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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1008922016Measures of the Contribution made by ICT to Innovation Output. An Update of the ICT Innovation Output IndicatorPESOLE ANNAROSA
JRC490662009Measuring 0.01 Per Mille to 0.1 Per Mille Isotopic Variations by MC-ICPMS - Testing Limits for the First Time with Pb Delta-iCRMsQUETEL Christophe; PONZEVERA Emmanuel; RODUSHKIN Ilia; GERDES Axel; WILLIAMS Ross; WOODHEAD Jon
JRC466302009Measuring Active Citizenship through the Development of a Composite IndicatorHOSKINS Bryony Louise; MASCHERINI Massimiliano
JRC1074612017Measuring air pollution with low-cost sensorsGERBOLES MICHEL; SPINELLE LAURENT; BOROWIAK ANNETTE
JRC148981997Measuring Amount Ratios of Gas Isotopes by Two Primary Methods of Measurement.AREGBE Yetunde; VALKIERS Staf; MAYER Klaus; DE BIEVRE P.; WESSEL Rob; ALINK Anton
JRC652432011Measuring and Meta-measuring: In Search of New Pathways for Modelling Impacts of ICT-Enabled Services on the Information SocietyMISURACA GIANLUCA; ROSSEL Pierre
JRC518022009Measuring and Reporting on Forest Landscape Pattern, Fragmentation and Connectivity in Europe: Methods and IndicatorsESTREGUIL Christine; MOUTON WASSENAAR Coralie
JRC557412009Measuring Atmospheric Composition ChangeLAJ Paolo; KLAUSEN J.; BILDE M; PLASS-DUELMER C.; PAPPALARDO G.; CLERBAUX Cathy; BALTENSPERGER U.; HJORTH Jens; SIMPSON D.; Reimann S., et al
JRC629442010Measuring biophysical quantities and the use of indicatorsREYERS Belinda; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; DHAR Uppeandra; GUNDIMEDA Haripriya; O¿FARRELL Patrick; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; PRIETO Oscar Gomez; SCHUTYSER Frederik
JRC429042008Measuring Civic Competence in Europe: a Composite Indicator Based on IEA Civic Education Study 1999 for 14 Years Old in SchoolHOSKINS BRYONY LOUISE; VILLALBA GARCIA ERNESTO; VAN NIJLEN Daniel; BARBER Carolyn
JRC688342012Measuring complexity in OGC web services XML schemas: pragmatic use and solutionsTAMAYO Alain; GRANELL CANUT CARLOS; HUERTA Joaquin
JRC565822009Measuring CreativityVILLALBA Ernesto
JRC1020522017Measuring cultural and creative activities in European cities: challenges and practical problems with existing indicesSTANO PAWEL; WEZIAK-BIALOWOLSKA DOROTA
JRC985742016Measuring Digital PCR Quality: Performance Parameters and Their OptimizationLIEVENS ANTOON; JACCHIA SARA; KAGKLI DAFNI MARIA; SAVINI Cristian; QUERCI Maddalena
JRC880942014Measuring emissions avoided by international trade: Accounting for price differencesARTO OLAIZOLA IGNACIO; ROCA Jordi; SERRANO Mónica
JRC562642012Measuring European Environmental Policy PerformanceJESINGHAUS Jochen
JRC1007912016Measuring Financial Integration in Europe: a price-based approach for equity and bond marketsNARDO Michela; NDACYAYISENGA NATHALIE; PAPANAGIOTOU EVANGELIA; ROSSI EDUARDO
JRC569852011Measuring fluorine in uranium oxyfluoride particles using secondary ion mass spectrometry for nuclear forensicsKIPS Ruth; KRISTO M.; HUTCHEON Ian; WANG Z.; JOHNSON Tim; GERLACH David; AMONETTE Jim; OLSEN Khris; STEFANIAK Elzbieta
JRC941232016Measuring Interstate Variations in the Consequences of Illegal Drugs: A Composite Indicator ApproachSEVIGNY ERIC; SAISANA MICHAELA
JRC368022007Measuring Investment Efficiency in Public Education - Some Cross-Country Comparative ResultsBADESCU MIRCEA