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JRC619962011Atmospheric concentrations, occurrence and deposition of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in a Mediterranean coastal site (Etang der Tau, France)CASTRO JIMENEZ Javier; MARIANI Giulio; VIVES-RUBIO Ingrid; SKEJO Helle; UMLAUF Gunther; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'; DUERI Sibylle; MESSIAEN G.; LAUGIER T.
JRC1067512017Atmospheric correction over coastal waters using multilayer neural networksYONGZHEN FAN; LI WEI; GATEBE CHARLES; JAMET CÉDRIC; ZIBORDI GIUSEPPE; SCHROEDER T.; STAMNES KNUT
JRC270552004Atmospheric Corrosion Evaluation of Galvanised Steel by Thin Layer Activation.STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederik; BRUGNONI Claudio; LAGUZZI G.; LUVIDI L.; DE CRISTOFARO N.
JRC49701987Atmospheric Corrosion Testing of Energy Conversion CoatingsSTRAETMANS R.; BOGAERTS W.; VAN HAUTE A.
JRC210002001Atmospheric Degradation and Global Warming Potentials of Three Perfluoroalkenes.ACERBONI Gloria; BEUKES J.a.; JENSEN Niels roland; HJORTH Jens liengaard; MYHRE G.; NIELSEN Claus j.; SUNDET J.k.
JRC363702006Atmospheric Deposition and Marine Sedimentation Fluxes of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean BasinTSAPAKIS Manolis; APOSTOLAKI Maria; EISENREICH STEVEN; STEPHANOU E.
JRC751912012Atmospheric deposition of beryllium in Central Europe: Comparison of soluble and insoluble fractions in rime and snow across a pollution gradientBOHDALKOVA Leona; NOVAK Martin; VOLDRICHOVA Petra; PRECHOVA Eva; VESELOVSKY Frantisek; ERBANOVA Lucie; KRACHLER MICHAEL; KOMAREK Arnost; MIKOVA Jitka
JRC543502010Atmospheric Deposition of Nutrients and Excess N Formation in the North AtlanticZAMORRA L.m.; LANDOLFI A.; OSCHLIES A.; HANSELL D.a.; DIETZE H.; DENTENER Franciscus
JRC41711986Atmospheric Diffusion Experiments on a Local Scale at a Coastal SiteGAGLIONE Pietro; BASSETTI Daniel; CAGNETTI P.; PELLEGRINI A.
JRC50951988An Atmospheric Diffusion Study on a Local Scale at a Coastal SiteGAGLIONE Pietro; CAGNETTI P.; PELLEGRINI A.; DESIATO F.
JRC125701997Atmospheric Dispersion of Natural Gases at Vulcano IslandGRAZIANI Giovanni; MARTILLI A.; PARESCHI M.t.; VALENZA M.
JRC642672011Atmospheric emissions from vegetation fires in Portugal (1990 - 2008): estimates, uncertainty analysis, and sensitivity analysisPEREIRA J.m.c.; ROSA Isabel; TARANTOLA Stefano
JRC703792012Atmospheric fluxes of organic N and P to the global oceanKANAKIDOU M.; DUCE Robert a.; PROSPERO J.; BAKER A. R.; BENITEZ-NELSON Claudia; DENTENER Franciscus; HUNTER Keith; LISS P. S.; MAHOWALD Natalie M.; OKIN Gregory, et al
JRC180782000Atmospheric Gas Phase Reactions of Dimethylsulfoxide and Dimethylsulfone with OH and NO3 Radicals, Cl Atoms and Ozone.FALBE-HANSEN Henriette; SOERENSEN Soren; JENSEN Niels roland; PEDERSEN Thorval; HJORTH Jens liengaard
JRC178261999An Atmospheric Generation System for the Preparation of Ambient Air Volatile Compounds Standard Mixures.PEREZ BALLESTA Pascual; BALDAN Annarita; CANCELINHA SEQUEIRA Jose
JRC672632012Atmospheric greenhouse gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY: comparison to ground-based FTS measurements and model resultsSCHNEISING O.; BERGAMASCHI Peter; BOVENSMANN Heinrich; BUCHWITZ Michael; BURROWS John; DEUTSCHER N. M.; GRIFFITH D. W. T.; HEYMANN J.; MACATANGAY R.; MESSERSCHMIDT J., et al
JRC331102008Atmospheric Input of POPs into Lake Maggiore (Northern Italy): PBDEs Concentrations and Profile in Air, Precipitation, Settling Material and SedimentsMARIANI GIULIO; CANUTI Elisabetta; CASTRO JIMENEZ JAVIER; CHRISTOPH EUGEN; EISENREICH STEVEN; HANKE GEORG; SKEJO HELLE; UMLAUF GUNTHER
JRC330662008Atmospheric Input of POPs into Lake Maggiore (Northern Italy): PCDD/Fs and Dioxin-like PCBs Profiles and Fluxes in the Atmosphere and Aquatic SystemCASTRO JIMENEZ JAVIER; MARIANI GIULIO; EISENREICH STEVEN; CHRISTOPH EUGEN; HANKE GEORG; CANUTI Elisabetta; SKEJO HELLE; UMLAUF GUNTHER
JRC156871998Atmospheric Lifetimes, Infrared Spectra and Degradation Products of a Series of Hydrofluoropolyethers.CAVALLI Fabrizia; GLASIUS M.; HJORTH Jens liengaard; RINDONE Bruno; JENSEN Niels roland
JRC281572004Atmospheric Methane and Carbon Dioxide from SCIAMACHY Satellite Data. Initial Comparison with Global Models of Chemistry and Transport.BUCHWITZ Michael; DE BEEK Ruediger; BURROWS John; BOVENSMANN Heinrich; WARNEKE Thorsten; NOTHOLT Justus; MEIRINK Jan fokke; GOEDE Albert; BERGAMASCHI Peter; KOERNER Stefan, et al