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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC167881999Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Multilayer TiB2/C and Co-Sputtered TiB2/C Coatings for Cutting Tools.GILMORE Richard; LENARDI Cristina; GIBSON Peter neil; GISSLER Wolfram
JRC131051997Microstructural Characterisation of Nanograin Tin Oxide Gas Sensors.HORRILLO M.c.; SANTOS Joao; SERRINI P.
JRC52211988Microstructural Evolution Due to Post Ageing of two Alpha Bombarded Mn-Cr Austenitic SteelsRUEDL Erich
JRC52621988Microstructural Evolution in Long Duration Creep Specimens of a Mn-Cr Austenitic SteelRUEDL Erich; MATERA Roberto
JRC318222006Microstructural Evolution of Allylamine Polymerized Plasma FilmsLEJEUNE Michael; BRETAGNOL FREDERIC; CECCONE GIACOMO; COLPO Pascal; ROSSI FRANCOIS
JRC769682012Microstructural Evolution of Cr-Rich ODS Steels as a Function of Heat Treatment at 475°CFOXMAN Zvi; SOBOL Oded; PINKAS Malki; LANDAU Alex; HAEHNER Peter; KRSJAK Vladimir; MESHI Louisa
JRC72491990A Microstructural Investigation on the Cracking of the Muhleberg Reactor Primary Pipe "CH1"BUSCAGLIA Giovanni; CAMBINI Mario; DELLA ROSSA Massimo
JRC346052006Microstructural Modifications Induced by Hydrogen Absorption in Mg5Ga2 and Mg6PdZLOTEA CLAUDIA; ANDERSSON Yvonne
JRC686152012Microstructural patterning in time-dependent non-convex crystal plasticityYALCINKAYA TUNCAY; BREKELMANS W.a.m.; GEERS M.g.d.
JRC542862009Microstructural Study of He-Implanted Fe-Cr Alloys with the Use of Conventional Lifetime Technique and Pulsed Low Energy Positron BeamKRSJAK VLADIMIR; SLUGEN Vladimir; PETRISKA Martin; SOJAK Stanislav; EGGER Werner
JRC556622009Microstructural Study of High Irradiated Reactor SteelsSLUGEN Vladimir; PETRISKA Martin; SOJAK Stanislav; VETERNIKOVA Jana; KRSJAK VLADIMIR
JRC617852010Microstructurally Short Cracks in Polycrystals Described by Crystal PlasticityCIZELJ Leon; SIMONOVSKI IGOR
JRC291522005Microstructurally Small Cracks in 316L Steel and Their Dependance on Crystallographic Orientations of Grains.SIMONOVSKI Igor; NILSSON Karl-fredrik; KOVAC Marko; CIZELJ L.
JRC518922009Microstructure Analysis and Calculation of Thermal Conductivity of Gas Diffusion Layers of PEM Fuel CellsPFRANG Andreas; VEYRET Damien
JRC244792003Microstructure Characterization of Irradiated Am-Containing MgAl2O4.WISS Thierry; KONINGS R. j. m.; WALKER Clive thomas; THIELE H.
JRC178832000The Microstructure of an Yttria-Doped Hot-Pressed Silicon Nitride.COSTA OLIVEIRA Fernando; TAMBUYSER Paul bernard rosa; BAXTER David
JRC240712002Microstructure of Irradiated SBR MOX Fuel and its Relationship to Fission Gas Release.FISHER S.b.; WHITE R.j.; COOK P.; BREMIER Stephane; CORCORAN R. c.; STRATTON R.; WALKER Clive thomas; IVISON P.k.; PALMER B. j.
JRC227442002Microstructure of Turbulence in the Northern North Sea: a Comparative Study of Observations and Model Simulation.BURCHARD Hans; BOLDING KRISTENSEN Karsten; RIPPETH Tom; STIPS Adolf; SIMPSON J. h.; SUNDERMANN Juergen
JRC236142002Microwave Assisted Extraction of Zearalenone in Wheat and Corn.PALLARONI Lea; VON HOLST Christoph; SPARR-ESKILSSON Cecilia; BJOERKLUND Erland