material for multiple phycotoxins. Part 4: certificationMCCARRON Pearse; WRIGHT Elliott; EMTEBORG HAKAN; QUILLIAM Michael
JRC940902015MWCNTs of different physicochemical properties cause similar inflammatory responses, but differences in transcriptional and histological markers of fibrosis in mouse lungsPOULSEN Sarah Søs; SABER Anne T; WILLIAMS Andrew; ANDERSEN Ole; KØBLER Carsten; ATLURI Rambabu; POZZEBON Mariaelena; MUCELLI Stefano P; SIMION Monica; RICKERBY David, et al
JRC1018492017My First Employee: An Empirical InvestigationCOAD ALEXANDER; NIELSEN Kristian; TIMMERMANS Bram
JRC310642005The Myths of Technology and Efficiency: a few thoughts for a Sustainable Energy FutureBERTOLDI PAOLO; LEBOT Benoit; MOEZZI Mithra; EIDE Anita
JRC502042009Mæve An Interactive Tabletop Installation for Exploring Background Information in ExhibitionsNAGEL Till; PSCHETZ Larissa; MORITZ Stefaner; HALKIA Stamatia; MUELLER Boris
JRC608682011N deposition as a threat to the World’s protected areas under the Convention on Biological DiversityBLEEKER Albert; HICKS Kevin; DENTENER Franciscus; GALLOWAY James; ERISMAN Jan Willem
JRC858262014The (n,alpha) reaction in the s-process branching point 59NiWEISS C.; GUERRERO C.; GRIESMAYER E.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; BADUREK G.; CHIAVERI E.; DRESSLER R.; GANESAN S.; JERICHA E.; KÄPPELER F., et al
JRC791392013(n,xn gamma) reaction cross section measurements for (n,xn) reaction studiesKERVENO M.; BACQUIAS A.; BORCEA Catalin; DESSAGNE Philippe; DROHE Jean Claude; NANKOV N.; NYMAN MARKUS; NEGRET Alexandru; PLOMPEN Arjan; ROUKI C., et al
JRC270582005N2O Emissions from Waste and Biomass to Energy Plants.FERNANDEZ GUTIERREZ Maria; SVOBODA Karel