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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC792952013Organisation of the EUROPLEXUS Mirror Site (MS-Windows) at JRC Ispra, Seventh EditionCASADEI FOLCO; SOLOMOS George; VALSAMOS GEORGIOS; BUNG H.; BECCANTINI Alberto
JRC177191998Organometallic Chemistry in Supercritical Water: Metalloorganic Products of the CpCo-Catalyzed Cyclotrimerization of Acetylenes.BORWIECK H.; WALTER O.; DINJUS E.; REBIZANT Jean
JRC910692015Organophosphorus compounds (OPCs) in surface waters of the Danube and selected tributariesUMLAUF Gunther; SUURKUUSK GERT; MARIANI Giulio; TAVAZZI SIMONA; PARACCHINI Bruno
JRC694812012Orienting European Innovation Systems towards Grand Challenges and the Roles that FTA Can PlayCAGNIN Cristiano; AMANATIDOU Effie; KEENAN Michael
JRC623402010Origin assessment of uranium ore concentrates based on their rare-earth elemental impurity patternVARGA Zsolt; WALLENIUS Maria; MAYER Klaus
JRC954962015Origin authentication of distillers’ dried grains and solubles (DDGS) – Application and comparison of different analytical strategiesVERMEULEN Philippe; NIETNER T; HAUGHEY S A; YANG Yan; TENA PAJUELO NOELIA; CHMELAROVA H; VAN RUTH Saskia; TOMANIOVA M; BOIX SANFELIU Ana; HAN L, et al
JRC191442000Origin Determination of Plutonium Material in Nuclear Forensics.WALLENIUS Maria; PEERANI Paolo; KOCH Lothar
JRC246722003Origin of Magnetic Anisotropy of Gd MetalCOLARIETI-TOSTI M.; SIMARK S.i.; AHUJA R.; NORDSTROEM L.; ERIKSSON O.; BROOKS M.s.s.
JRC305922006The Origin of New High Temperature Superconductor PuCoGa5 and its ImplicationsBANG Y.; BALATSKY V.; WASTIN FRANCK; THOMPSON J.d.
JRC368812007The Origin of Public Research Organisation Patents: an Economic ApproachAZAGRA CARO Joaquin Maria; PLAZA GÓMEZ Luis; ROMERO DE PABLOS Ana
JRC119111996Origin of the Second Length Scale Found above TN in UO2WATSON G.m.; GAULIN B.d.; GIBBS Doon; LANDER Gerard heath; THURSTON T.r.; SIMPSON P.j.; MATZKE Hj.
JRC253462002The Origin, Composition and Rates of Organic Nitrogern Deposition: a Missing Piece of the Nitrogen Cycle?NEFF J.c.; HOLLAND E.a.; DENTENER F.; MC DOWELL W.h.; RUSSEL K.m.
JRC931512015An original approach for Raman spectroscopy analysis of radioactive materials and its application to americium-containing samplesNAJI MOHAMED; COLLE Jean-Yves; BENES ONDREJ; SIERIG Mark; RAUTIO Jouni; LAJARGE Patrick; MANARA Dario
JRC331272006Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Credit RiskCARIBONI Jessica; SCHOUTENS Wim
JRC132861996Orographic Clouds in North Victoria Land from AVHRR ImagesZIBORDI Giuseppe; FREZZOTTI Massimo
JRC359682006Orthorectification and Geometric Quality Assessment of Cartosat-1 for Common Agricultural Policy MonitoringKAY SIMON; ZIELINSKI RAFAL
JRC373492007Orthorectification and Geometric Quality Assessment of Cartosat-1 For Common Agricultural Policy Monitoring: Final ResultsZIELINSKI RAFAL; KAY SIMON
JRC456882008Orthorectification Tests Continued... Formosat-2 Orthorectification Of Formosat-2 Data for use in The Common Agricultural Policy Control with Remote Sensing ProgrammeVASSILEV Vassil; POPOVA Stefana; GARNIER Alexandra; WESTIN Torbjörn; AASTRAND PAER; FOTIN MIHAELA; MILENOV Pavel; ARZEL Céline
JRC701392012Orthotopic administration of 213Bi-Bevacizumab inhibits progression of PC3 xenografts in the prostateRIZVI S.m.a.; ALLEN B.j.; LEE C.s.; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; CLARKE R.a.
JRC89541992Osservando il Mare ...BARALE Vittorio