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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC314572005Processing VHR Satellite Imagery in Tsunami Affected Areas of Indonesia and Sri LankaSPRUYT PETER
JRC616682012Procurement, production and testing of BEGe detectors depleted in 76GeAGOSTINI M.; BAUDIS L.; BELLOTTI E.; BRUGNERA R.; BUDJAS D.; CATTADORI C; DI VACRI A.; GARFAGNINI A.; GEORGI S.; GONZALEZ DE ORDUNA R., et al
JRC191332000Producing SI Traceable Reference Values for Cd, Cr and Pb Amount Contents in Polyethylene Samples from the Polymer Elemental Reference Material (PERM) Project Using Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry.VOGL Jochen; LIESEGANG Delia; OSTERMANN Markus; DIEMER Juergen; BERGLUND Michael; QUETEL Christophe; TAYLOR P.d.p.; HEUMANN Klaus
JRC128081997Product Analysis of the Gas Phase Reaction of beta-Caryophyllene with OzoneCALOGIROU Aggelos; KOTZIAS Dimitrios
JRC491692009Product Market Regulation: Robustness and Critical Assessment 1998-2003-2007NARDO Michela
JRC491702009Product Market Regulation: Robustness and Critical Assessment 1998-2003-2007. Countries' Profiles.NARDO Michela
JRC490682009Production and Certification of Candidate Pb Delta-iCRMs ERM-3800 and ERM-3810 SeriesPONZEVERA Emmanuel; QUETEL Christophe; HENDRICKX Frans; FORTUNATO Giuseppino
JRC788232012Production and characterization of antibodies against crosslinked gelatin nanoparticles and first steps toward developing an ELISA screening kitDEHALU Vincent; WEIGEL Stefan; REBE RAZ Sabina; GROMBE RINGO; LÖBENBERG R.; DELAHAUT Philippe
JRC590062010Production and Characterization of Monodisperse Plutonium, Uranium, and Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Particles for Nuclear Safeguard ApplicationsRANEBO Ylva; NIAGOLOVA NEDIALKA DIMITROVA; ERDMANN Nicole; ERIKSSON Matts; TAMBORINI Gabriele; BETTI Maria
JRC93101992The Production and Cycling of Dimethylsulphide in Marine Surface Waters. A Simulation ApproachKOHL Manfred
JRC764842012Production and financial linkages in inter-firm networks: structural variety, risk-sharing and resilienceCAINELLI Giulio; MONTRESOR SANDRO; VITTUCCI MARZETTI Giuseppe
JRC857582012Production and financial linkages in inter-firm networks: structural variety, risk-sharing and resilienceCAINELLI Giulio; MONTRESOR SANDRO; VITTUCCI MARZETTI Giuseppe
JRC564782009Production and quality control of hight specific activity NCA Re-186 by Cyclotron irradiationGROPPI Flavia; BONARDI Mauro; MANENTI S.; MARCHETTI M.; GINI L.; ABBAS Kamel; HOLZWARTH Uwe; SIMONELLI Federica
JRC562652009Production Chain of Isotopically Modified Ge-diodes for the 2-beta-0-neutrino-Search with GERDAGRABMAYR P.; BAUDIS L.; CALDWELL A.; CATTADORI C; HULT Mikael; JOCHUM J.; KORNOUKHOV V.n.; SCHOENERT S.; ZUBER K.
JRC627382010The production function methodology for calculating potential growth rates and output gapsPLANAS Christophe; ROSSI Alessandro; ROEGER Werner; D'AURIA Francesca; DENIS Cécil; HAVIK Karel; MC MORROW Kieran; RACIBORSKI Rafal
JRC830032013The production function of the top R&D investors: Accounting for size and sector heterogeneity with quantile estimationsVEZZANI ANTONIO; MONTRESOR SANDRO
JRC485322008Production of 230U/226Th for Targeted Alpha Therapy via Proton Irradiation of 231PaMORGENSTERN Alfred; LEBEDA O.; STURSA J.; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; CAPOTE R.; MCGINLEY John; RASMUSSEN Gert; SIN M.; ZIELINSKA B.; APOSTOLIDIS Christos
JRC102011994Production of 51-Cr by Deuteron Activation of Natural ChromiumCASTIGLIONI Marco; MANES Livio
JRC258892004Production of a Calibrant Certified Reference Material for the Determination of the Estrogenic Mycotoxin Zearalenone.JOSEPHS Ralf; KRSKA Rudolf; MACDONALD Susan; WILSON Pete; PETTERSSON Hans
JRC402372008Production of a Certified Reference Material for the Acrylamide Content in Toasted BreadDABRIO RAMOS MARTA; SEJEROE-OLSEN BERIT; MUSSER Sven; EMTEBORG HAKAN; ULBERTH FRANZ; EMONS HENDRIK