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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC151051997Ausarbeitung und Aufsetzen einer sicheren und zuverlassigen Internet-Datenkommunikation fuer die radiologischen Informations- und Notfallsysteme am Umweltinstitut der Europaischen Kommission.KAMMERER Volker
JRC564662010AuScope's Use of Standards to Deliver Earth Resource DataWOODCOCK Robert; SIMONS Bruce; DUCLAUX Guillaume; COX SIMON
JRC110311995Austenitic Steel Piping Testing Exercises in PISCCRUTZEN Serge; LEMAITRE Patrice michel victor
JRC443452008Authentication of Farmed and Wild Turbot (Psetta maxima) by Fatty Acid and Isotopic Analyses Combined with ChemometricsBUSETTO Maria Letizia; MORETTI Vittorio; MORENO ROJAS JOSE'; CAPRINO Fabio; GIANI Ivan; MALANDRA Renato; BELLAGAMBA Federica; GUILLOU CLAUDE
JRC616902010Authentication of Trappist Beers by LC-MS Fingerprints and Multivariate Data AnalysisMATTARUCCHI ELIA; STOCCHERO Matteo; MORENO-ROJAS Jose Manuel; GIORDANO Giuseppe; RENIERO Fabiano; GUILLOU Claude
JRC759172013An auto-calibration procedure for empirical solar radiation modelsBOJANOWSKI Jedrzej; DONATELLI Marcello; SKIDMORE Andrew; Vrieling A.
JRC614192011Autofluorescence microscopy: a non-destructive tool to monitor mitochondrial morphology and toxicityRODRIGUES Robim; MACKO Peter; PALOSAARI Taina; WHELAN Maurice
JRC668182011An automated approach for segmenting and classifying a large sample of multi-date Landsat imagery for pan-tropical forest monitoringRASI Rastislav; BODART Catherine; STIBIG Hans-Jurgen; EVA Hugh; BEUCHLE Rene'; ACHARD Frederic; CARBONI Silvia; SIMONETTI Dario
JRC593682010Automated Clean Up Methord for the Determination of PCBs and PBDEs in FishMARIANI Giulio; MANNI A.; SKEJO Helle; UMLAUF Gunther
JRC1054492017Automated energy management in distributed electricity systems: An EEPOS approachPURVINS ARTURS; L'ABBATE ANGELO
JRC566282010Automated Event Extraction for Border SecurityATKINSON Martin; PISKORSKI Jakub; TANEV Hristo; VAN DER GOOT Erik; ZAVARELLA Vanni; YANGARBER Roman
JRC814702013Automated geographic context analysis for volunteered informationSPINSANTI LAURA; OSTERMANN FRANK
JRC651792010Automated land cover mapping and independent change detection in tropical forest using multi-temporal high resolution data setVERHEGGEN Astrid; ERNST Céline; DEFOURNY Pierre; BEUCHLE Rene'
JRC505722009Automated Mapping of Environmental Variables from a SEIS or SISE PerspectivePEBESMA Edzer; DUBOIS Gregoire; CORNFORD Dan
JRC625532010An automated method for detection of selected non-conformities within LPIS database based on image object extraction approachZIELINSKI Rafal; LOUDJANI Philippe
JRC870742015Automated metric characterization of urban structure using building decomposition from very high resolution imageryHEINZEL JOHANNES; KEMPER Thomas
JRC376702007Automated Morphological Image Composition for Mosaicing Large Image Data SetsBIELSKI CONRAD; GRAZZINI JACOPO; SOILLE PIERRE
JRC664122011An automated procedure for detection of IDP's dwellings using VHR satellite imageryJENEROWICZ Malgorzata; KEMPER Thomas; SOILLE Pierre
JRC897872014Automated Screening of Spatio-Temporal Anomalies in Long Term / Large Scale Air Quality Observation Time SeriesKRACHT OLIVER; GERBOLES Michel
JRC118151996Automated Solid Phase Extraction Coupled to GC/ECD. A Combination of Extraction and Clean-up of Pyrethroids in the Analysis of Surface WaterVAN DER HOFF Rene; PELUSIO Fabio; BRINKMAN Udo a. th.; BAUMANN Robert a.; VAN ZOONEN Piet