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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC858602014Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and their Value for Ecosystem ManagementBERRUTI Andrea; BORRIELLO Roberto; ORGIAZZI ALBERTO; LUMINI Erica; BARBERA Antonio; BIANCIOTTO Valeria
JRC95171993An Arc Length Control Procedure to Solve Parabolic ProblemsBRIVIO P.a.
JRC913472014The ARCHER ProjectKNOL Steven; FUETTERER Michael; ROELOFS Ferry; KOHTZ Norbert; LAURIE Mathias; BUCKTHORPE Derek; SCHEUERMANN Walter
JRC1029692016The ARCHER project (Advanced High-Temperature Reactors for Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity R&D)KNOL Steven; FUETTERER Michael; ROELOFS Ferry; KOHTZ Norbert; LAURIE Mathias; BUCKTHORPE Derek; SCHEUERMANN Walter
JRC882302014ARCHER@TV: A Telecast on nuclear Power and Heat Cogeneration in the Making – in Edutainment StyleFRISCHAUF Norbert; FUETTERER Michael; SCHEUERMANN Walter; BALDAUF Gert; KRATKY Julius
JRC70051989The ARCHIMEDES 2A ExperimentBEKKERING Johan
JRC827372013An Architecture for Adaptive Robust Modelling of Wildfire Behaviour under Deep UncertaintyDE RIGO DANIELE; RODRIGUEZ ASERETTO ROQUE DARIO; BOSCO Claudio; DI LEO MARGHERITA; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC799352013An Architecture for Secure m-Commerce ApplicationsKOUNELIS IOANNIS; BALDINI Gianmarco; MUFTIC Sead; LOESCHNER Jan
JRC649072011Architecture of a pan-European framework for Integrated Soil Water Erosion AssessmentDE RIGO DANIELE; BOSCO CLAUDIO
JRC947332015Architecture of a Service-Enabled Sensing Platform for the EnvironmentKOTSEV ALEXANDER ALEXANDROV; PANTISANO FRANCESCO; SCHADE SVEN; JIRKA Simon
JRC181902002The Architecture of an Information Tool for De-mining: Mine Identification Core Module (MICM).VAKALIS Ioannis; ANDRITSOS Fivos
JRC352312006Architecture Supporting Security of Agent SystemsLESZCZYNA RAFAL
JRC84151991Architecture, Programming Environment and Application of the Supernode Network of Transputers (EUROCOURSE, 4-8 November 1991)GROSSETIE Jean-claude
JRC506462008Arctic and Snow HydrologyDANKERS Rutger
JRC1079562018Arduino – a global network for digital innovationCUARTIELLES DAVID; NEPELSKI DANIEL; VAN ROY VINCENT
JRC1082702018Are capitals the leading cultural and creative cities in Europe?MONTALTO VALENTINA; JORGE TACAO MOURA CARLOS; LANGEDIJK SVEN; SAISANA MICHAELA; PANELLA FRANCESCO
JRC800812013Are cross-border electricity transmission and pumped hydro storage complementary technologies?BRANCUCCI CARLO; DE VRIES Laurens
JRC1066292017Are current policies promoting a change in behaviour, conservation and sufficiency? An analysis of existing policies and recommendations for new and effective policiesBERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC1071612017Are EU Exports gender-blind? Some key features of women participation in exporting activities in the EURUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE; SOUSA NUNO