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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1097692017Measurements of neutron scattering angular distributions with a new scintillator setupPIROVANO ELISA; BEYER R.; JUNGHANS A. R.; NOLTE R.; NYMAN MARKUS; PLOMPEN ARJAN
JRC48561987Measurements of Sound Absorption and Sound Speed in Terrigeneous SedimentsWEYDERT Marco; D'ALESSANDRO Marco
JRC79451991Measurements of Sound Absorption and Sound Speed in Water Saturated Glacial-Fluvial SedimentsWEYDERT Marco
JRC471072008Measurements of the Branching Ratio of the 209Bi(n, gamma)210gBi/210mBi Reactions at GELINABORELLA Alessandro; BELGYA T.; BERTHOUMIEUX E.; COLONNA N.; DOMINGO-PARDO C.; DROHE Jean Claude; GUNSING Frank; MARRONE S.; MARTINEZ T.; MASSIMI C., et al
JRC655382012Measurements of the half-life of 214Po and 218Rn using digital electronicsSULIMAN GABRIEL; POMME Stefaan; MAROULI MARIA; VAN AMMEL Raf; JOBBAGY VIKTOR; PAEPEN Jan; STROH HEIKO; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; ABBAS Kamel; MORGENSTERN Alfred
JRC175161999Measurements of the Isotopic Composition of Germanium Using GeF4 Produced by Direct Fluorination and Wet Chemical Procedures.KIPPHARDT Heinrich; VALKIERS Staf; HENRIKSEN Frederik; DE BIEVRE P.; TAYLOR P.d.p.; TOELG Guenther
JRC196682000Measurements of the Optical Depth at Ispra. Analysis of the Correlation with UV-B, UV-A and Solar Irradiance.CAPPELLANI Francesco; MELETI Charoula
JRC369582007Measurements of the Volume Scattering Function in a Coastal EnvironmentBERTHON JEAN-FRANCOIS; LEE MICHAEL; SHYBANOV Eugeny; ZIBORDI GIUSEPPE
JRC307672005Measurements of the Volume Scattering Function in the Northern Adriatic SeaBERTHON JEAN-FRANCOIS; LEE Michael
JRC48641987Measurements of UF6 Isotopic Ratios by Transportable Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. Three Years ExperienceGUZZI Giampaolo; FEDERICO Antonio; DE PAUS R.
JRC550712011Measurements of volatile organic compounds in car showrooms in the province of Varese (Northern Italy)GEISS Otmar; BARRERO Josefa; KOTZIAS Dimitrios
JRC1057082017Measures and drivers of financial integration in EuropeNARDO Michela; NDACYAYISENGA NATHALIE; PAPANAGIOTOU EVANGELIA; ROSSI EDUARDO; OSSOLA ELISA
JRC1008922016Measures of the Contribution made by ICT to Innovation Output. An Update of the ICT Innovation Output IndicatorPESOLE ANNAROSA
JRC1101322017Measures to Address the Lack of Portability of the RF Fingerprints for Radiometric IdentificationBALDINI GIANMARCO; GIULIANI RAIMONDO; GENTILE CLAUDIO; STERI GARY
JRC490662009Measuring 0.01 Per Mille to 0.1 Per Mille Isotopic Variations by MC-ICPMS - Testing Limits for the First Time with Pb Delta-iCRMsQUETEL Christophe; PONZEVERA Emmanuel; RODUSHKIN Ilia; GERDES Axel; WILLIAMS Ross; WOODHEAD Jon
JRC466302009Measuring Active Citizenship through the Development of a Composite IndicatorHOSKINS Bryony Louise; MASCHERINI Massimiliano
JRC1074612017Measuring air pollution with low-cost sensorsGERBOLES MICHEL; SPINELLE LAURENT; BOROWIAK ANNETTE
JRC148981997Measuring Amount Ratios of Gas Isotopes by Two Primary Methods of Measurement.AREGBE Yetunde; VALKIERS Staf; MAYER Klaus; DE BIEVRE P.; WESSEL Rob; ALINK Anton
JRC652432011Measuring and Meta-measuring: In Search of New Pathways for Modelling Impacts of ICT-Enabled Services on the Information SocietyMISURACA GIANLUCA; ROSSEL Pierre
JRC518022009Measuring and Reporting on Forest Landscape Pattern, Fragmentation and Connectivity in Europe: Methods and IndicatorsESTREGUIL Christine; MOUTON WASSENAAR Coralie