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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC109151995The ARIPAR Project. Analysis of the Major Accident Risks Connected with Industrial and Transportation Activities in the Ravenna AreaEGIDI Demetrio; FORABOSCHI Franco; SPADONI Gigliola; AMENDOLA Aniello
JRC47341986The ARISON Data Acquisition and Elaboration Software Package Running on Hewlett Packard MinicomputerDIAMANTIDIS Zissis
JRC437702007Armed Conflict Risk Assessment - Towards an Operational ApproachBURNLEY CLEMENTINE EWOKOLO; BUDA Dirk; KAYITAKIRE FRANCOIS
JRC642712011Armed conflicts and natural resources - Scientific report on Global Atlas and Information Centre for Conflicts and Natural ResourcesKUCERA Jan; KAUFFMANN MAYEUL; DUTA ANA-MARIA; SOLER Ivette Tarrida; TENERELLI PATRIZIA; TRIANNI GIOVANNA; HALE Catherine; RIZZO Lauren; FERRI Stefano
JRC365752006Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Treaties: An Ontology of Concepts and CharachteristicsPOUCET ANDRE
JRC486252008Aromatic Aminoacid Analogues Mimetic of BPA Transport - Use of O-(2-[18F]fluoroethyl)-L-tyrosine in Experimental Animal Model of F98 GliomaMENICHETTI Luca; GAETANO Lorena; DAQUINO Giuseppe Giovanni; CIONINI Luca; MAZZINI Marino; SALVADORI Piero
JRC129931996Aromatic Nitrations by Mixed Acid Fast Liquid-Liquid Reaction RegimeMOLGA Eugenieusz; ALOS M.a.; HERNANDEZ Guevara hector javier; WESTERTERP K.r.
JRC112761995Aromatic Nitrations by Mixed Acid Slow Liquid-Liquid ReactionsALOS M.a.; HERNANDEZ Guevara hector javier; WESTERTERP K.r.
JRC307312005Artefacts in the Sampling of Nitrate Studied in the "INTERCOMP" Campaigns of EUROTRAC-AEROSOLSCHAAP M.; SPINDLER G.; SCHULZ M.; ACKER K.; MAENHAUT W.; BERNER A.; WIEPRECHT W.; STREIT N.; MUELLER K.; BRUEGGEMANN E., et al
JRC512772009The Artemis European Tools for Estimating the Transport Pollutant EmissionsANDRÉ Michel; KELLER Mario; SJÖDIN Åke; GADRAT Marie; MC CRAE Ian; DILARA Panagiota
JRC675332011Artificial Defocus for Displaying Markers in Microscopy Z-StacksGIUSTI Alessandro; TADDEI PIERLUIGI; CORANI Giorgio; MAGLI Cristina; GIANAROLI Luca; GAMBARDELLA Luca
JRC735562013Artificial diamonds as radiation-hard detectors for ultra-fast fission-fragment timingOBERSTEDT Stephan; BORCEA Ruxandra; BRYS TOMASZ; GAMBONI Thierry; GEERTS Wouter; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Andreas; VIDALI Marzio
JRC625402011Artificializzazione del Territorio: Alcuni Dati a Livello EuropeoGARDI Ciro; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC98011993Artworks Diagnostics with Fiber Optics DSPIPAOLETTI D.; SCHIRRIPA SPAGNOLO G.
JRC1075392017ASAP - Anomaly hot Spots of Agricultural Production, a new early warning decision support system developed by the Joint Research CentreREMBOLD FELIX; MERONI MICHELE; URBANO FERDINANDO; LEMOINE GUIDO; KERDILES HERVE; PEREZ HOYOS ANA; CSAK GABOR
JRC654542011The Asian Rise in ICT R&D - Looking for Evidence. International ConferenceSIMON JEAN-PAUL
JRC787382011Aspect-Driven News SummarizationSTEINBERGER Josef; TANEV Hristo; KABADJOV Mijail; STEINBERGER Ralf
JRC568142010Aspectos Económicos de la Política Climática EuropeaCISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos
JRC52611987Aspects Appliques et Internationaux de l'Ecologie Litterale MediterraneenneRAVERA Oscar
JRC247542003Aspects of Fabrication of Curium-Based Fuels and Targets.PILLON S.; SOMERS J.; GRANDJEAN S.; LACQUEMENT J.