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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC927402014Phytos: a portable goniometer for in situ spectro-directional measurements of leavesLOLLI Lapo; PISANI Marco; RAJTERI Mauro; WIDLOWSKI Jean-Luc; BIALEK Agnieszka; GREENWELL Claire; FOX Nigel
JRC669132011Phytosterols in Plant Foods: Exploring Contents, Data Distribution and Aggregated Values Using an Online Bioactives DatabasePLUMB Jenny A.; RHODES Michael Jc; LAMPI Anna M.; ULBERTH-BUCHGRABER MANUELA; KROON Paul A.
JRC626472011Phytosterols in Plant Foods: Exploring Contents, Data Distribution and Aggregated Values Using an Online Bioactives DatabasePLUMB Jenny A.; RHODES Michael Jc; LAMPI Anna M.; ULBERTH-BUCHGRABER MANUELA; KROON Paul A.
JRC351912006Picophytoplankton Diversity and Photoacclimation in the Strait of Sicily (Mediterranean Sea) in Summer. I. Mesoscale VariationsBRUNET Christophe; CASOTTI Raffaella; VANTREPOTTE VINCENT; CORATO F; CONVERSANO F.
JRC841262013Picture-to-Identity linking of social network accounts based on Sensor Pattern NoiseSATTA RICCARDO; STIRPARO PASQUALE
JRC581772010Pigment, Temperature and Wind Patterns at Two Mediterranean SitesBARALE Vittorio
JRC525832009Pilot Navigation System - Integrated Tool for Vessels Handling in PortsBAK Andrzej; GUCMA Maciej; GUCMA Lucjan; PERKOVIC Marko
JRC437512008Pilot River Basin Activity Report Phase II: 2005-2006SOMMA FRANCESCA; GALBIATI Lorenzo
JRC576492010Pilot River Basins Network on Agricultural Issues (2008-2009) - Sharing Experiences and Views on: Effectiveness and Acceptance of Measures, Public Participation and Involvement of Farmers, Monitoring and Evaluation of Measures, Impact of Climate Change on River Basin Management PlansANGUIANO Emeric
JRC216072000A Pilot Study for the Production of a CRM for Trace Elements in Honey.CAROLI Sergio; FORTE G.; ALESSANDRELLI M.; CRESTI R.; SPAGNOLI M.; D'ILIO S.; PAUWELS Jean; KRAMER Gerard nico
JRC592582010Pilot Study in Europe for the Global Forest Remote Sensing SurveySEEBACH LUCIA; STROBL Peter; VOGT Peter; SAN MIGUEL AYANZ Jesus; KEMPENEERS Pieter; SEDANO FERNANDO; GERRAND Adam
JRC613222010Pilot Study on Harmonising National Forest Inventories in EuropeREQUARDT Aljoscha; SIWE Rene; RIEDEL Thomas; KÖHL Michael; TRÖLTZSCH Katja; VARIS Simo; TRAVAGLINI Davide; CORONA Piermaria; SANCHEZ Anabel; VAYREDA Jordi, et al
JRC821702014A pilot study to address the travel behaviour and the usability of electric vehicles in two Italian provincesDE GENNARO MICHELE; PAFFUMI Elena; SCHOLZ Harald; MARTINI Giorgio
JRC117871995Pilot-Plant-Scale Photodegradation of Phenol in Aqueous Solution by Photocatalytic Membranes Immobilizing Titanium Dioxide (Photoperm Process)BARNI Barbara; CAVICCHIOLI Andrea; RIVA Elisabetta; ZANONI Luca; BIGNOLI Felice; BELLOBONO Ignazio renato; DE GIORGI Alessandra; GIANTURCO Franco; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm; MONTANARELLA Luca, et al
JRC136011996Pilot-Plant-Scale Photomineralization of Dichloromethane and Tetrachloroethene in Aqueous Solution, as Model Compounds of Polychlorinated Aliphatics, by Photocatalytic Membranes Immobilizing Titanium Dioxide and Photopromoters.GIANTURCO Franco; VIANELLI Luca; TATTI Luca; ROTA Fabrizio; BRUZZI Paolo; RIVAS Laura; BELLOBONO Ignazio renato; BIANCHI Michele; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
JRC899132014Pinball-based Contact-Impact Model with Parabolic Elements in EUROPLEXUSCASADEI Folco; LARCHER Martin; VALSAMOS GEORGIOS; LANGRAND Bertrand
JRC804962013The Pipeline of GM Crops for Improved Animal Feed: Challenges for Commercial UseTILLIE PASCAL; DILLEN KOEN; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio; FLACHOWSKY Gerhard
JRC887162014Piracy Incidents in the Gulf of Guinea JRC Monthly Report – December 2013DEVES TEUNIS KLAAS GRASHUIS
JRC84001991PISC Enters its Final PhaseCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre; HERKENRATH Hans; NICHOLS R.w.
JRC50771987The PISC II RRT Plates and Their Intended DefectsCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre; BORLOO Elie