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JRC1017312017The neutronics scheme adopted for the HELIOS irradiation experiment in the High Flux Reactor PettenD'AGATA Elio; DOEDERLEIN JOHANN; TSIGE-TAMIRAT Haileyesus; OETTINGEN Mikołaj; MUTNURU R.
JRC907902015A neutronradiography facility based on an experimental reactorTHOMAS DIMITRIOS; FANTIDIS J. G.; NICOLAOU G.
JRC202902000Neutrons and Synchrotrons as Probes of 5f Electrons.LANDER Gerard heath
JRC663692011The Neutrons for Science Facility at SPIRAL-2LEDOUX X.; AICHE Mourad; AVRIGEANU Marilena; AVRIGEANU Vlad-Gabriel; Audouin L; BALANZAT E.; BAN-D’ETAT B.; BAN G.; BARREAU Gerard; BAUGE E., et al
JRC858282014The Neutrons for Science Facility at SPIRAL-2LEDOUX X.; AICHE Mourad; AVRIGEANU M.; AVRIGEANU V.; AUDOUIN L.; BALANZAT E.; BAN-D’ETAT B.; BAN G.; BARREAU G.; BAUGE E., et al
JRC341202006A New 202Hg Isotopically Enriched Methylmercury Spike Material with SI-traceable Reference Values for Isotope Dilution Measurements in Biological and Environmental SamplesSNELL JAMES; QUETEL CHRISTOPHE
JRC103031993New Advances in Non-Linear Mapping for Structure-Property ModellingKARCHER Walter; DOMINE D.
JRC112771995New ALE Applications in Non-Linear Fast-Transient Solid DynamicsHUERTA Antonio; CASADEI Folco
JRC662092013New analytical approaches for verifying the origin of food: Chapter 9. Using new analytical approaches to verify the origin of fishMARTINSOHN Jann
JRC376292007New Analytical Stress Formulae for Arbitrary Time Dependent Thermal Loads in PipesRADU Vasile; PAFFUMI ELENA; TAYLOR NIGEL
JRC969972017New antenna design approach - 3D polymer printing and metallization. Experimental test at 14-18GHzKYOVTOROV VLADIMIR; GEORGIEV Ivan; SVETOZAR Margenov; STOYCHEV Dimitar; OLIVERI Franco; TARCHI Dario
JRC1000142016A new apparatus for large scale dynamic tests on materialsPERONI MARCO; CAVERZAN ALESSIO; SOLOMOS George
JRC822042013New applications of the pneumatically powered testing equipment for extreme environmentsMOILANEN Pekka; HOLMSTROM BJORN STEFAN SEBASTIAN; NOVOTNY Radek; HAEHNER Peter; NILSSON Karl-Fredrik
JRC464682009A New Approach for the Chemical and Mineral Classification of the Inorganic Matter in Coal: Potential Applications of the Classification SystemVASSILEV Stanislav; VASSILEVA Christina; BAXTER DAVID; ANDERSEN LARS
JRC192642001A New Approach for the Morphological Segmentation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery.PESARESI Martino; BENEDIKTSSON Jon atli
JRC150621997A New Approach for Tropical Forest Area Monitoring Using Multiple Spatial Resolution Satellite Sensor Imagery.JEANJEAN Henry; ACHARD Frederic
JRC538792009A New Approach to Creep Data AssessmentWILSHIRE Brian; SCHARNING Penny; HURST Roger
JRC940042015A new approach to design source‐receptor relationships for air quality modelling.CLAPPIER Alain; PISONI ENRICO; THUNIS Philippe
JRC612342010New Approach to Determine Fracture Toughness from the Small Punch TestLI Yingzhi; HURST Roger; MATOCHA Karel; CIZEK Peter; BLAGOEVA Darina
JRC648542011A new approach to DTM error estimation basing on Laplacian probability distribution functionHEJMANOWSKA BEATA; KAY Simon