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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC339802006Putting Pharmacogenetics into PracticeHOPKINS Michael; IBARRETA RUIZ DOLORES; GAISSER Sibylle; ENZING Christien E.; RYAN Jim; MARTIN Paul A.; LEWIS Graham; DETMAR Symone; VAN DEN AKKER-VAN MARLE Elske; HEDGECOE Adam M., et al
JRC317432005Putting PV on the map. Internet tools for solar resource assessment in EuropeSURI MARCEL; HULD THOMAS; DUNLOP EWAN
JRC973092015Putting soils on the agenda: the three Rio Conventions and the post-2015 development agendaMONTANARELLA Luca; LOBOS Ivonne
JRC579042010Putting the "Integration" in Science-Policy-Stakeholders InterfaceGRIZZETTI Bruna; BOURAOUI Faycal; GOOCH Geoffrey; STALNACKE Per
JRC961322016The Puzzle of Job Search and Housing Tenure: A Reconciliation of Theory and Empirical EvidenceMORESCALCHI ANDREA
JRC615872010PV Module Output Power Characterisation in Test Laboratories and in the PV Industry - Results of the European Performance ProjectHERRMANN Werner; ZAMINI Shokufeh; FABERO Fernando; BETTS Thomas R.; VAN DER BORG Nico; KIEFER Klaus; FRIESEN Gabi; MUELLEJANS Harald; MOHRING Hans-Dieter; VAZQUEZ M, et al
JRC327302005PV Status - Research, Solar Cell Production and Market Implementation of PhotovoltaicsJAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF
JRC364082006PV System Assessment in Performance - Towards Maximun OutputPEARSALL Nicola; SCHOLZ HARALD; ZDANOWICZ Tadeusz; REISE Christian
JRC271832005PV-GIS, a Web Based Solar Radiation Database for the Calculation of PV Potential in Europe.SURI Marcel; HULD Thomas; DUNLOP Ewan
JRC263152005PV-GIS, a Web Based Solar Radiation Database for the Calculation of PV Potential in Europe.SURI Marcel; HULD Thomas; DUNLOP Ewan
JRC284392005PV-GIS, Internet Tools for Solar Energy Resource Assessments in EuropeSURI Marcel; HULD Thomas arne; DUNLOP E.d.
JRC1058192017PVGIS version 5: improvements to models and featuresHULD THOMAS; PINEDO PASCUA IRENE; GRACIA AMILLO ANA; URRACA RUBEN; DUNLOP EWAN
JRC1017552017PVMAPS: Software tools and data for the estimation of solar radiation and photovoltaic module performance over large geographical areasHULD Thomas
JRC846732015PWR Medium Break LOCA source term analysis using ASTEC codeAMMIRABILE Luca; BUJAN Albert; SANGIORGI MARCO
JRC875902015Pyrochemical processes for recovery of actinides from spent nuclear fuelsSOUCEK Pavel; MALMBECK Rikard
JRC367592006Pyrogen Testing of Lipidic Parenterals with a nNovel in Vitro Test- Application of the IPT based on Cryopreserved Human Whole BloodSCHINDLER Stefanie; ROSENBERG U; SCHLOTE D.; PANSE K.; KEMPE A.; FENNRICH Stefan; HARTUNG THOMAS
JRC490922011The pyrogeography of sub-Saharan Africa: a study of the spatial non-stationarity of fire–environment relationships using GWRSA Ana; PEREIRA José M.c.; CHARLTON Martin E.; MOTA Bernardo; BARBOSA FERREIRA Paulo; FOTHERINGHAM Alexander S.
JRC628742013QSAR and Metabolic Assessment Tools in the Assessment of GenotoxicityWORTH Andrew; LAPENNA SILVIA; SERAFIMOVA ROSITSA
JRC301242005QSAR investigation of a Large Data Set for Fish, Algae and Daphnia ToxicityLESSIGIARSKA Iglika; WORTH ANDREW; SOKULL-KLUETTGEN BIRGIT; JERAM Sonja; DEARDEN John; NETZEVA TATIANA; MARK Cronin