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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC764032013On the increase of social capital in degrowth economyANDREONI Valeria; GALMARINI Stefano
JRC119131996On the Influence of Transuranium Dilution in Well-Known U Heavy Fermion CompoundsWASTIN Franck henri; ZWIRNER Stefan; SERET Alain; WAERENBORGH Joao carlos; BEDNARCZYK Eugene; REBIZANT Jean
JRC932442015On the internal variability of simulated daily precipitationSCHINDLER Anne; TORETI ANDREA; ZAMPIERI Matteo; SCOCCIMARRO Enrico; GUALDI S.; FUKUTOME Sophie; XOPLAKI Elena; LUTERBACHER Juerg
JRC963862015On the interpretation and post-processing of mesh-adaptive numerical results in EUROPLEXUSCASADEI FOLCO; VALSAMOS GEORGIOS; LARCHER MARTIN
JRC308182005On the Intra-Host Dynamics of HIV-1 InfectionsSTILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS; SCHENZLE Dieter
JRC136971996On the Magnetic Interactions in Metal-Be13 CompoundsHIESS Arno; BONNET M.; BURLET P.; RESSOUCHE E.; SANCHEZ J.p.; WAERENBORGH Joao carlos; ZWIRNER Stefan; WASTIN Franck henri; REBIZANT Jean; LANDER Gerard heath, et al
JRC134811997On the Magnetisation Density of CeNiSn.HIESS Arno; ZOBKALO I.; BONNET M.; LELEVRE-BERNA E.; TASSET F.; ISIKAWA Y.; LANDER Gerard heath
JRC799152014On the melting behaviour of calcium monoxide under different atmospheres: a laser heating studyMANARA Dario; BÖHLER ROBERT; CAPRIOTTI LUCA; QUAINI Andrea; BAO Zhaoui; BOBORIDIS Konstantinos; LUZZI L.; JANSSEN ARNE; POEML PHILIPP; ELOIRDI Rachel, et al
JRC663412011On the melting behaviour of uranium/plutonium mixed dioxides with high-Pu content: A laser heating studyDE BRUYCKER Frank; BOBORIDIS Konstantinos; KONINGS Rudy; RINI Matteo; ELOIRDI Rachel; GUENEAU Christine; DUPIN N.; MANARA Dario
JRC915222015On the methodology to calculate the covariance of estimated resonance parametersBECKER BJÖRN; KOPECKY Stefan; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter
JRC906902014On the methods to assess significance in nestedness analysesSTRONA GIOVANNI; FATTORINI Simone
JRC444272009On the Methods to Model and Analyze Attack Scenarios with Fault TreesRENDA GUIDO; CONTINI SERGIO; COJAZZI GIACOMO
JRC220352001On the Monitoring of Illicit Vessel Discharges Using Spaceborne SAR Remote Sensing. A Reconnaissance Study in the Mediterranean Sea.PAVLAKIS Petros
JRC219362001On the Monitoring of Illicit Vessel Discharges. A Reconnaissance Study in the Mediterranean Sea.PAVLAKIS Petros; TARCHI Dario; SIEBER Alois josef; FERRARO Guido; VINCENT Gilles
JRC162401998On the Monoterpene Emission under Heat Stress and on the Increased Thermotolerance of Quercus ilex L. Fumigated with Selected Monoterpendes.LORETO Francesco; FOERSTER Andrea; DUERR Marlene; CSIKY Olav; SEUFERT Guenther
JRC258082003On the Morphological Processing of Objects with Varying Local Contrast.SOILLE Pierre
JRC347852006On the Motion of Particles in a Laminar Flow BendLAWSON J. A.; REEKS Michael W.; POTTS Ian; DROSSINOS IOANNIS
JRC314012005On the Need of Exact Probabilistic Quantification in FT/ET AnalysisCOJAZZI GIACOMO; CONTINI SERGIO; RENDA GUIDO
JRC474712009On the Need to Observe Vegetation Canopies in the Near-Infrared to Estimate Visible Light AbsorptionPINTY Bernard; LAVERGNE Thomas; WIDLOWSKI Jean-Luc; GOBRON Nadine; VERSTRAETE Michel
JRC371352007On the Non-destructive Detection of Fatigue Damage in Industrial Aluminium Alloys by Positron AnnihilationHOLZWARTH UWE; SCHAAFF Petra