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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC367832007Metallothionein and Hsp70 Expression in HepG2 cells after prolonged Cadmium ExposureURANI Chiara; MELCHIORETTO Pasquale; CANEVALI Carmen; MORAZZONI Franca; GRIBALDO LAURA
JRC184232000Metallothionein Isoform Separation by MECC Using SDS Micelles.VIRTANEN Vesa; BORDIN Guy
JRC150351997Metallothioneine-Like Metalloproteins in the Baltic Clam "Macoma balthica" : Seasonal Variations and Induction upon Metal Exposure.BORDIN Guy; MC COURT Josephine; CORDEIRO-RAPOSO F.
JRC62451988Metaux Lourds dans les Mers d'Europe. Campagne Oceanographique du CERBOM en 1986FERRARI Giovanni; CAVALLI Paolo; OOMS Marinus; BO Franco; TOUSSAINT Nicolaas; AUBERT M.
JRC987792015Meteorological data for RES-E integration studies: State of the art reviewGONZALEZ APARICIO IRATXE; ZUCKER ANDREAS
JRC61081988Meteorological Data Related to the Chernobyl AccidentGRAZIANI Giovanni
JRC917542014Meteorological drought trends in Europe for the period 1950-2012SPINONI JONATHAN; NAUMANN GUSTAVO; VOGT Juergen; BARBOSA PAULO
JRC1003942016Meteorological Droughts in Europe: Events and Impacts: Past Trends and Future ProjectionsSPINONI JONATHAN; NAUMANN GUSTAVO; VOGT JUERGEN; BARBOSA PAULO
JRC727232012Methane airborne measurements and comparison to global models during BARCABECK Veronika; CHEN Huilin; GERBIG Christoph; BERGAMASCHI Peter; BRUHWILER Lori; HOUWELING Sander; RÖCKMANN Thomas; KOLLE Olaf; STEINBACH Julia; KOCH Thomas, et al
JRC941842016Methanol synthesis using captured CO2 as raw material: Techno-economic and environmental assessmentPEREZ FORTES MARIA DEL MAR; SCHONEBERGER Jan C.; BOULAMANTI AIKATERINI; TZIMAS Evangelos
JRC913182015Method applied to the background analysis of energy data to be considered for the European Reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD)FAZIO SIMONE; GARRAIN Daniel; RECCHIONI MARCO; DE LA RUA Cristina; MATHIEUX FABRICE; LECHÒN Yolanda
JRC586702011Method Developing and Testing for Inelastic Scattering Measurements at the GELINA FacilityPLOMPEN Arjan; NANKOV NIKOLAY; ROUKI CHARIKLIA; STANOIU Mihai; BORCEA Catalin; DELEANU D.; NEGRET Alexandru; DESSAGNE Philippe; KERVENO M.; RUDOLF G., et al
JRC666952012Method development for the determination of alkali metals in samples from pyrochemical reprocessing using ICP-OES and comparison with sector field ICP-MS.KRACHLER MICHAEL; VAN WINCKEL Stefaan; CARDINALE Mariangela; LYNCH Brian; MURAKAMI Tsuyoshi
JRC237002002Method Development in Relation to Regulatory Requirements for Detection of GMOs in the Food Chain.ANKLAM Elke; KNOWLES M. e.; MC SWEENEY Finbarr; NEUMANN David
JRC112301995A Method for Assessing Thermal Stability of Batch Reactors by Sensitivity Calculation Based on Lyapunov Exponents. Experimental VerificationALOS M.a.
JRC943772014A Method for Detection of SNM by Pulsed Neutron InterrogationOCHERASHVILI Aharon; MAYOROV VALERIY; MOSCONI MARITA; BECK Arie; ROESGEN Eric; ETTEDGUI Hanania; CROCHEMORE Jean-Michel; PEDERSEN Bent
JRC168341999A Method for Estimating the Profile Soil Moisture Content from ERS Scatterometer and Soil Data.WAGNER Wolfgang; LEMOINE Guido; ROTT Helmut
JRC355342008A Method for Monitoring Building Construction in Urban Sprawl Areas Using Object-based Analysis of Spot 5 Images and Existing GIS DataDURIEUX Laurent; LAGABRIELLE ERWANN; NELSON Andrew
JRC175581999A Method for Removal of Light Absorption by Phytoplankton Pigments Using Chemical Oxidation.FERRARI Giovanni m.; TASSAN Stelvio
JRC1033882017A method for scintillation characterization using geodetic receivers operating at 1 HzJUAN JOSE MIGUEL; ARAGON ANGEL MARIA ANGELES; SANZ JAUME; GONZALEZ CASADO GUILLERMO; ROVIRA GARCIA ADRIA