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JRC1054092017Moving forward socio-economically focused models of deforestationDEZÉCACHE Camille; SALLES Jean-Michel; VIEILLEDENT GHISLAIN; HÉRAULT Bruno
JRC904312015Moving from the ENVIFOOD Protocol to harmonized Product Category Rules and reference data: current and future challenges of the European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round TableMARTIN Nicolas; BAUER Christian; BLOMSMA Coen; DE CAMILLIS Camillo; LOPEZ Patricia; LUNDQUIST Lars; PAPAGRIGORAKI Anna; PENNINGTON David; SAOUTER ERWAN; SCHENKER Urs, et al
JRC378432007Moving Targets Velocity and Direction Estimation by Using a Single Optical VHR Satellite ImageryPESARESI MARTINO; GUTJAR K.h.; PAGOT ELODIE
JRC962132015Moving toward quantifying reliability - the next step in a rapidly maturing PV industryKURTZ Sarah; SAMPLE Tony; WOHLGEMUTH John; ZHOU Wei; BOSCO Nick; ALTHAUS Joerg; PHILLIPS Nancy; DECEGLIE Michael; FLUECKIGER Chris; HACKE Peter, et al
JRC330302006Mössbauer Spectrometry Applied to Soft Magnetic Alloys Influenced by External FactorsDEGMOVA JARMILA
JRC529132010mRNA Expression is a Relevant Tool to Identify Developmental Neurotoxicants Using an In Vitro ApproachHOGBERG Helena; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; COECKE Sandra; HARTUNG Thomas; PRICE Anna
JRC860982013MSDI and Geoportals in Selected European States: A Comparative AnalysisCETL VLADO; TAVRA Marina
JRC726252012MSE testing of factors likely to have an effect on catch surplus calculations through impacting MSY estimatesGAMITO JARDIM JOSÉ ERNESTO; MOSQUEIRA SANCHEZ IAGO; MILLAR COLIN PEARSON; OSIO GIACOMO CHATO; CHAREF AYMEN
JRC970742015A MSFD complementary approach for the assessment of pressures, knowledge and data gaps in Southern European Seas: The PERSEUS experienceCRISE Alessandro; KABERI Heleni; RUIZ Javier; ZATSEPIN Andrey; ARASHKEVICH Elena; GIANI Michele; KARAGEORGIS Aristomenis P.; PRIETO Laura; PANTAZI Maria; GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ DANIEL, et al
JRC909932014MSFD implementation VS. INSPIRE roadmapABRAMIC ANDREJ; NUNES DE LIMA Maria; SMITS Paul
JRC569812010MSG Data and WEB-GIS for Solar Resource AssessmentHULD Thomas; GAMBARDELLA ATTILIO
JRC549642009MSPA-Guidos: Innovative Methods In Landscape Pattern AnalysisVOGT Peter
JRC1014642017MSWEP: 3-hourly 0.25° global gridded precipitation (1979–2014) by merging gauge, satellite, and reanalysis dataBECK HYLKE; VAN DIJK Albert I.j.m.; LEVIZZANI Vincenzo; SCHELLEKENS Jaap; MIRALLES Diego G.; MARTENS Brecht; DE ROO Arie
JRC253302003The Mt Cimone, Italy, Free Tropospheric Campaign: Principal Characteristics of the Gaseous and Aerosol Composition from European Pollution, Mediterranean Influences and during African Dust Events.BALKANSKI Yves; BAUER S.e.; VAN DINGENEN Rita maria; BONASONI Paolo; SCHULZ Michael; FISCHER Horst; GOBBI G.p.; HANKE Markus; HAUGLUSTAINE D.; PUTAUD Jean phili ppe jacques bernard, et al
JRC292952004MUC1 Expression in Primary and Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Cells for in vitro Treatment by 213Bi-C595 RadioimmunoconjugateQU Chang f.; LI Yong; SONG Yang j.; RIZVI S.m.a.; RAJA Chand; ZHANG D.; SAMRA J.; SMITH R.; PERKINS A.c.; APOSTOLIDIS Christos, et al
JRC628712011Multi metric evaluation of leaf wetness models for large-area application of plant disease modelsBREGAGLIO Simone; DONATELLI Marcello; CONFALONIERI Roberto; ACUTIS Marco; ORLANDINI Simone
JRC336802007Multi Scale Correlations between Topography and Vegetation in a Hillside Catchment of HondurasNELSON Andrew; OBERTHUR Thomas; COOK Simon
JRC606002011Multi scale Harris corner detector based on Differential Morphological DecompositionGUEGUEN LIONEL; PESARESI Martino
JRC429992008Multi-annual Model Runs for the Mediterranean Sea: the Aegean SeaGARCIA GORRIZ ELISA; STIPS ADOLF