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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC372362007Performance Targets in Production Processes (PT-PRO)SCHIDLER Susanne; SOTOUDEH Mahshid; STROMBERG Dan; FORTKAMP Uwe; NORRMAN Jonas; KRUTZLER Thomas; FRISCHENSCHLAGER Helmut; SCHINDLER Ilse; MONTALVO Carlos; KEMP Rene, et al
JRC836212013Performance test of the Multi-Channel Analyzer MCA-527 for Nuclear Safeguards Applications Test in the PERLA Laboratory at JRC, IspraBERNDT Reinhard; MORTREAU Patricia
JRC582992010Performance Testing of a MOSFET SensorBLACK GRAINNE; BRETT Lois; MORETTO Pietro; BOUSEK Jaroslav
JRC806052014Performance Verification of a High-Intensity Flash Solar Simulator and the Impact of Using Spectrally Mismatched Reference Devices for CalibrationNORTON MATTHEW; GALLEANO Roberto; KENNY Robert
JRC492882008Performance, IT Maturity and Offshoring of Italian Manufacturing Corporations - In the Dire Straits of GlobalisationDE PANIZZA Andrea
JRC333512006Performance-Based Engineering Concepts: Past, Present and FutureNEGRO PAOLO; MOLA Elena
JRC61411988Performances of Non-Parametric Statistics in Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter RankingSALTELLI Andrea; MARIVOET J.
JRC339422006Performances of the Scrap Neutron Multiplicity CounterPEERANI PAOLO; MARIN FERRER MONTSERRAT; LOOMAN Marc
JRC359612007Perla3D: a Nuclear Safeguards Virtual Reality Tool for Reviewing or Remotely Monitoring Real-Time Radiation Detectors InformationRUIZ MORALES EMILIO; LOESCHNER JAN; BRASSET Damien
JRC244472004Permanent Fluid-Structure Interaction with Non-Conforming Interfaces in Fast Transient Dynamics.CASADEI Folco; POTAPOV S.
JRC180361998Permeability and Morphology of a Cultured Branchial Epithelium from the Rainbow Trout during Prolonged Apical Exposure to Freshwater.GILMOUR K.m.; PART Peeter; PRUNET P.; PISAM M; MC DONALD D.g.; WOOD C.m.
JRC95581993The Permeability, Diffusibility and Solubility of Deuterium in TZMREITER Friedrich
JRC878952015A Permission verification approach for android mobile applicationsGENEIATAKIS DIMITRIOS; NAI FOVINO Igor; KOUNELIS IOANNIS; STIRPARO PASQUALE
JRC378332007Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the European Atmosphere: An Updated OverviewCASTRO JIMENEZ JAVIER; EISENREICH STEVEN; VIVES RUBIO INGRID
JRC325892006Persistent Organic Pollutants in Dusts that Settled at Indoor and Outdoor locations in Lower Manhattanafter 11 September 2001OFFENBERG John; EISENREICH STEVEN; GIGLIOTTI Cari; CHEN Lung Chi; COHEN Mitch D.; CHEE Glenn R.; PROPHETE Colette M.; XIONG Judy Q.; QUAN Chunli; LOU Xiaopeng, et al
JRC280782004Persistent Organic Pollutants in Dusts that Settled Indoord in Lower Manhatten after September 11, 2001.OFFENBERG John h.; EISENREICH Steven j.; GIGLIOTTI Cari l.; CHI CHEN Lung; XIONG Judy q.; QUAN Chunli; LOU Xiaopeng; ZHONG Miahua; GORCZYNSKI John; YIIN Lih-ming, et al
JRC629422011Persistent Organic Pollutants in Mediterranean Seawater and Processes Affecting their Accumulation in PlanktonBERROJALBIZ Naiara; DACHS Jordi; OJEDA María José; VALLE María Carmen; DEL VENTO Sabino; CASTRO-JIMENEZ Javier; MARIANI Giulio; WOLLGAST Jan; HANKE Georg
JRC255602003Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Dust that Settled across Lower Manhatten after 11 September 2001.OFFENBERG J.; EISENREICH Steven; CHEN L.; COHEN David; CHEE G.; PROPHETE C.; WEISEL C.; LIOY P.
JRC315912005Personal Carbon Monoxide Exposure in Helsinki, FinlandSCOTTO DI MARCO Greta; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; RUUSKANEN Juhani; JANTUNEN Matti
JRC245932004Personal Carbon Monoxide Exposure Levels. Contribution of Local Sources to Exposures and Microenvironment Concentrations in Milan.BRUINEN DE BRUIN Yuri; CARRER P.; JANTUNEN Matti; HANNINEN Otto; SCOTTO DI MARCO Greta; KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos; CAVALLO Domenico; MARONI Marco