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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC912962015“Once upon a Time in the Mediterranean”. Long Term Trends of Mediterranean Fisheries Resources Based on Fishers’ Traditional Ecological KnowledgeDAMALAS DIMITRIOS; MARAVELIAS Christos; OSIO GIACOMO CHATO; MAYNOU Francesc; SBRANA M.; SARTOR P.
JRC180351998Oncogene Transgenic Mice: A Useful Model to Study in vivo the Relationships between Gangliosides and Oncogenes.COLOMBO I.; MONTEGGIA Elena; MORETTI S.; MANGIARINI L.; SACCO Maria grazia; VILLA Anna; RAPELLI S.; CLERICI Libero antonio; BERRA B.
JRC1015312016One Ecosystem: Innovation in ecology and sustainability research publishingBURKHARD Benjamin; MAES JOACHIM; GENELETTI Davide; STOEV Pavel; PENEV Lyubomir
JRC956062016One hundred and fifty years of sprint and distance running – Past trends and future prospectsWEISS MARTIN; NEWMAN Alexandra; WHITMORE Ceri; WEISS Stephan
JRC509832009One Information Space, Billions of SensorsANNONI Alessandro; CRAGLIA Massimo
JRC961962015One ligand fits all: lanthanide and actinide sandwich complexes comprising the 1,4-bis(trimethylsilyl)cyclooctatetraenyl (=COT′′) ligandRAUSCH Janek; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; WALTER OLAF; LORENZ Volker; HRIB Cristian; HILFERT Liane; KÜHLING Marcel; BUSSE Sabine; EDELMANN Frank
JRC496042009One of Possible Way to Preservation and Management of Nuclear Knowledge on WWER Reactor Pressure VesselsVON ESTORFF Ulrik; SLUGEN Vladimir
JRC970212016One size fits all? A different perspective on university rankingsGOGLIO VALENTINA
JRC279662004One Way of Disseminating Reference Values with Demonstrated Traceability and Demonstrated Uncertainty to Field Laboratories: IMEP.TAYLOR P.d.p.
JRC338512006One Year of ^222 Rn Concentration in the Atmospheric Surface LayerGALMARINI STEFANO
JRC645302011One year of fire observations from space: lessons learned about fire behavior and vegetationPALUMBO ILARIA; GREGOIRE Jean-Marie; PUNGA Mikhel
JRC926042014Ongoing activities for the improvement of the Resource Directory of the European Platform on LCAFAZIO SIMONE; BENINI LORENZO
JRC612782012Online characterization of regulated and unregulated gaseous and particulate exhaust emission from two-stroke mopeds: A chemometric approachCLAIROTTE MICHAEL; ADAM Thomas W.; CHIRICO Roberto; GIECHASKIEL Barouch; MANFREDI Urbano; ELSASSER M.; SKLORZ M.; DECARLO Peter; HERINGA M.f.; ZIMMERMANN R., et al
JRC736942012Online Consultation on Experts’ Views on Digital CompetenceJANSSEN José; STOYANOV Slavi; FERRARI Anusca; PUNIE Yves
JRC866572013Online coupled regional meteorology-chemistry models in Europe: current status and prospectsBAKLANOV A.; SCHLUENZEN H.; SUPPAN Peter; BALDASANO Jose; BRUNNER D.; AKSOYOGLU G; CARMICHAEL G.; DOUROS J.; FLEMMING Johannes; FORKEL R., et al
JRC308892006Online Data and Tools for Estimation of Solar Electricity in Africa - the PVGIS ApproachSURI MARCEL; HULD THOMAS; DUNLOP EWAN; ALBUISSON Michel; WALD Lucien
JRC638062011Online Information Systems with Alien Species Occurrence Records in Europe: Coverage, Complementarity and CompatibilityVANDEKERKHOVE JOCHEN; CARDOSO Ana
JRC349942008Online Measurement of Water Content in Candidate Reference Materials by Acousto-Optical Tuneable Filter near Infrared Spectrometry (AOTF-NIR) using Pork Meat Calibrants controlled by Karl Fischer TitrationKESTENS VIKRAM; CHAROUD-GOT JEAN; BAU' ANDREA; BERNREUTHER ALEXANDER; EMTEBORG HAKAN
JRC422412007Online Monitoring of BALB/3T3 Metabolism and Adhesion with Multiparametric Chip-Based SystemCERIOTTI LAURA; KOB A.; DRECHSLER S.; PONTI JESSICA; THEDINGA E.; COLPO PASCAL; EHRET R.; ROSSI FRANCOIS
JRC639572012Online Monitoring of Cell Metabolism to Assess the Toxicity of Nanoparticles: the Case of Cobalt Ferrite.MARIANI VALENTINA; PONTI Jessica; GIUDETTI GUIDO; BROGGI Francesca; MARMORATO Patrick; GIORIA Sabrina; FRANCHINI Fabio; RAUSCHER Hubert; ROSSI Francois