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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC979622016Non-Reporting Ship Traffic in the Western Indian OceanVAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman; SANTAMARIA SERNA CARLOS; ALVAREZ ALVAREZ Marlene; KRAUSE Detmar; STASOLLA MATTIA; VACHON Paris
JRC625222010Non-tariff measures affecting agro-food trade between the EU and Africa Summary of a workshopGONZALEZ MELLADO AIDA ARACELI; HELAINE Sophie; RAU Marie-Luise; TOTHOVA Monika; ATKINSON ANNA
JRC259122003Non-Vegard Behaviour of the System UxLa1-xS SystemBOMBARDI A.; D ACAPITO F.; MATTENBERGER K.; VOGT O.; LANDER Gerard heath
JRC80181991Nondestructive Characterisation by Means of Ultrasonics of Radial Cracks Resulting from Vickers Indentations in Reaction Bonded Silicon NitrideLAKESTANI Fereydoun; GANDREY Francoise
JRC324542005Nondestructive Detection of Fatigue Damage in Austenitic Stainless Steel by Positron AnnihilationSCHAAFF Petra; HOLZWARTH UWE
JRC69481989Nondestructive Detection of Microstructural Fatigue DamageWILLEMS H.; PERSCH H.
JRC268302004Nondestructive Monitoring of Fatigue Damage Evolution in Austenitic Stainless Steel by Positron-Lifetime Measurements.HOLZWARTH Uwe; SCHAAFF Petra
JRC486172008Nondestructive Spectrometric Study on a Radioactive Particle Embedded in a Marine SedimentBIELEWSKI Marek; HIMBERT Jerome; FALKENBERG G.; ERIKSSON M.; BETTI Maria; NIAGOLOVA N.
JRC93691993Nonlinear Dependence of Fish Bioconcentration on n-Octanol Water Partition CoefficientKARCHER Walter; BINTEIN S.
JRC799792015Nonlinear wave structural health monitoring method using an active nonlinear piezoceramic sensor for matrix cracking detection in compositesCHRYSOCHOIDIS NIKOLAOS; ASSIMAKOPOULOU Theoni; SARAVANOS Dimitris
JRC347832007Nonlinearity from Linearity: the Ermakov-Piney Equation RevisitedKEVREKIDIS Panayotis; DROSSINOS IOANNIS
JRC887502014Nonmagnetic ground state of PuO2SHICK Alexander B.; KOLORENC J.; HAVELA L; GOUDER Thomas; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC685342013Normal Spectral Emissivity Near 680 nm at Melting and in the Liquid Phase for 18 Metallic ElementsPOTTLACHER Gernot; BOBORIDIS Konstantinos; CAGRAN Claus; HUEPF Thomas; SEIFTER Achim; WILTHAN Boris
JRC917442014Normalisation factors for Product Environmental Footprint: challenges towards robust inventories of emission and resourcesBENINI LORENZO; SALA SERENELLA; ZAMPORI LUCA; MANCINI LUCIA; PANT Rana
JRC915312014Normalisation method and data for Environmental FootprintsBENINI LORENZO; MANCINI LUCIA; SALA SERENELLA; MANFREDI SIMONE; SCHAU ERWIN; PANT Rana
JRC502232009Normalised Flood Losses in Europe: 1970 - 2006BARREDO CANO Jose'
JRC828462014The normalized topographic method: an automated procedure for gully mapping using GISCASTILLO C.; TAGUAS E.v.; ZARCO TEJADA PABLO JESUS; R. JAMES Mike; GOMEZ J.a.
JRC971812016NORMAN interlaboratory study (ILS) on passive sampling of emerging pollutants;VRANA Branislav; SMEDES Foppe; PROKEŠ Roman; LOOS Robert; MAZZELLA Nikolas; MIEGE Cecile; BUDZINSKI Helene; VERMEIRSSEN Etienne; OCELKA Tomas; GRAVELL Antony, et al
JRC112711995Normative Issues in Thermal Fatigue Design of Nuclear ComponentsMEROLA Mario
JRC681892012North Atlantic Oscillation and tropospheric ozone variability in Europe: model analysis and measurements intercomparisonPAUSATA FRANCESCO; POZZOLI Luca; VIGNATI Elisabetta; DENTENER Franciscus