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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC715572013An overview of the composition and application of biomass ash. Part 2. Potential utilisation, technological and ecological advantages and challengesVASSILEV Stanislav; BAXTER David; ANDERSEN Lars; VASSILEVA Christina
JRC959622015Overview of the Cooperative Projects Implemented by the European Commission Joint Research Centre in the Nuclear Security Area Outside EuropePEERANI Paolo; BERTHOU Veronique; JANSSENS Willem; MAYER Klaus
JRC805622014An overview of the European Union’s highly multilingual parallel corporaSTEINBERGER Ralf; EBRAHIM Mohamed; POULIS Alexandros; CARRASCO-BENITEZ Manuel; SCHLÜTER Patrick; PRZYBYSZEWSKI Marek; GILBRO Signe
JRC533532009Overview of the Existing Forest Area Changes Monitoring SystemsACHARD Frederic; DEFRIES Ruth; PANDEY Devendra; SOUZA Carlos
JRC603232012Overview of the Global PV IndustryJAEGER-WALDAU Arnulf
JRC422932007Overview of the Implementation of the Farm Advisory System in Member StatesANGILERI VINCENZO
JRC701262012Overview of the In-Space Propulsion (ISP-1) ProjectALLIOT Patrick; VUILLAMY Didier; BEAURAIN Andre; RICCIUS Joerg; ORDONNEAU Gerard; BOZET Jean Luc; BRUCHHAUSEN MATTHIAS; YALAOUI Samir; FORTUNIER Pascal
JRC102051994An Overview of the Main Institutions Active in Italy in the Environmental FieldFACCHETTI Sergio
JRC658912011An overview of the multi-scale modelling activities at ITU and their integration in the TRANSURANUS fuel performance codeWELLAND MICHAEL; KLIPFEL MARCO; DI MARCELLO VALENTINO; SCHUBERT Arndt; VAN DE LAAR Jacques; PASTORE GIOVANNI; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC666702012An Overview of the Organic and Inorganic Phase Composition of BiomassVASSILEV Stanislav; BAXTER David; ANDERSEN Lars; VASSILEVA Christina; MORGAN TREVOR
JRC472762008Overview of the Past and Current ITU Activities on Fuels for Fast ReactorsFERNANDEZ CARRETERO Asuncion; MCGINLEY John; SOMERS Joseph; WALTER Marcus
JRC507632009An Overview of the Research by EC-JRC/IE on Enhancement of Maintenance Efficiency of Nuclear Power PlantsCONTRI Paolo; KUZMINA IRINA
JRC435462008Overview of the Test Requirements in the Area of Food and Feed SafetyMAURICI Daniela; BARLOW Susan; BENFORD Diane; DYBING Eric; HALDER MARIA; LOUHIMIES Susanna; HOLLOWAY Michelle; LACERDA Antonio; MANTOVANI Alberto; MEYER Otto, et al
JRC85731992An Overview of the Ultrasonic Detection of Creep DamageSTAMM Hermann
JRC595622010An Overview of Two Decades of Systematic Evaluations of Canopy Radiative Transfer ModelsWIDLOWSKI Jean-Luc
JRC672972011Overview on the detection, interpretation and reporting on the presence of unauthorised genetically modified materials : Guidance document from the European Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL)HOLST-JENSEN Arne; BERTHEAU Yves; ALNUTT Theo; BROLL Hermann; DE LOOSE Marc; GROHMANN Lutz; HENRY Christine; HOUGS Liselotte; MOENS William; MORISSET Dany, et al
JRC333352006An Overview on the Developments and Improvements of a Treatment Planning System for BNCTDAQUINO GIUSEPPE GIOVANNI; CERULLO Nicola; MUZI L.
JRC532152009Overview on the production of radioactive nanoparticles for bioscience applications at the JRC CyclotronABBAS Kamel; SIMONELLI Federica; HOLZWARTH Uwe; GIBSON Peter