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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC730582012Methodologies for augmented discovery of geospatial resourcesSANTORO Mattia; MAZZETTI Paolo; NATIVI Stefano; FUGAZZA CRISTIANO; GRANELL Carlos; DIAZ Laura
JRC1038682016Methodologies for energy performance assessment based on location data: Proceedings of the workshop, Ispra, 12-14 September 2016BLOEM Johannes; KONA ALBANA; MASCHIO ISABELLA; RIVAS CALVETE SILVIA; MARTIRANO GIACOMO; BORZACCHIELLO MARIA TERESA; BOGUSLAWSKI RAYMOND; PIGNATELLI Francesco
JRC1052582017Methodologies to assess human-induced land change processes relevant to land degradation under different scenarios of climate change and socio-economic conditionsWEYNANTS MÉLANIE MARIE A; CHERLET MICHAEL
JRC273342003Methodologies to Examine the Importance of Host Factors in Bioavailability of Metals.BURGER Joanna; DIAZ-BARRIGA Fernando; MARAFANTE Erminio; POUNDS Joel; ROBSON Mark
JRC412812007Methodology and Multirisk Mapping for the North East Bulgarian Black Sea CoastRANGUELOV Boyko; JELINEK Robert
JRC807652013Methodology applied to the background analysis of energy data to be considered for the European Reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD)RECCHIONI MARCO; GARRAÌN Daniel; FAZIO SIMONE; CRISTINA De La Rùa; MATHIEUX FABRICE; YOLANDA Lechòn
JRC309262005Methodology for Accuracy Assessment of Global Scale Burned Area Maps Derived from Satellite ImagesBOSCHETTI Luigi
JRC333302006A Methodology for Assessing Fuel Cell Performance under a Wide Range of Operational Conditions: Results for Single CellsBOVE ROBERTO; BARATELLA Andrea; LUNGHI Piero
JRC993992016Methodology for combined use of data envelopment analysis and life cycle assessment applied to food waste managementCRISTOBAL GARCIA JORGE; LIMLEAMTHONG Phantisa; MANFREDI SIMONE; GUILLÉN-GOSÁLBEZ Gonzalo
JRC699782012A Methodology for Estimating Public ICT R&D Expenditures in the EUSTANCIK JURAJ
JRC489692009Methodology for Experimental ICT Industrial and Critical Infrastructure Security TestsMASERA Marcelo; NAI FOVINO Igor
JRC476842008Methodology for Experimental ICT Industrial and Critical Infrastructure Security TestsNAI FOVINO Igor; MASERA Marcelo
JRC984932018A methodology for flood susceptibility and vulnerability analysis in complex flood scenariosDOTTORI FRANCESCO; MARTINA MARIO L.V.; FIGUEIREDO RUI
JRC308592006A Methodology for Learning Lessons - Experiences at the European LevelKRAUSMANN ELISABETH; MUSHTAQ FESIL
JRC546982008A Methodology for Learning Lessons in the Chemical IndustryMUSHTAQ Fesil
JRC1048192017A methodology for maximizing the benefits of solar landfills on closed sitesSZABO Sandor; BODIS Katalin; KOUGIAS IOANNIS; MONER GERONA Magda; JAEGER-WALDAU Arnulf; BARTON Gabor; SZABO Laszlo
JRC963442016A methodology for optimization of the complementarity between small-hydropower plants and solar PV systemsKOUGIAS IOANNIS; SZABO Sandor; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; HULD Thomas; BODIS Katalin
JRC504722008Methodology for Preliminary Assessment of Natech Risk in Urban AreasCRUZ NARANJO Ana-Maria; OKADA Norio
JRC318582005A Methodology for Quality Assurance of Statistical Indicators - The Communication of Risks and Uncertainties for a Continuous ImprovementSAJEVA MAURIZIO
JRC961442016A methodology for resilience optimisation of interdependent critical infrastructuresGALBUSERA LUCA; AZZINI Ivano; GIANNOPOULOS Georgios