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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC438802008Polarization of U 5f States in Uranium MultilayersSPRINGELL R.; WILHELM F.; ROGALEV A.; STIRLING W. G.; WARD R. C. C.; WELLS M. R.; LANGRIDGE S.; ZOCHOWKSI S. W.; LANDER G. H.
JRC172441999Polarized Neutron Scattering Study of the Magnetic Response across TN in a Single Crystal of UO2.AMORETTI G.; CACIUFFO R.; SANTINI P.; LANDER Gerard heath; KULDA J.; DE V. DU PLESSIS P.
JRC552272010Polarized Neutron Scattering Study of the Spin-wave Excitations in the 3-k Ordered Phase of Uranium AntimonideMAGNANI Nicola; CACIUFFO Roberto; LANDER G.h.; HIESS A.; REGNAULT L.-P.
JRC144661997Polarized Neutron Studies of CeNiSnHIESS Arno; ZOBKALO I.; BONNET M.; SCHWEIZER J.; TASSET F.; ISIKAWA Y.; LANDER Gerard heath
JRC342792006Policies for a Sustainable Use of Soil ResourcesMONTANARELLA LUCA
JRC324012006Policies for a Sustainable Use of the Soil Resource: A Mediterranean PerspectiveMONTANARELLA LUCA
JRC919552015Policies for efficient spectrum sharingGAVRILOVSKA Liljana; ATANASOVSKI Vladimir; BALDINI Gianmarco
JRC732562012Policy analysis based on micro-economic data conducted at JRC-IPTS Agrilife Unit and future data needs: selected activitiesESPINOSA GODED MARIA; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; CIAIAN PAVEL
JRC879752015A policy based framework for cognitive radio networksBALDINI Gianmarco; NEISSE RICARDO; BISWAS Abdur Rahim; TROMBETTA Alberto
JRC927842014Policy FrameworksMONTANARELLA Luca; BAMPA Francesca; DE BROGNIEZ DELPHINE
JRC567792010The Policy Maker's Anguish: Regulating Personal Data Behaviour Between Paradoxes and DilemmasCOMPANO Ramon; LUSOLI Wainer
JRC854362014Policy Making 2.0: Unleashing the power of big data for public governanceMISURACA GIANLUCA; MUREDDU Francesco; OSIMO D.
JRC540632011Policy measures for agricultural soil conservation in the European Union and its member states: policy review and classificationKUTTER Thomas; LOUWAGIE Geertrui; SCHULER Johannes; ZANDER Peter; HELMING Katharina; HECKER J.-Martin
JRC428862008Policy Options and Implementation Measures Promoting Electricity from Renewable Biomass in the European UnionKAUTTO NIINA; RODI Michael
JRC540622010Policy Options Towards an Energy Efficient Residential Building Stock in the EU-27UIHLEIN Andreas; EDER Peter
JRC918632015Policy relevance of Critical Zone ScienceMONTANARELLA Luca; PANAGOS Panagiotis
JRC560322010Policy Relevance of Three Integrated Assessment Tools - A Comparison with Specific Reference to Agricultural PoliciesUTHES Sandra; FRICKE Katharina; KÖNIG Hannes; ZANDER Peter; VAN ITTERSUM Martin; SIEBER STEFAN; HELMING Katharina; PIORR Annette; MÜLLER Klaus
JRC628782010Policy Strategies to Promote Eco-Innovation - An Integrated FrameworkDEL RÍO Pablo; CARRILLO-HERMOSILLA Javier; KONNOLA Totti
JRC778052013Policy-making in science policy: The ‘OECD model’ unveiledHENRIQUES Luisa; LARÉDO Philippe
JRC884292014A Policymakers Guide to Transnational Learning in Smart Specialisation. S3 Policy Brief Series No. 05/2014MARIUSSEN Åge; MIDTKANDAL INGER; RAKHMATULLIN RUSLAN