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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC837962013An approach to include environmental assessment in structural designDATTILO Caterina Antonia; LANDOLFO Raffaele; ROMANO ELVIRA; NEGRO Paolo
JRC1100152018An approach to the assessment of durability of Energy-related ProductsALFIERI FELICE; CORDELLA MAURO; SANFELIX FORNER JAVIER VICENTE; DODD NICHOLAS
JRC565962010An Approach to the Quantitative Assessment of Risk due to Major Accidents Triggered by LightningRENNI Elisabetta; COZZANI Valerio; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; BORGHETTI Alberto; PAOLONE Mario; NUCCI Carlo Alberto
JRC709172012An approach with a Business-as-Usual scenario projection to 2020 for the Covenant of Mayors from the Eastern PartnershipJANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; MEIJIDE-ORIVE Ana; IANCU ANDREEA; GUIZZARDI DIEGO; PAGLIARI Valerio
JRC482252008Approaches for Delineating Areas Susceptible to Landslides in the Framework of the European Soil Thematic StrategyGUNTHER Andreas; REICHENBACH Paola; HERVAS DE DIEGO Francisco
JRC618652011Approaches for establishing human health no effect levels for engineered nanomaterialsASCHBERGER KARIN; CHRISTENSEN Frans
JRC283312004Approaches for Reagent Free Derivatisation in Thin-Layer Chromatography.STROKA J.; SPANGENBERG Bernd; ARRANZ Isabel; ANKLAM Elke
JRC607082012Approaches for Tsunami Risk Assessment and Application to the City of Cádiz, SpainJELINEK Robert; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; GONZÁLEZ Mauricio; ÁLVAREZ-GÓMEZ José; WELLE Torsten; BIRKMANN Jörn
JRC472572008Approaches in Using MatML as a Common Language for Materials Data ExchangeOJALA Tauno; OVER Hans
JRC412482007Approaches to a Multi-hazard Risk Analysis for Selected Natural and Technological HazardsJELINEK Robert; WOOD MAUREEN; PAUDITS Peter
JRC1073042016Approaches to and methods for evaluating new technologies in Technology Transfer Offices: How long is a piece of string?ATHREYE SUMA; GRANDE SERGIO; FERRERI ANNARITA
JRC461032008Approaches to Evaluation of Proliferation Resistance of Nuclear Energy SystemsPOMEROY George; BARI Robert; WONDER Edward; ZENTNER Michael; HAAS Eckhard; KILLEEN Thomas; COJAZZI GIACOMO; WHITLOCK Jeremy
JRC331042006Approaches to Monitor and Enhance Organizational Safety Processes PerformanceMENGOLINI ANNA MARIA; DEBARBERIS LUIGI
JRC484642008Approaches to Rural Typology in the European UnionCOPUS Andrew; PSALTOPOULOS Demetrios; SKURAS Dimitris; TERLUIN Ida; WEINGARTEN Peter; GIRAY Fatma; RATINGER Tomas
JRC322472006Approaches to Solve Schema Heterogeneity at the European LevelFRIIS-CHRISTENSEN ANDERS; SCHADE Sven; PEEDELL STEPHEN
JRC687282012Approaches to the safety assessment of engineered nanomaterials (ENM) in foodCOCKBURN Andrew; BRADFORD Roberta; BUCK Neil; CONSTABLE Anne; EDWARDS Gareth; HABER Bernd; HEPBURN Paul; HOWLETT John; KAMPERS Frans; KLEIN Christoph, et al
JRC367432007Approaches to the Security Analysis of Power Systems: Defence Strategies Against Malicious ThreatsBOMPARD Ettore; GAO Ciwei; NAPOLI Roberto; RUSSO Angela; XUE Fei; MASERA MARCELO; STEFANINI ALBERTO
JRC487132008Approaches to Tsunami Risk AssessmentJELINEK Robert; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC1029792016Approaching durability assessment and analysis of frequent failures to support product policies: the example of dishwashersTECCHIO PAOLO; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; TALENS PEIRO LAURA; EISENRIEGLER Sepp
JRC63441989Approaching Single Atom Detection with Atomic Fluorescence in a Glow Discharge Atom ReservoirSMITH B.w.; WOMACK J.b.