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JRC930172014Are EU trade preferences really effective? A Generalized Propensity Score evaluation of the Southern Mediterranean countries' case in agriculture and fisheryMAGRINI EMILIANO; MONTALBANO Pierluigi; NENCI Silvia
JRC339242006Are European Cities Becoming Dispersed? A Comparative Analysis of 15 European Urban AreasKASANKO MARJO; BARREDO CANO JOSE'; LAVALLE CARLO; MCCORMICK NIALL; DEMICHELI Luca; SAGRIS VALENTINA; BREZGER Arne
JRC275752005Are European Cities Becoming Dispersed? A Comparative Analysis of Fifteen European Urban Areas.KASANKO Marjo; BARREDO Jose i.; LAVALLE Carlo; MC CORMICK Niall; DEMICHELI Luca; SAGRIS Valentina; BREZGER Arne
JRC598862010Are Firms in Knowledge and Technology-Intensive Sectors Located within Regional Clusters more Efficient? Some Empirical Evidence from Eastern EuropeKOZOVSKA KORNELIA
JRC972342016Are generalist parasites being lost from their hosts?STRONA GIOVANNI; FATTORINI Simone
JRC672562011Are grasslands important habitats for soil microarthropod conservation?MENTA Cristina; LEONI Alan; GARDI Ciro; CONTI Federica
JRC758902012Are ICT, Human Capital and Organizational Capital Complementary in Production? Evidence from Italian Panel DataBIAGI FEDERICO; PARISI Maria Laura
JRC136131996Are Microbes still a Threat ? (Republication de l'article du rapport IPTS No. 2, mai 1996)MEZELAS Georgios
JRC908422014Are models and respondents talking the same language: evidence from stated and inferred discontinuous preferences in a choice experiment valuing Public Goods?ESPINOSA GODED MARIA; RODRIGUEZ Macario; MADUREIRA Livia; LIMA SANTOS Jose; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC342742007Are National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reports Scientifically Valid?SWART Rob; BERGAMASCHI PETER; PULLES Tinus; RAES FRANK
JRC1024162017Are primary agricultural residues promising feedstock for the European bioeconomy?RONZON TEVECIA; PIOTROWSKI STEPHAN
JRC661112011Are telecom services the hidden engine of innovation in the ICT ecosystem?SIMON JEAN-PAUL
JRC656502011Are telecom services the hidden engine of innovation in the ICT ecosystem?SIMON JEAN-PAUL
JRC131151997Are there Detectable Discrete Boundaries between African Biomes ?MALINGREAU Jean-paul; EHRLICH Daniele; LAMBIN Eric f.
JRC897172013Are vegetation-specific model parameters required for estimating gross primary production?YUAN Wenping; LIU S.; CAI W; DONG W; CHEN J; ARAIN Altaf; BLANKEN P.d.; CESCATTI Alessandro; WOHLFAHRT Georg; Georgiadis T., et al
JRC310442005Are Voluntary Agreements an Effective Energy Policy Instrument? Insights and ExperisBERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY Silvia; PERSSON Agneta
JRC729072012"Are We There Yet"? Assessing the Contribution of INSPIRE to EIA and SEA StudiesCRAGLIA Massimo; PAVANELLO Lara; SMITH Robin
JRC465282008Are You Being Served? Initial Findings of the Image2000 Website User SurveyNOWAK Joanna; BIELSKI Conrad
JRC1015172016Are your results reliable? Certified reference materials give you confidence in measurementsLINSINGER Thomas
JRC450642008Area Description, Soil Sampling, Physical and Chemical AnalysisSENA FABRIZIO; CENCI ROBERTO; JONES Robert J A