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JRC725762013Pseudodynamic Tests on a Full-Scale 3-Storey Precast Concrete Building: Global ResponseNEGRO Paolo; BOURNAS DIONYSIOS; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier
JRC725782013Pseudodynamic tests on a full-scale 3-storey precast concrete building:Behavior of the mechanical connections and floor diaphragmsBOURNAS DIONYSIOS; NEGRO Paolo; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier
JRC487842008Pseudodynamic Tests on Full Scale Prototypes of Precast StruturesBIONDINI Fabio; TONIOLO Giandomenico; ZHAO Bin
JRC230922002Pseudodynamic Tests on Rubber Base Isolators with Numerical Substructuring of the Superstructure and Strain-Rate Effect Compensation.MOLINA F. j.; VERZELETTI Guido; MAGONETTE Georges; BUCHET Philippe; RENDA Vito; GERADIN Michel; PARDUCCI A.; MEZZI M.; PACCHIAROTTI A.; FEDERICI L., et al
JRC1067772017PSMA-targeting alpha-Radiation therapy with 225Actinium-PSMA-617: Dosimetry, toxicity and duration of tumor-controlKRATOCHWIL CLEMENS; BRUCHERTSEIFER FRANK; GIESEL FREDERIK; APOSTOLIDIS CHRISTOS; HABERKORN UWE; MORGENSTERN ALFRED
JRC1005482016Psycho-oncological support for breast cancer patients: A brief overview of breast cancer services certification schemes and national health policies in EuropeNEAMTIU LUCIANA; DEANDREA SILVIA; PYLKKANEN LIISA; FREEMAN Crystal; LOPEZ ALCALDE JESUS; BRAMESFELD ANKE; SAZ PARKINSON ZULEIKA ESTHER; ULUTURK TEKIN ASLI; LERDA Donata
JRC426312008PTF: an Extensible Component for Sharing and Using Knowledge on Pedo-transfer FunctionsACUTIS Marco; DONATELLI Marcello; LANZA FILIPPI Giovanni
JRC589422011Pu-breeding feasibility in irradiation channels of research reactorsTOMANIN Alice; PEERANI Paolo; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet
JRC646952011Public Acceptability of Sustainable Transport Measures: A Review of the LiteraturePRIDMORE ALISON; MIOLA Apollonia
JRC343262006Public Access to Remotely Accessible Spatial InformationNOWAK JOANNA
JRC270132003Public Availability of Data on EU High production Volume Chemicals - Part 2ALLANOU Remi; HANSEN Bjorn gaarn; VAN DER BILT Yvonne
JRC270122003Public Availability of Data on EU High Production Volume Chemicals. Part 1.ALLANOU Remi; HANSEN Bjorn gaarn; VAN DER BILT Yvonne
JRC356932006Public eServices: An Opportunity for Leap-frogging in Eastern European Member States?BOGDANOWICZ MARC
JRC581142010Public Exposure by Natural Radionuclides in Drinking Water - Models for Effective Dose Assessment and Implications to GuidelinesGRUBER VALERIA; MARINGER F.-J.
JRC664292011Public goods and ecosystem services delivered by HNV farmlandPARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; OPPERMANN Rainer
JRC848442016Public health economic evaluation of different European Union–level policy options aimed at reducing population dietary trans fat intakeMARTIN SABORIDO CARLOS; MOURATIDOU THEODORA; LIVANIOU ANASTASIA; LOURO CALDEIRA SANDRA; WOLLGAST Jan
JRC79541991Public Information about Major Accident Hazards: Legal Requirements and Practical ImplementationDE MARCHI Bruna
JRC1069752017Public procurement: a policy tool to promote healthier food environments and choicesSTORCKSDIECK GENANNT BONSMANN STEFAN; LOURO CALDEIRA SANDRA; GAUCI CHARMAINE; CALLEJA ANTOINETTE; FURTADO ARTUR
JRC917722014Public Protection and Disaster Relief Communication System Integrity: A Radio-Flexibility and Identity-Based Cryptography ApproachPOLYDOROS Andreas; DIMITRIOU Nikos; BALDINI Gianmarco; NAI FOVINO Igor; TADDEO Marco; CIPRIANO Antonio