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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC379622007Modelling Future Land Use Changes in Europe: Applying the MOLAND Urban and Regional Development Model in Algarve, PortugalPETROV LAURA; LAVALLE CARLO; BARREDO CANO JOSE'; SAGRIS VALENTINA; KASANKO MARJO
JRC854472013Modelling Future Mobility - Scenario Simulation at Macro LevelKOMPIL MERT; CHRISTIDIS Panayotis; LÓPEZ RUIZ HÉCTOR GUILLERMO; MAERIVOET Sven; PURWANTO Joko; SALUCCI Marco V.
JRC242662004Modelling Future Urban Scenarios in Developing Countries. An Application Case Study in Lagos, Nigeria.BARREDO Jose i.; DEMICHELI Luca; LAVALLE Carlo; KASANKO Marjo; MC CORMICK Niall
JRC414772008Modelling Habitat Preferences for Fin Whales and Striped Dolphins in the Pelagos Sanctuary (Western Mediterranean Sea) with Physiographic and Remote Sensing VariablesPANIGADA Simone; ZANARDELLI Margherita; MACKENZIE Monique; DONOVAN Carl; MELIN FREDERIC; HAMMOND Philip
JRC345692006Modelling Habitat Suitability of European Common Beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis)VOGT PETER; ESTREGUIL CHRISTINE; KOZAK Jacek Wladyslaw
JRC962682015Modelling Household Water Demand in Europe - Insights from a Cross-Country Econometric Analysis of EU-28 countriesREYNAUD ARNAUD
JRC360552007Modelling Impacts of Decoupled Premiums: Building-up a Farm Type Layer within the EU-wide Regionalised CAPRI ModelADENAUER M.; BRITZ W.; GOCHT A.; GOMANN H.; RATINGER TOMAS; CRISTOIU ADRIANA
JRC1039072016Modelling inclusion, testing and benchmarking of the impacts of ozone pollution on crop yields at regional level Module development and testing and benchmarking with the WOFOST generic crop modelCAPPELLI Giovanni; CONFALONIERI Roberto; DENTENER Franciscus; VAN DEN BERG MAURITS
JRC1007342016Modelling individual preferences for environmental policy drivers: Empirical evidence of Italian lifestyle changes using a latent class approachVALERI EVA; GATTA Valerio; TEOBALDELLI Désirée; POLIDORI Paolo; BARRATT Benjamin; FUZZI Sandro; KAZEPOV Yuri; SERGI Vittorio; WILLIAMS Martin; MAIONE M.
JRC327672006Modelling Information Assets for Security Risk Assessment in Industrial SettingsNAI FOVINO IGOR; MASERA MARCELO
JRC903732014Modelling international trade data with the Tweedie distributionBARABESI Lucio; CERASA ANDREA; PERROTTA Domenico; CERIOLI Andrea
JRC904172016Modelling international trade data with the Tweedie distribution for anti-fraud and policy supportBARABESI Lucio; CERASA ANDREA; PERROTTA Domenico; CERIOLI Andrea
JRC229912002Modelling Isotope Fractionation in Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry Filaments Having Diffusion Controlled Emission.RAMEBAECK Henrik; BERGLUND Michael; KESSEL Ruediger; WELLUM Roger
JRC895532014Modelling knowledge creation, investment decisions and economic growth in a spatial CGE settingDI COMITE FRANCESCO; POTTERS Lesley
JRC83641991Modelling Lake PollutionROSSI Giovanni
JRC723022012Modelling maize grain moisture content during maturation and post-maturity dry-downMAIORANO ANDREA; DONATELLI Marcello
JRC905102014Modelling Migration and Regional Labour Markets: an Application of the New Economic Geography Model RHOMOLOBRANDSMA Andries; KANCS D'ARTIS; PERSYN DAMIAAN HEDWIG LEO
JRC808252013Modelling Migration and Regional Labour Markets: An Application of the New Economic Geography Model RHOMOLOBRANDSMA Andries; KANCS D'ARTIS; PERSYN DAMIAAN HEDWIG LEO
JRC835692014Modelling mitigation options to reduce diffuse nitrogen water pollution from agricultureBOURAOUI Faycal; GRIZZETTI Bruna