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JRC1033882017A method for scintillation characterization using geodetic receivers operating at 1 HzJUAN JOSE MIGUEL; ARAGON ANGEL MARIA ANGELES; SANZ JAUME; GONZALEZ CASADO GUILLERMO; ROVIRA GARCIA ADRIA
JRC1013392017A method for supporting the design of efficient heating systems using EU product policy dataCALERO PASTOR MARIA; MATHIEUX FABRICE; BRISSAUD DANIEL; DEWULF JO
JRC632002011A Method for the Detection and Quantitative Estimation of Low Shunt Resistances via the Dark Spectral Response Measurement of Multijunction Photovoltaic Cells: Theory and ResultsPRAVETTONI Mauro; MUELLEJANS Harald
JRC186001997Method for the Determination of Neutron Field Monitor Burnup Effects by Gamma-Spectrometry.POMME Stefan; SIMONITS A.; DE CORTE Frans; ROBOUCH Piotr; HARDEMAN Frank
JRC200462000Method for the Determination of the 13-C/12-C Isotope Ratio of Ethanol in Wines by Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS).GUILLOU Claude gualbert; RENIERO Fabiano; MARTIN Gerard; WITTKOWSKI Reiner; BLANCH Ana isabel; VERSINI Giuseppe; LEFEVRE Bernard; GOLDWIN Gerald
JRC158581998A Method for the Experimental Determination of Light Absorption by Aquatic Heterotrophic Bacteria.FERRARI Giovanni; TASSAN Stelvio
JRC218262001Method of Determination of Appropriate Heat Treatment of Animal Meal by Immunoassay Developed for Detection of Cooked Beef. Interlaboratory Study.BJOERKLUND Erland; PALLARONI Lea; UNGLAUB W.; VON HOLST Christoph
JRC952072016A method of establishing a transect for biodiversity and ecosystem function monitoring across EuropeSTONE D; BLOMKVIST P; HENDRIKSEN N.bohse; BONKOWSKI Michael; BRACHT H; CARVALHO F; DUNBAR MARTHA BONNET; GARDI Ciro; GEISEN S; GRIFFITHS R, et al
JRC560532009A Method to Build an Analytical Model of the 10B(n,a)7Li Reaction Rate Space Distribution for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)MORAND Josselin; MOSS Raymond; HACHEM Sabet; SAUERWEIN Wolfgang
JRC345552006A Method to Compare and Improve Land Cover Datasets: Application to the GLC-2000 and MODIS Land Cover ProductsSEE Linda M.; FRITZ Steffen
JRC699982012A Method to Construct Network Traffic Models for Process Control SystemsGARITANO INAKI; SIATERLIS CHRISTOS; GENGE BELA; URIBEETXEBERRIA Roberto; ZURUTUZA Urko
JRC137351998A Method to Determine Methane Oxidation and Methane Production in SoilsANDERSEN Bertel l.; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; LEIP Adrian; REMBGES Diana
JRC623652009Method to Determine PBL Height and Various Layers within Troposphere, as Measured by a Lidar SystemADAM MARIANA; GRUENING Carsten; PUTAUD Jean-Philippe
JRC545592010A Method to Determine the Sodium Level Inside a Sealed Metallic Sample HolderD'AGATA Elio; ROSEROT DE MELIN FRANCOIS; LAPETITE Jean-Marc
JRC910862014A method to estimate the terrestrial component of ambient dose equivalent rate from EURDEP routine monitoring data to improve the European Geogenic Radon MapCINELLI GIORGIA; HERNANDEZ CEBALLOS MIGUEL ANGEL; BOSSEW Peter; TOLLEFSEN Tore; SANCHEZ MARTIN JOSE IGNACIO; MARIN FERRER Montserrat; NISHEV ALEKSEY; BOGUCARSKIS Konstantins; GRUBER Valeria; DE CORT Marc
JRC502672008A Method to Generate near Real Time UV-Index Maps of AustriaSCHALLHART Barbara; BLUMTHALER Mario; SCHREDER Josef; VERDEBOUT Jean
JRC180462000A Method to Generate Surface UV Radiation Maps over Europe Using GOME, METEOSAT and Ancillary Geophysical Data.VERDEBOUT Jean rene
JRC1032882017A method to include Life-Cycle Analysis in earthquake designLOLI ARIAN; LAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO; NEGRO Paolo
JRC219672002A Method to Induce and Assess Isotopic Equilibrium of Oxygen.AREGBE Yetunde; VALKIERS Staf; GONFIANTINI Roberto; NOERGAARD Joergen; TAYLOR P.d.p.
JRC564242010The Method Used for Consolidating WWER Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement KnowledgeVON ESTORFF Ulrik; DEBARBERIS Luigi