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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC557022010Recruitment Dynamics of the Gulf of Riga Herring Stock: Density-Dependent and Environmental EffectsRAID Tiit; KORNILOVS Georgs; LANKOV A.; NISUMAA A.-M.; SHPILEV H.; JAERVIK A.
JRC379992007Recuperation of Oil Trapped in Ship-Wrecks: the DIFIS ConceptANDRITSOS FIVOS; KONSTANTINOPOULOS Panagiotis A.; CHARATSIS Konstantinos J.
JRC569912011Recurrence Networks: evolution and robustnessSTROZZI Fernanda; POLJANSEK Karmen; BONO Flavio; GUTIERREZ TENREIRO Eugenio; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'
JRC341872007Recurrence Quantification Analysis and State Space Divergence Reconstruction for Financial Time Series AnalysisSTROZZI FERNANDA; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'; ZBILUT JOSEPH
JRC522532010Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Spontaneous Electrophysiological Activity during Development: Characterization of In Vitro Neuronal Networks Cultured on Multi Electrode Array ChipsNOVELLINO ANTONIO; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'
JRC233512002Recurrence Quantification Based-Liapunov Exponents for Monitoring Divergence in Experimental Data.ZBILUT J. p.; ZALDIVAR J.m.; STROZZI Fernanda
JRC309122005Recurrent and Anomalous Algal Blooms in the Mediterranean Sea as Seen by SEAWIFS (1998-2003)BARALE VITTORIO; WEBER Barbara; MELIN FREDERIC; JAQUET J.m.
JRC963802015Recurrent glioblastoma multiforme - local alpha emitters targeted therapy with 213Bi-DOTA-substance PKROLICKI Leszek; MORGENSTERN Alfred; KUNIKOWSKA Jolanta; KOZIARA H; KROLICKI B; JAKUCINSKI M; PAWLAK Dariusz; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank
JRC420902007Recurrent vs Anomalous Bloomimg Patterns in Coastal and Pelagic Regions of the Black SeaBARALE VITTORIO
JRC944462015The recyclability benefit rate of closed-loop and open-loop systems: a case study on plastic recycling in FlandersHUYSMAN Sofie; DEBAVEYE Sam; SCHAUBROECK Thomas; DE MEESTER Steven; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; DEWULF JO
JRC122011996Recycling and Clearance of Fusion Activated Waste.ROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC47351988Recycling and Shallow Land Burial as Goals for Fusion Reactor Materials DevelopmentPONTI Carlo
JRC894962014Recycling of electronic displays: Analysis of pre-processing and potential ecodesign improvementsARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; RECCHIONI MARCO
JRC65761991Recycling of Hydrogen Isotopes from Stainless Steel Surfaces under ITER/NET ConditionsREITER Friedrich; TOMINETTI Stefano; GERVASINI G.
JRC417772007Recycling of Livestock Manure in a Whole-farm PerspectivePETERSEN S. O.; SOMMER S. G.; BÉLINE F.; BURTON C.; DACH J.; DOURMAD J.y.; LEIP ADRIAN; MISSELBROOK T.; NICHOLSON F.; POULSEN H.d., et al
JRC769192012Recycling of Uranium from Uranium-Aluminium alloys by Chlorination with HCl(g)MEIER ROLAND; SOUCEK Pavel; MALMBECK Rikard; FANGHAENEL Thomas
JRC769162012Recycling of Uranium from Uranium-Aluminium alloys by Chlorination with HCl(g)MEIER ROLAND; SOUCEK Pavel; MALMBECK Rikard; FANGHAENEL Thomas
JRC62191988Recycling, Inventory and Permeation of Hydrogen Isotopes and Helium in the First Wall of a Thermonuclear Fusion ReactorREITER Friedrich; GERVASINI G.; CARETTI C.
JRC628502010"REDD-plus" Requirements for the Congo Basin Countries / Quelles Sont les Exigences Techniques du REDD?MAYAUX Philippe; ACHARD Frederic
JRC686132011Redefinition and global estimation of basal ecosystem respiration rateYUAN Wenping; LUO Yiqi; LI Xianglan; LIU Shuguang; YU Guirui; ZHOU Tao; BAHN Michael; BLACK Andy; DESAI Ankur R.; CESCATTI Alessandro, et al