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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC960212016A new R-SWAT Decision Making Framework for the Efficient Allocation of Best Management PracticesUDIAS MOINELO ANGEL; MALAGO ANNA; REYNAUD ARNAUD; PASTORI MARCO; VIGIAK OLGA; BOURAOUI Faycal
JRC508242009New Record of a Dinoflagellate Species, Lessardia Elongata Saldarriaga et Taylor in the Black SeaEKER-DEVELI Elif; VELIKOVA Violeta
JRC576872010A New Reference Material for Radionuclides in the Mussel Sample from the Mediterranean Sea (IAEA-437)PHAM M. K.; BETTI M.; POVINEC P.; BENMANSOUR M.; BOJANOWSKI R.; BOUISSET P.; CALVO E. C.; HAM G. J.; HOLM E.; HULT Mikael, et al
JRC534202010A New Regulation on Classification, Labelling and PackagingBERGGREN Katarina; JENSEN-KORTE Uta
JRC916312014New resolved resonance region evaluation for 63,65Cu for nuclear criticality safety programSOBES V.; LEAL L. C.; GUBER K.; FORGET B.; KOPECKY Stefan; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; SIEGLER Peter
JRC880082013New resonance parameters for the stable tungsten isotopes from thermal to 1 keVEMILIANI F.; BECKER BJÖRN; GUBER Klaus; KOPECKY Stefan; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; WYNANTS Ruud
JRC834232014New Results for the Practical Use of Range ProofsCANARD Sébastien; COISEL IWEN; JAMBERT Amandine; TRAORÉ Jacques
JRC342222005New Results on Helium and Tritium Gas Production From Ternary FissionSEROT Olivier; WAGEMANS Cyriel; HEYSE Jan
JRC311062005New Results on the Neutron-induced Fission Cross-section of 231Pa for Incident Neutron Energies En=0.8 to 3.5 MeVOBERSTEDT STEPHAN; FRITSCH Volker; HAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF; OBERSTEDT Andreas; LOEVESTAM GOERAN; KORNILOV NIKOLAI
JRC343112006New Results on the Ternary Fission of 243CmHEYSE Jan; WAGEMANS Cyriel; VERMOTE Sofie; SEROT Olivier; GELTENBORT Peter; SOLDNER Torsten; VAN GILS Jack
JRC929332015The new Reviewer Registry of the European Platform on LCAFAZIO SIMONE; PENNINGTON David
JRC705652012A New Roadmap for Next-Generation Policy-MakingMUREDDU Francesco; MISURACA GIANLUCA; OSIMO David; ARMENIA Stefano
JRC552992009New robust dynamic plots for regression mixture detectionPERROTTA Domenico; RIANI Marco; TORTI Francesca
JRC70481991A New Sensitive, High Resolution Raman Detector Based on IonisationSMITH B.w.
JRC930932015New sensors benchmark report on Kompsat-3VAJSOVÁ BLANKA; WALCZYNSKA Agnieszka; BÄRISCH Samuel; AASTRAND Paer; HAIN Susanne
JRC995172015New sensors benchmark report on Sentinel-2AVAJSOVÁ BLANKA; AASTRAND Paer
JRC939872015New sensors benchmark report on SPOT7VAJSOVÁ BLANKA; PARAGE Vincent; FAGET Nathalie; AASTRAND Paer
JRC994332015New sensors benchmark report on WorldView-3VAJSOVÁ BLANKA; WALCZYNSKA Agnieszka; AASTRAND Paer; BARISCH Samuel; HAIN Susanne
JRC489072009A New Series of Uranium Isotope Reference Materials for Investigating the Linearity of Secondary Electron Multipliers in Isotope Mass SpectrometryRICHTER Stephan; ALONSO-MUNOZ Adolfo; AREGBE Yetunde; EYKENS Roger; KEHOE Frances; KUEHN Heinz; KIVEL Niko; VERBRUGGEN Andre; WELLUM Roger; TAYLOR Philip