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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC47791987Optical Detection of Laser Induced Ionization in the Inductively coupled Plasma for the Study of Ion-Electron Recombination and Ionization EquilibriumAXNER O.
JRC137041997Optical Evidence of 4f-Band Formation in CeN.DELIN A.; OPPENEER P.m.; KRAFT T.; WILLS J.m.; JOHANSSON B.; ERIKSSON O.
JRC159601997Optical Metrology in Biomechanics.WHELAN Maurice patrick
JRC245692003Optical Model Potentials for Alpha-Particles Scattering around the Coulomb Barrier on A-100 Nuclei.AVRIGEANU M.; VON OERTZEN W.; PLOMPEN A.j.m.; AVRIGEANU V.
JRC221222002Optical Propagation within a Three-Dimensional Shadowed Atmosphere-Ocean Field: Application to Large Deployment Structures.DOYLE John piero; ZIBORDI Giuseppe
JRC140311996Optical Properties of the Group-IVB Refractory Metal CompoundsGASCHE T.; AULUCK S.; WILLS J.m.
JRC146851997Optical Properties of the Water in the Deltaic Environment. Prospective Tool to Analyse Satellite Data in Turbid Waters.FERRARI Giovanni; MINGAZZINI M.
JRC795782014Optical Radiometry for Ocean Climate MeasurementsZIBORDI Giuseppe; DONLON Craig; PARR Albert
JRC127131996Optical Reflectivity of Neptunium and Plutonium Monochalcogenides under High Pressure.ABRAHAM Hans christian; BENEDICT Ulrich gottfried; SPIRLET Jean claude
JRC178551998Optical Remote Sensing of Coastal Plumes and Runoff in the Mediterranean Region.BARALE Vittorio; LARKIN David
JRC420932007Optical Remote Sensing of Oceanographic Features in the European SeasBARALE VITTORIO
JRC716402013Optical remote sensing requirements for operational crop monitoring and yield forecasting in EuropeDUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; LOPEZ LOZANO RAUL; SEGUINI LORENZO; BOJANOWSKI Jedrzej; BARUTH Bettina
JRC741532013Optical satellite imagery for quantifying spatio-temporal dimension of physical exposure in disaster risk assessmentsEHRLICH Daniele; TENERELLI PATRIZIA
JRC476132008Optical Signatures of Small Nanoparticles in a Conventional MicroscopePATTERSON E.a.; WHELAN Maurice
JRC605252010Optical Spectroscopy of YPO4 Single Crystals Doped with Ho3+CAPELLETTI R.; BARALDI A.; BUFFAGNI E.; MAZZERA M.; MAGNANI Nicola; MARTIN RODRIGUEZ E.; GARCIA SOLE J.; BETTINELLI Marco
JRC420892007Optical Tracers of Environmental Features in the European Marginal and Enclosed SeasBARALE VITTORIO
JRC144751997Optically Active Components and their Relationship with Mesoscale Features in Baltic Coastal ZoneDOWELL Mark
JRC354662007Optically Based Technique for Producing Merged Spectra of Water-leaving Radiances from Ocean Color Remote SensingMELIN FREDERIC; ZIBORDI GIUSEPPE
JRC578062010Optically Black Waters in the Northern Baltic SeaBERTHON Jean-Francois; ZIBORDI Giuseppe
JRC323812005OPTICORR Guide Book: Optimisation of In-Service Performance of Boiler Steels by Modelling High Temperature CorrosionBAXTER DAVID; HEIKINHEIMO LIISA