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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC894002014Operational monitoring of daily evapotranspiration by the combination o of MODIS NDVI and ground meteorological data: Application and evaluation in Central ItalyMASELLI Fabio; PAPALE Dario; CHIESI M.; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; ANGELI Luca; Raschi Antonio; SEUFERT Guenther
JRC474102009Operational Monitoring of Water Bodies in Arid and Semiarid Regions with SPOT/VEGETATION Satellite: Contribution of EUMETCAST and Recent Research ProjectsCOMBAL Bruno; HAAS Eva; ANDIGUE Job; NONGUIERMA Andre; BARTHOLOME Etienne
JRC656862011Operational monitoring services for our changing environmentJOCHUM Markus; KUNTZ Steffen; LACAZE Roselyne; BANASZKIEWICA Marek; OLSSON Birgitta; BICHERON Patrice; PROBECK Markus; LEO Olivier; CALVET Jean Christophe; BRINK Andreas, et al
JRC518332010Operational Performance of an Automatic Preliminary Spectral Rule-Based Decision-Tree Classifier of Spaceborne Very High Resolution Optical ImagesWASSENAAR Tom; BARALDI A.; KAY Simon
JRC756812012Operational Service Demonstration for Global Land-Cover Mapping: The GlobCover and GlobCorine Experiences for 2005 and 2009BONTEMPS Sophie; ARINO Olivier; BICHERON Patrice; BROCKMAN Carsten; LEROY Marc; VANCUTSEM CHRISTELLE; DEFOURNY Pierre
JRC568322010Operational Two-Stage Stratified Topographic Correction of Spaceborne Multispectral Imagery Employing an Automatic Spectral-Rule-Based Decision-Tree Preliminary ClassifierBARALDI A.; GIRONDA Matteo; SIMONETTI Dario
JRC373942007Operationalising Sustainable Development: a Transdisciplinary Approach to Coastal PlanningSANTORO Francesca Maria
JRC788182012Operations research in disaster preparedness and response: The public health perspectiveSTILIANAKIS Nikolaos; CONSOLI SERGIO
JRC636932011Opinber stefnumótun og stjórnsýsluhvatar er varða vistheimt á ÍslandiARADOTTIR Ása; PETURSDOTTIR THORUNN
JRC920552015The opinions of some stakeholders on the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR): an analysis of secondary sourcesGIURCA Alexandru; JONSSON KLAS HENRIK RAGNAR
JRC468092008Oportunidades y Retos de la Web 2.0 para la Salud: Blogs (Opportunities and Challenges of the Web 2.0 for Health: Blogs).VALVERDE ALBACETE Jose'; FEIJÓO GONZÁLEZ Claudio
JRC973462016Opportunities and challenges for the future of MOOCs and open education in EuropeINAMORATO DOS SANTOS ANDREIA; PUNIE Yves; CASTAÑO MUÑOZ JONATAN
JRC593652010Opportunities and Challenges for Using Linked Data in INSPIRESCHADE SVEN; LUTZ Michael
JRC302122005Opportunities and Threats for Bioheating in the European UnionPETEVES ESTATHIOS; KAVALOV BOYAN
JRC307062005Opportunities and Threats for BTL Fuels in the EUKAVALOV BOYAN; PETEVES ESTATHIOS
JRC307072005Opportunities for Bioheating in the EUKAVALOV BOYAN; PETEVES ESTATHIOS
JRC680102011Opportunities for education and education for opportunities: integrating human capital and human capabilities in understanding the value of education.SABADASH GANNA; CHIAPPERO-MARTINETTI Enrica
JRC679812011Opportunities in the Mobile Search MarketGOMEZ-BARROSO Jose Luis; FEIJOO Claudio; COMPANO Ramon
JRC471472008Opportunities Offered by the Design and the Use of a Gridded Multi-Scale European Soil Information System in Support of European Soil PolicyPANAGOS Panagiotis; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc