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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC367062007Nuclear Cogeneration of High Temperature Process Heat and Electricity with Heat Pump Driven SuperheatingMARMIER ALAIN; FUETTERER MICHAEL
JRC538012009Nuclear Data for Sustainable Nuclear EnergyKONING Arjan J.; BLOMGREN J.; JACQMIN R.; PLOMPEN Arjan; MILLS R.; RIMPAULT G.; BAUGE E.; CANO OTT D.; CZIFRUS S.; DAHLBACKA K., et al
JRC743752012Nuclear data from AMS & nuclear data for AMS - some examplesWALLNER A.; BICHLER Max; BELGYA T.; BUCZAK K.; DILLMANN I.; FORSTNER O.; GOLSER Robin; KÄPPELER F.; KLIX A.; KORSCHINEK G., et al
JRC1043352017Nuclear data sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of effective neutron multiplication factor in various MYRRHA core configurationsROMOJARO P.; ALVAREZ-VELARDE F.; KODELI I.; STANKOVSKIY A.; DIEZ Carlos Javier; CABELLOS O.; GARCIA-HERRANZ N.; HEYSE JAN; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; Van den Eynde G., et al
JRC365702006Nuclear Data StandardsSHIBATA K.; TAGESEN S.; VONACH H.; HAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF; CHEN Zhenpeng; HOFMANN H. M.; OH Soo-Youl; BADIKOV S. A.; GAI E.; PRONYAEV V. G., et al
JRC1040502017Nuclear data uncertainty propagation to integral responses using SANDYFIORITO Luca; ZEROVNIK GASPER; STANKOVSKIY A.; Van den Eynde G.; LABEAU P. E.
JRC1030942016Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Programme at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra siteBASILE Francesco; MONTAGNA LIDIA
JRC766252012Nuclear Education and Training: From Concern to CapabilityHUTCHINGS Ron; Coeck M.; GIOT Michel; SHALABY Basma; KOSKINEN KAISA; GAUTHIER Jean Claude; NABOT Jean-Philippe; CHENG Xu; BUCETI Giuliano; MURAKAMI Hiroyuki, et al
JRC626642010Nuclear Energy Development in the 21st Century - Global Scenarios and Regional TrendsNILSSON Karl-Fredrik
JRC670712012Nuclear Engineering and Design - Special Edition on HTR 2010 - EditorialVASA Ivo; FUETTERER Michael; HASSAN Yassin A.
JRC705832012Nuclear export controls and nuclear safeguardsSEVINI Filippo
JRC891312014Nuclear export controls updatesSEVINI Filippo
JRC342442005Nuclear Fission Research at IRMMHAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF
JRC419012007Nuclear Forensic - Proceedings of the Nuclear Smuggling International Technical Working Group (ITWG) and ITWG Nuclear Forensics Laboratories (INFL) Annual Meeting, 25-28 June 2007, Umea (Sweden) 2007MAYER KLAUS
JRC337062006Nuclear Forensic Investigations - Two cases studiesWALLENIUS MARIA; MAYER KLAUS; RAY Ian
JRC281912005Nuclear Forensic Investigations. Two Case Studies.WALLENIUS Maria; MAYER Klaus; RAY Ian leslie
JRC488402008Nuclear Forensic Methods in SafeguardsMAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria
JRC422982007Nuclear Forensic ScienceMAYER KLAUS
JRC401052007Nuclear Forensic Science - From Cradle to MaturityMAYER KLAUS; WALLENIUS MARIA; FANGHAENEL THOMAS
JRC735152013Nuclear Forensic Science – Correlating Measurable Material Parameters to the History of Nuclear MaterialMAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; VARGA Zsolt