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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC775612013The results of the irradiation experiment MARIOS on americium transmutationD'AGATA Elio; HANIA Ralph; BEJAOUI Syriac; SCIOLLA Carla; WYATT Thom; HANNINK Marieke; HERLET Nathalie; JANKOWIAK Aurelien; KLAASSEN Frodo; LAPETITE Jean-Marc, et al
JRC309632005Results of the Motor Challenge ProgrammeBERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC56271988Results of the Pretest Analysis and Start-up of the JRC-Ispra Pressurized Thermal Shock Experiment: Nozzle Corner Crack BehaviourLUCIA Alfredo; VOLTA Giuseppe; DUJARDIN Roger
JRC317282005The Results of the Second World Photovoltaic Scale RecalibrationWINTER S.; METZDORF J.; EMERY K.; FABERO F.; HISHIKAWA Y.; HUND B.; MUELLEJANS HARALD; SPERLING A.
JRC438652008Results of the Workshop: Assessing and Managing Natechs (Natural-Hazard Triggered Technological Accidents)CRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIA; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH
JRC869412013Results of time-of-flight transmission measurements for 197Au at a 50 m station of GELINAKOPECKY Stefan; BECKER BJÖRN; DROHE Jean Claude; OTUKA N.; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; VENDELBO Danny; WYNANTS Ruud
JRC877922013Results of time-of-flight transmission measurements for 63,65Cu and natCu at a 50 m station of GELINAKAUWENBERGHS KIM JOSEPHA; BECKER BJÖRN; DROHE Jean Claude; GUBER K.; KOPECKY Stefan; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; VENDELBO Danny; WYNANTS Ruud
JRC851132013Results of total cross section measurements for 197Au in the neutron energy region from 4 to 108 keV at GELINASIRAKOV I.; BECKER BJÖRN; CAPOTE R.; DUPONT E.; KOPECKY Stefan; MASSIMI C.; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter
JRC80891992Results on Low Activation Austenitic Steels. EC ActivitiesSCHILLER Peter
JRC845222013Results on neutrinoless double-beta decay of 76Ge from phase I of the GERDA experimentAGOSTINI M.; ALLARDT M.; ANDREOTTI ERICA; BAKALYAROV A.m.; BALATA M.; BARABANOV I.; BARNABE HEIDER M; BARROS N.; BAUDIS L.; BAUER C., et al
JRC184691999Results, Coclusions and Implications of the SEAFP-2 Programme.COOK Ian; MARBACH G.; DI PACE L.; GIRARD C.; ROCCO Paolo; TAYLOR N.p.
JRC89781992Resuspension of Fission Products from Sump WaterBUNZ H.
JRC117541995Resuspension of Small Particles by Turbulent FlowLAZARIDIS Mihalis; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC51151988Retention of Intratracheally Instilled and Ingested Tetravalent and Pentavalent Vanadium in the RatSABBIONI Enrico; EDEL Johanna
JRC54751988Retention Properties of pressed Salt for Tc, Np, Pu and Am Leached from Simulated HLW GlassBIDOGLIO Giovanni; CARTA Renzo
JRC827972013Retention studies in polymer vesicles of recoiling atoms as a result of alpha decayWANG G.; VAN BUEREN J; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; WOLTERBEEK; MENDES E; DENKOVA A.g.
JRC805022014Retention studies of recoiling daughter nuclides of 225Ac in polymer vesiclesWANG G.; DE KRUIJFF R. M.; ROL A; THIJSSEN L.; MENDES E; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; STUART M.c.a.; WOLTERBEEK; DENKOVA A.g.
JRC550182009Rethinking Sentiment Analysis in the News: from Theory to Practice and backBALAHUR Alexandra; STEINBERGER Ralf
JRC322282005Retrieval of Biophysical Parameters of Agricultural Crops Using Polarimetric SAR InterferometryFORTUNY GUASCH JOAQUIM
JRC818912013Retrieval of biophysical vegetation parameters using simultaneous inversion of high resolution remote sensing imagery constrained by a vegetation indexBERJON Alberto; CACHORRO Victoria; ZARCO TEJADA PABLO JESUS; DE FRUTOS Angel